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    Creation Energies channeled by Brenda Hoffman

    in Spirituality

    Summary of the August 14, 2015 Creation Energies show - Brenda's 15-minute channel at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: It's no longer appropriate to blame the gods, Universes or other earth beings for your pain. So it is you're fully new you in New Earth. Celebrate, play, laugh and create in joy.

    Where Do You Rank? is the title of this week's channeled Brenda's Blog for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com.?

    Overview of the August 28, 2015 Creation Energies show: Previously, pioneers/scout masters agreed to clear your 3D fears to create New Earth. Many remained in pain to enable you pioneers/scout masters to move through your Old Age fear. You pioneers/scout masters have done so and now all earth entities are accepting the gift of self-love. Creating a chaos of clearing - including many uncomfortable activities that touch your heart, but do not affect you directly. Those committing  acts of fear are clearing their eons of fear. Those acted upon have agreed to do so for a varity of reasons - most often karmic clearing. A loving New Earth is the end-product of scout masters, pioneers and those previously uninterested in shifting from fear to love. Love is now spreading throughout earth - starting with self-clearing just as was true for you.?

    Brenda's Blog and her Creation Energies show contain different channeled information.






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    A Dynamic Life As A Healthy Woman featuring Georgette Taylor

    in Women

    Georgette Taylor will be sharing with us about what it means to live a dynamic life as a healthy woman.  Her trails that bought her to this point today!

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    in Lifestyle

    The Clutter Doctor, Inc. is owned and operated by Carleen Eve Fischer Hoffman of East Longmeadow, Massachusetts.  Carleen provides personalized solutions to help her clients gain control and balance.  She does this through her three-step approach:  Examine, Diagnose, Prescribe.

    Carleen a local authority on the subject and has been featured in several radio shows, newspaper and magazine articles, and television interviews.  She was recently awarded the 2014 Business Woman of the Year award from the Women’s Business Owners Alliance as well as the prestigious Golden Circle Award from the National Association of Professional Organizers. 

    Carleen has taught classes on conquering clutter at Springfield Technical Community College, Holyoke Community College, and Asnuntuck Community College.  She has also produced a local TV show entitled “Clearing the Clutter”.  Carleen volunteers her expertise as an advisor for the Western Mass Clutter Support Group which she started six years ago.  

    Carleen is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (“NAPO”), NAPO Golden Circle of New England, Women Business Owners’ Alliance of the Pioneer Valley, Western Massachusetts Eldercare Professionals Association, Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association, and Living Local.  She currently is the Director for the Town of East Longmeadow Medical Reserve Corps and previously sat on the town’s green committee for 4 years. She is responsible for the design and creation of The Green Learning Center, a series of displays and sitting area dedicated to green initiatives.  Carleen is also a member of the Town of East Longmeadow Local Emergency Planning Committee and the Community Emergency Response Team.

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    Creation Energies channeled by Brenda Hoffman

    in Spirituality

    Summary of the July 31, 2015 Creation Energies show - Brenda's 15-minute channel at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: You've evolved spiritually and emotionally for months, years, even decades. Now it's time for your physical physical phase. Your physical phase will continue for days or a few months, but certainly not for years. For it is time to claim new you in your totality - including your physical body. And so you are.

    Why You're Feeling Lonely is the title of this week's channeled Brenda's Blog for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com.

    Overview of the August 7, 2015 Creation Energies show:

    Brenda's Blog and her Creation Energies show contain different channeled information.

  • A Side-Chick by Any Other Name is Still The Other Woman

    in Relationships

    Should the side-chick be to blame or the husband who is cheating on his wife with her? Why are more and more women okay with being the other woman? Single and married women share their opinions. 

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    Creation Energies channeled by Brenda Hoffman

    in Spirituality

    Summary of the July 23, 2015 Creation Energies show - Brenda's 15-minute channel at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: It's likely more difficult for you to be around those who do not share love even though you assumed they would be part of your life forever. You're also learning new concepts that don't always resonate for/with you. Instead of continuing duality by expressing your need to be right, know that such is your unique growth process that doesn't require shifting thoughts of others including any space aliens you may encounter.

    Moving into a Radical Shift is the title of this week's Brenda's Blog - her channel for www.LifeTapestry Creations.com.

    Overview of the July 31, 2015 Creation Energies show:

    Brenda's Blog and her Creation Energies show contain different channeled information.


    in Lifestyle


    Join us tonight, August 20th at 6:30pm for another episode of Warrior Woman Radio with returning guest, Lori Fortuna! Dial in to listen: 657-383-1581or listen here online:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/warriorwomanradio/2015/08/20/warrior-woman-radio-lori-fortuna-of-lori-fortuna-coaching

    I’m Lori Fortuna, the Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Lori Fortuna Coaching. My mission is to help you reestablish amazing and effective old fashioned customer service. My clients are small business owners, mainly retail and restaurant, whose customers have been dwindling over time. I will use my 7 Step “Reclaim Your Customers” Strategy System to transform your team and reestablish your culture to consist of happy and well trained employees which will result in WOW experiences to remember for every customer. I bring over 25 years of operations and human resource management experience. I have a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development and Counseling, am certified with the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching and am credentialed as a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. Any day that I have the opportunity to teach, coach and guide leaders and their teams to reach their highest potential is a great day for me!


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    "Theology Matters" with the Pellews: Creation/Evolution

    in Christianity

    Join Devin & Melissa each week as they discuss issues related to Christian apologetics, theology and biblical worldview. During our first segment, we will be interviewing Dr. Marcie Davis, head administrator of the new classical private school, Providence Classical School in Rock Hill, SC. She will also instruct and oversee the mathematics program. Dr. Davis is the wife of senior pastor Scott Davis of Northside Baptist Church in Rock Hill, SC. A college mathematics professor for 18 years, Dr. Davis then began teaching high school mathematics. Davis holds the following degrees: BS in mathematics from Campbell University, MA in mathematics from the University of Louisville, MS in mathematics from the University of Kentucky, Ed. D. in curriculum and instruction from the University of Kentucky.

    During our second segment, we will be discussing the Creation/Evolution debate. On the air with us to discuss this topic will be chemist, lecturer, researcher and author, Dr. Jay Wile. Dr. Wile received his Ph.D in Chemistry from the University of Rochester and has received many awards for excellence in teaching and research. He has also presented numerous lectures on the topics of Nuclear Chemistry, Christian Apologetics, Homeschooling, and Creation vs. Evolution. He has published 30 articles on these subjects in nationally-recognized, peer-reviewed journals, and has 9 books to his credit, most of which belong to the award-winning "Exploring Creation With" series of junior-high and high-school science courses. Some of the topics we will be looking at with Dr. Wile are creation vs. evolution, origin of life, origin of the universe, and origin of mankind. This will be a very informative show so you do not want to miss it as we look at the scientific evidence and see that the universe and everything in it is the handiwork of God.

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    Proverbs 31 Woman In The Bible?

    in Spirituality

    Proverbs 31 Woman In The Bible? Does she even exist?

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    "Choosing The Right Woman"

    in Self Help

    There are thousands of good women out there but some men consistently choose the wrong mates.  For those that have done it well will tell you there's nothing more satisfying than having a great woman by your side.  For those that have made a wrong choice, you're probably living in hell.  If you'd like to get some good advice on choosing the right women tune into this show as RC Blakes shares his perspectives on the topic.