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    Restructuring Your Mindset: Creating Your Success Story

    in Lifestyle

    Truth be told, quite a few of the wealthy didn't have their wealth just given to them. If you read the inspirational stories, you'll find that many of them worked hard to get to where they are now, and their backgrounds were not all that great to start off with. In fact, some of them may have come have even more difficult circumstances than you.

    But why is that they there are able to "make it" but you're over here barely trying to "make it." There's a slight difference between us and them, and we'll talk about what that slight difference is, how we can there, and simple action steps that will get us started. 

    Sunday night's radio show will change your perspective on how to view your life in a way where you realize that have a story. A story that will inspire many. 


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    Mind Your Own Business: Turning Dreams Into Reality!

    in Lifestyle

    Poverty and unemployment continues to affect members of diverse and ethnic communities disproportionately, including college graduates.  

    Join us in the second of a 3-part discussion on entrepreneurship.  Althea Burton, Director of Programs/Center Manager at Project Enterprise is one of our guests.  Be inspired as she shares services, resources, and opportunities to help us start and run small businesses.  Learn how to identify your talent, passion, and gift, start a small-scale business and hear from small business owners about their journey to success.

    Wake Up Everybody!

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    Creating Your Own Miracles

    in Spirituality

    Creating Your Own Miracles, Todays Happy Hanukkah episode of Relax, Let Go, BE with Charles is all about miracles. Are you ready to co create miracles in own life? Charles shares the story of the Hanukkah Oil, Elijah and the bread and oil miracle and shares how these and other stories of miracles can help us all co create our own miracles! From the law of attraction to Mind, Body, Spirit connection, awareness and focus, allow your miracles to happen for YOU!

    You can click, “listen live”, on the top of our Experience Your Path Facebook page and at www.RelaxLetGoBE.com click the mic on the top of the home page. You can access podcast of all The Relax, Let Go, BE with Charles shows using the same links when the show is not live.

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    The Best of Own Your Career: Personal Branding

    in Jobs

    The Best of "Own Your Career" Radio Show episode on Personal Branding.

  • No security in job security, Own your Own!

    in Women

     Are you sitting on the fence about starting your own business? Can't seem to take that first step! Tune in Thursday December 18th at 6:00pm (EST) and be inspired by Tiki Bennett; she says working a job is okay but it won’t take care of your family in the future.  Owning your own is the KEY to breaking the cycle of passing debt down to your family. Tiki will share tip on how to prioritize your time for success. After working in the IT field in Project Management for over 20 years, she was laid off in 2011 and was out of work for 18 months, that time out of work helped her realize that there is no security in job security. Today she is a full time employee, full time student, and working a business from home with one of the leading health and wellness companies in the world but her main goal and focus is walk away from her job 2015 after working her business for only 2 years. 

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    OWN YOUR OWN Radio... What it is... How & Why it applies to YOU

    in Lifestyle

    BRANDON WOOLEY, Creator of the OWN YOUR OWN Life Systems, is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist... so the topics discussed & guests invited will revolve around concepts, tools, systems, & ideas to MASTER BOTH... MONEY & LIFE.

    As a graduate of the Wake Up Warrior Academy, Brandon will focus on the CORE 4 CURRICULUM:  BODY, BEING, BALANCE, & BUSINESS ... and this 1st episode will revolve around What "OWN YOUR OWN" is and HOW & WHY it applies to YOU.

    TRUTH is a key component in everything discussed... not the story we create about ourselves, the world, others, etc.... but OUR TRUTH & seeking that to be the creators God created us to be and not the drama majors we're comfortable being that keeps us disconnected from TRUTH, GOD, OURSELVES, & REALITY.

    Brandon took a hard inventory of himself over the past year, realizing how sedated he had become to reality which handicapped his ability to be a LEADER, a DECISION MAKER, & a MAN... society doesn't seem too far from this... this is fuel to the OWN YOUR OWN fire and will be shared here on OWN YOUR OWN Radio...  

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    OWN YOUR OWN Radio... What is it & Why might you listen?

    in Lifestyle

    OWN YOUR OWN Radio is designed to provide OUTSIDE OF THE BOX logic and reasoning to help YOU THINK & VIEW things differently WITHOUT OUTSIDE INFLUENCES to allow you to BE MORE CERTAIN in life and expand your world...

    We'll be serious & we'll be a lot of fun

    Guests along with myself with provide valuuable content for you to apply in YOUR DAILY LIFE or at least to be considered

    We'll be covering topics as broad as religion to how to cut your toe nails (ok, maybe not THAT specific)... Being a MASTER OF MORTGAGES & a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, we'll of course cover mortgages BUT THIS SHOW again is designed to give you applicable information and tools to straightline your life towards YOUR GOALS and HOW YOU WANT TO LIVE IT.

    TUNE IN each week to see what's waiting for yo

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    Creating Our Own Heaven on Earth with Dr. Bruce Lipton - Part 2

    in Self Help

    Want to live a more successful and happy life, your way, authentic to you?  Click here to get your FREE 5-Day E-Course and be on your way today!

    Have you ever wondered why people say that life coaching is very valuable and why people should get coaching?

    Join me for the second installment of this fantastic interview with world-renowned expert Dr. Bruce Lipton, where you'll find the answer!  We discuss why people act the way they do, and why people experience life as they do on a day-by-day basis.  Dr. Lipton also discusses what he calls the "Honeymoon Effect," which has the potential to positively change your life once you know the secrets of how the mind works.  

    If you're ready to create your own "heaven on earth," and enjoy each day to its fullest, you'll want to listen to this show!

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    The Own Your Career Story: A One on One Conversation with Rod Colón

    in Jobs


    The Own Your Career Story: A One on One Conversation with Rod Colón

    Wanda Sharif-Rodriguez is our guest host as she interviews Rod Colón on his journey to empower students and professionals globally in managing their careers as a business. You will find out how it all started in 1981. Join us as Own Your Career Radio Show celebrates its First Year Anniversary on air!

    As an in-demand Executive Coach and Professional Speaker, Rod reveals his depth of his career management experience and shares the wisdom he has acquired over the years.  He demonstrates the power of networking as a giving and sharing activity, and aggressively challenges professionals to be relentless in building their networking skills while managing their careers as a business - the CEO of ME, Inc.


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    Different Meditations - Reading Fiction & Creating Your Own - 10 Min Meditation

    in Self Help

    Meditations come in all shapes, sizes, content, length, purpose and styles.  Typically accompanied with a peaceful focus and various types of breathing, meditations can suit your moment, your mood, your needs and your current personality styles.  Dr. Carol Francis, a student of meditation for over 40 years, considers today the meditation of reading fiction and then leads a 10 minute meditation in your own fiction.  Such meditation aim to move you beyond your limited thinking and limited perceptions of your reality so that when you return to your daily demands, you are better equipped to consider issues, problems, and opportunities from many different angles helping you optimize your attitude and your actions.   Enjoy these moments of soulful, spiritual, playful and expanding meditational experiences.  

    Dr. Carol Francis is an experienced Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child Therapist, Reiki Master, Shamanically trained for 20 years, Jungian and Transpersonal Psychotherapist, and Certified Medical Hypnotherapist with 38 years of professional experience.  Dr. Carol Francis consults in the Los Angeles Beach Cities of Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, San Pedro and Long Beach.  3655 Torrance Blvd, Torrance, CA  90503 310-543-1824.  

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    Creating your reality!

    in Motivation

    Join me ( Jacqui Grant) on Step Up and Break Free radio as I talk about "Creating your reality!"

    Your reality is based upon your thoughts and beliefs. The self talk and the words you choose great the reality that is this moment.

    How you cope with challenges and the success are all in your control.

    I will be playing music by Tatiana Scavnicky, Sam Joole, Martin Jordan and  Dellacoma Rio.

    Be prepared to be motivated, inspirated and ready to create change as you listen to Step Up and Break Free radio.

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