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    Creating Relationship with Birth Parents in Adoption

    in Parents

    Ninety-five percent of domestic infant adoptions in the US have some degree of openness, so almost all adoptive parents need to think about creating a lasting healthy relationship with their child's birth mother and birth father. 

    Host Dawn Davenport, Executive Director of Creating a Family, the national infertility & adoption education and support nonprofit, interviews Brenda Romanchik, a therapist in private practice in Atlanta, Georgia, specializing in trauma and adoption issues, her clients include children, adolescents and adults. She is also an adjunct professor for Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, teaching Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the School of Social Work. She has written and presented widely on adoption and trauma issues. She is also a birth mother in an open adoption.

    For a discussion of this show, go to our blog tomorrow http://creatingafamily.org/blog/. 

    Creating a Family has many free resources related to this topic on our website at www.CreatingaFamily.org. 

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    Creating Your Future Part II

    in Motivation

    ENCORE PRESENTATION: Rexford will be joining us for a more in-depth talk about his book "Creating our Future: Recognizing, Preparing an Going For Opportunities".

    Rexford Sam is the CEO af Rainbow Global, a United Kingdom (UK) based mangement and business systems consulting and training organization. He  has been involved in projects and activities in the UK, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Africa.  He is also a visiting instructor for the University of California Riverside Extensior Center's Post-graduate program in Management, sharing insights on the Digital Economy, among others.  He also supports a number of post-graduate programs in the United Kingdom on a freelance basis.  He is also sought after for his social media and branding insights.

    Rexford is a value managemet expert, conference speaker, leadership coach, personal development advocate, motivational speaker, and the author of "Creating Your Future: Keys to Recognizing, Preparing and Going for Opportunities.  He currently sits on the board of a large non-profit organization in the UK.

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    Creating Your Inner Harmony!

    in Self Help

    Creating Your Inner Harmony!

    Angels, this week we are going to be speaking about ways and examples that YOU can begin Creating Harmony within YOUToday!

     We will have a special Guest with us from The Hindu Network talking about Creating Harmony in your life from the Hindu perspective. 

    Also a great meditation, Empowering Affirmations that you can begin using and much more!

    Tuesday Oct. 27th 3:30pmPAC/6:30pmEST

    Call into our show @(646)595-3594 or join our Chat Room online!


    bringing people back to themselves

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    Creating a Beautiful Mess

    in Health

    Ann Gadzikowski has more than 25 years of experience working in the field of early childhood education as a teacher and school administrator. Ann is the author of other books in early childhood development. She is a prolific writer of curriculum materials such as classroom readers, teacher guides, and textbooks. Her two previous publications for Redleaf Press include Story Dictation: A Guide for Early Childhood Professionals (2007) and Challenging Exceptionally Bright Children in Early Childhood Classrooms (2013). As graduate of Northwestern University and the Erikson Institute, Ann is frequently a presenter at education conferences, such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the National Association for Gifted Children. Currently, Ann serves as the early childhood coordinator for Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development where she manages Leapfrog, a summer enrichment program for young children. She also teaches early childhood courses at Oakton Community College.

    Ann Gadzikowski is here to talk with us about her new book: 'Creating a Beautiful Mess: Ten Essential Play Experiences For a Joyous Childhood' 


    Ann Gadzikowski

    Ann Gadzikowski on Facebook 


    Sound Health Options 



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    The What If Show featuring Manfred Zepeda | Creating with Entities

    in Self Help

    About Manfred Zepeda

    My experience with the spirit world in this lifetime started when I was a child, seeing dead people, shadows or lights, earth spirits, listening voices inside and outside me, perceiving their emotions and thoughts (which I thought they were mine) and must of the times it was not fun, some experiences and stories I heard created fear around that realm. It was so intense that I started to ignore it in order to make it disappear until I stopped being aware of them (But nobody told me that my body would be aware of them ALL THE TIME!!) Nobody could assist me or tell me at that time what was happening or how to deal with all that so I just refused to see and tried to fit in this reality.

    In my early 20´s I started to get back that entities awareness, still I did not have tools to work with so I started to study different energetic and healing modalities to help myself about that and other areas in my life. Each tool I learnt took me to the next one until I found out the amazing and pragmatic Access Consciousness and TTTE tools where all these capacities emerged stronger than ever! Those assisted me to clear the fear I bought from others, trust and honor myself and to start creating a different reality with entities. At the end, nothing outside you is more powerful than you are!

    Creating with Entities

    Have you ever used your magic and energy to manifest and create? What if there are many conscious beings ready to contribute to you with more of that energy? These beings will play with you in the game of living, they have your back, they will contribute and they are waiting for you to ask them to assist you, are you asking?  Join me to explore the infinite possibilities in this magical world with entities. 

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    in Self Help

    The more I walk the Conscious path of life, the more imporatance I put on CREATING!

    Angels, whet er you may be aware or not what your thinking, and speaking is what is being CREATED in your life! If your not happy with that, only YOU can change it!

    Receive powerful affirmations that you can begin using today, great insight on CREATING and go forth and promise yourself that you will CREATE FUN with your life!

    You deserve it, your worth it......BUZZWORD OF THE DAY.....CREATING, how conscious are you of what you are CREATING?

    http://www.buzzardskorner.com  Sign up for a FREE Consultation today!


    bringing people back to themselves

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    How Are Your Emotions Creating You?

    in Self Help

    Welcome to the Voice of Change.  Today Jyude Albright and I will be discussing How Are Your Emotions Creating You?  

         Are you aware that your emotions are helping you create the life you are living?  If you love the life you have created – fabulous, you've got it!  However, if you are desiring change, it occurs when your emotional state changes.  Learn how our unconscious beliefs and emotions can be identified and changed if we choose.  Understand that there are no victims - only creators and you are that creator.  Happy creating!

    Jyude Allbright: Jyude nurtures her audiences and clients in creating peace and joy in their relationships & living spaces - personally, professionally and romantically. Using her skills as a public speaker, an NLP Master Practitioner, Addiction Recovery Coach, Access Bars facilitator, Certified Prevention Specialist, and spiritual teacher, she has authored several  books on addictions, parenting, and dating.
           Her books can be found at www.jyudeallbright.com, She currently co-hosts the radio show, "Awareness Changes Truth," on Blog Talk Radio -www.awarenesschangestruth.com

    Sharon Ann Wikoff: Sharon is passionate about creating peaceful environments in which one can raise peaceful children.  She is author of The Art of Communicating with Infants and Young Children and The 10 Minute Miracle.  She's worked as an elementary teacher, director of children's programming in metaphysical churches, an EFT Practitioner and piano teacher, bringing the Art of playing the piano to children and adults. She can be contacted through her website www.SharonAnnWikoff.com or sharonannwikoff@gmail.com

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    Creating Well-Being: Shifting Thoughts

    in Self Help

    In my latest eBook Creating Well-BEing I discuss shifting your:

    Mental models
    Physical environment

    In episode, one I defined stress as “Your perceived inability to control something you want to control.” I shared a basic explanation of behavior based on Perceptual Control Theory.  I gave you three question to help focus on well-BEing. In episode two, I focused on your physical environment and in particular creating a space the feeds your five senses and taking time to savor your sensory experiences.

    In this episode we will reflect on thinking and thought patterns.  I’ll share some red flag phrases or thoughts that can easily be shifted and help you remove some of the negative chatter from your mind. Researchers’ best estimate is that 85% of our self-talk is of a negative nature.

    The ebook is available at http://www.shop.creatingshift.com.  Listen to the show to receive a 20% discount on the eBook. 

    Blog: http://www.becreating.blogspot.com  

    Join me in Charleston, SC January 17-20, 2014! Find details at http://www.shop.creatingshift.com .

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    Flowing With Spirit :: Techniques for Creating a New Reality

    in Spirituality

    Kyra Merna and Essence Ka tha'ras share inisghts and wisdom, offering helpful Techniques For Creating a New Reality. Creaating a reality that is in alignment with Sacred Work and in tune with the synchronistic beauty if the Universe. 
    You can find more of Essence's and Kyras work at Shambahalla and New Earth.

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    Creating Harmony in Your Environment

    in Self Help

    What is your living & working environment like? Is it warn & inviting to others? Is it calm, peaceful, clean & organized?

    Feng Shui~is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.

    On this show we will cover:

    -What your environment says about you
    -The importance of balance
    -Creating a sacred space
    -The art of Feng Shui
    -Tips on improving your surroundings

    And how all this can help to improve every area in your life!

    Tune-in & become more Enlightened!

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    The Five-Minute Guide to Creating a Great Brand: The Story of Mano Swartz

    in Business

    A five-minute summary of Mano Swartz Furs, highlighting the rules of creating a great brand.