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    Prisoner of my mind – Hosted by Craig Sicilia & Cheyrl Green

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    Prisoner of my mind – Hosted by Craig Sicilia  & Cheyrl Green

       Sometimes living with brain injury means living with what we think is the worse of who we are.  Between the disbelieve of the people who are in our lives that we are not ok, that not all is as it appears, we look fine and like who we were but were not.  And what’s worse we don’t even know who we are.  That is the quest to discover who we are but with the pain and of our losses and lack of support.  The journey is hard but with faith, hope and effort we can live a life more fulfilling than the one we had before our brain injury.  Let’s talk about that journey

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    PRISON OF THE MIND - Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Prison of the mind

    Hosted by Craig Sicilia

    We humans live a life that is part reality but imagination, what are minds tell us it is, so it is no surprise after a abi/tbi as we try to rehabilitate toward what society says is typical, when we fall short of these measurements set for us we start using these as bricks and mortar building the ultimate prison in our minds.  A prison so dark and vast that we easily get lost inside these self-built walls.  Trying to find a way around, over and under only to find it unescapable.  Were too busy building our why’s and how comes.  When we should be thinking why not.  We need to change doubt into believe focusing on what we have and can do rather than what we don’t have and cannot do.  When we can move beyond the prisons of our mind we can turn cannot do’s into done’s.

    Our Minds our powerful processors waiting for information and what we believe becomes the software that determine how we process and perceive all this information.  Our believes get challenged and disproven most build stronger walls but it is possible to escape this prison, this solitary confinement that we have sentenced ourselves to.  And we may visit our prisons often but in time those visits can be less and maybe we can break the confinements of our minds.  Building a truly new individual the one you’re destined to be not the one programed with boundaries set by your own mind.

    Share your prison and how you broke or have periods of when you break free, the feeling the process lets us break this jail of the mind together and change our world.

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    I Remember - With Craig Sicilia

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    I Remember – Hosted by Craig Sicilia
    First off we want to thank all the veterans out there for their service, and our deepest gratitude for all the men and woman who have sacrificed for our freedoms.  As a survivor a warrior in this epidemic so hidden that I don’t even know who I am a lot of the time.  I remember all the loss of friends and family and especially myself, or at least my old self.
    I am this new person who the people I used to love, don’t recognize, I still remember those times, but they have been over shadowed by the destruction of the old me and the pain as I formed this new person.  In the realm of things I have learned to like this new me, this more sensitive person who truly cares for people.
    And now something new has happened, a type of ptsd from all of the new friends that this new me has made in the last 9 years are dying all around me, the loss that I am feeling in my heart make it that I find myself struggling to care, struggling to go on.  As I write this I am not sure I can but am trying.  I never allowed myself to develop a person relationship, to fall in love, I would not allow it.  Tonight we will explore how to cope with loss, share what we need to do to allow ourselves to love.  Allow ourselves to live life again.
    Join in let’s see if we can discover how this all works


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    ANGUISH - LOST IN SIDE-Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Anguish - Lost Inside

    Hosted by Craig Sicilia


    Life is funny, we spend our whole lives building this person we think we know so well.  Ourselves, then all of a sudden in a single instance it crumbles as we watch after a brain injury.  Our friends and family hardly know us little alone have any desire to be around us shortly after.  These experiences happen so quick in what seems to be a blink of an eye.  We have no one in our lives, life seems to lose meaning.  Soon we isolate and lose more of our ability to socialize in a typical world.  Soon we ponder in being who we used to be and even give every ounce of energy and effort trying to be that person we remember.


    Even though none of this perfect life we thought we had no longer exists, we find yourself alone, isolated inside of this vessel our body is no longer recognized by ourselves.  And many may spend the rest of their lives in this state.  How do we change this, how do we embrace and learn to live a life that we truly can love.  One that we have not imagined yet.  Join in tonight as we explore this...

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    dISability Gripe Show with Craig Sicilia

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    So you say you have a disability, yeah me too! All I can say is so what, sure it sucks and lots of things are not fair.  We still must live life.  It comes down to what we are going to do with our life.  I have spent years bumbling around since I acquired my brain injury.  I did everything out of order, I got some of the worst help you could imagine.  By the time I understood what was happening my whole life was gone.  Almost everyone I ever loved was gone.  My life was in ashes.

    But again so what.  All I can do is kick my own ass for my part in this.  But now I am ready to live a life that I value.  One that fits what I want.  Ready to open myself up for those relationships that make life worth living.  Do the things that my heart tells me.  It is going to be different than before because I am a different person.  But you know what it is going to be better, I am going to love deeper, care more and laugh harder.  Everything I have been through living with my disability is part of what makes me great.

    Join in tonight gripe away maybe some tough love thoughts can help you, maybe not but at least we can share, complain our heart out and have a good laugh doing it.  YOU KNOW YOU WANNA JOIN SO DO

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    Legal Pot Facts and myths- Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Special Report on Legal pot in Washington mixed with our memorial day remembering who we are now, we have 6 shots some real funny some pro pot some no pot what ever you think its legal in my state.  I went and checked out one of the stores today, I invited them on the show and I will share my experience and you can share yours too call in tonight.  You will love the reporting on this subject.


    New Beginnings Life after Brain Injury

    Hosted by Craig Sicilia

    In rememberence of ourselves we shall talk about the following remembering we are incredable

    After a brain injury life is hard, we no longer can trust our tools in dealing with relationships and the longer time goes on the harder it gets, we are social creatures and we will explore relationships and the difficulty with many aspects of interpersonal skills, trust and willingness to bend, but these things we must overcome these harder than life behaviors as a new person, building the new us.

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    EVERY BRAIN INJURY MATTERS-awareness campaign - with Craig Sicilia

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    Lots of new shows on brain injury radio, lots of new projects such as “CLOSING THE GAP IN BRAIN INJURY AWARENESS” awareness campaign, and tonight we will feature Mick Beaman, and his upcoming show starting in Feb, Lori Faitel as she shares the new on-line support groups that have been in live testing mode, having the bugs out of it by its launch in February.  Hoping to call in Mia and talk about her newly released book and Maybe we might even hear from racecar extraordinaire Kevin Butterfield.


    So much going on in the world of brain injury, let us talk about the possibilities.  Change is never easy and it begins with us, let us be the change that helps us live a life we can only imagine.

    We are calling 2015  YEAR OF THE SURVIVOR bringing change and awareness to those who actually are living with the effects of brain injury.  Just like it should be, this is a “NO BRAINER” pun intended.



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    Numbered Day's - Destiny or Delusion Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Numbered Day's - Destiny or Delusion

    Hosted by Craig Sicilia


    This show airs just 51 weeks after empowering emerging leaders in truly leading.  Almost too where some felt abandoned left to drown.  Many not understanding how I would dare let others just have it.  You see it was never mine, it has always been for whoever needs it.  I can remember my first show, how I to, was just searching and not even knowing what it was I was searching for.  I have been planning this show for almost two years.  Knowing the time was coming.  And if this vision is destiny or just my dark deeded delusion.  I guess time will tell.  From the deepest depths of my heart i know this is what I am, was and will do to the end.

    I knew about a year and a half ago my own music was killing me, whether it was the physical sounds and lights or just the significance of it's meaning to me.  Juggling everything putting its focal point on building a real community, with leaders that will survivor this jungle of life.  Though my children paid a huge price as my time got consumed many times.  I know they will be proud.  People may think I’m nutsy, and their probably more right than wrong.  Tonight part one of a three part series of one man’s journey, in his attempt in creating a support system that will last through the times of sand, bringing hope to those who need it.  Am I delusional, maybe! The sense of dying knowing the time is coming, thinking I am some kind of fortune teller, I sit here and ask myself the same thing, I say to myself, really I think I see my future, or am i just delusional

    My Universe, God, Creator or whoever it is has put my destiny in my head from the beginning, and the peace people see in me is the peace that I have done my best, and believe he is saying "I Am Pleased"

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    LET GO- when the time comes - HOSTED BY Craig Sicilia

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    When the time comes to – LET GO

    Hosted by: Craig Sicilia


    Letting go is the hard of all things to recover from.  How do you recover from losing everyone and everything?  How the hell does that happen, it’s not fair.  But you know what they say life is not fair.  A big part (thank God) is that there are more survivors than ever.  Medicine is amazing how they can put us back together.  At least our bodies, but all the time our bodies and brain are healing our life that we had starts changing like in the twilight zone.  For many it just plan desiderates slowly right be for our eyes and there is nothing we can do.

     Eventually we have to pull it together and figure out how to live a life that is meaningful to ourselves.  We never even start figuring it out till we stop trying to be who others think it is we should be.  We have to learn to let go of those people and the emotional connection in our heart to them.  We hang on to what we feel when people long ago written us off.  Let them go, it was not you it was them who left.  Granted you were excessive and impulsive but if you really mattered they would have figured it out and helped, you couldn’t.  We can blame doctors, hospitals, others and ourselves.  It is what it is, to much of the wrong kind of awareness in our behalves has polluted societies mind.

    Now it is in our court once we make it to this point.  I ask you this with everything you know, with every lesson you have learned.  And to have lived in that void we call brain injury.  WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT.?  You don’t like it, it’s not fair then be part of the solution.  Let go of that past and embrace your tomorrow.


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    Changing with the times - Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Changing with the times - with Craig Sicilia

    Sometimes we just have to change

    Hour 0


    Going to talk about the changes we are making to streamline how things operate and the budget of various programs and services, how we fund them through sponsorships, grants and donations.  Making everything balance out, and eliminating deficits and paying off our liabilities.  Brain Injury Radio is safe and funded till September 2016 at our new adjusted operations. 

    Talk about change I need to make in my person life and how this will effect some of the things I am involved in.  How I need to manage how my time is used and eliminate gaps of time that can’t be used.  How change can be hard but sometimes we need to make the changes that best fit in our personal space so that we can give all to what we are doing.  Just because we like something don’t mean we should be doing it especially if it causes your family hardships.  And how and the amount of money I make for what I do is causing my family hardships.  So big changes in my personal life.

    Hour 1

    A While back I was offered a sample of a product Eucalovthis Balm a cream, I have to say I am surprised how this cream helped with somethings that have been aching me since my rehab in 2006.  I am going to share my experience with this product as well have a representative from the company of this product to share his vision of this product  - I think you might be surprised - check them out at https://www.facebook.com/eucalovthis

    Hour 2

    Along my travels I ran into a man from Canada who wants to help people through his experiences and is willing to share his vision so we will get a chance to have a personal conversation with Brent Giroux Spider  from Sudbury, Ontario


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    ISOLATION - Lost inside myself - Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Hosted by Craig Sicilia

    Lost Inside Myself: I know I am not the only one who feels like they’re in a bubble.  The bubble of life I can see out of my bubble but i am imprisoned inside of it.  Sentenced to watch life happen but  cannot touch it, only watch it pass us by. 

    As well no one can get inside our bubble.  Maybe we are all waiting for a bubble master, someone who can get inside the bubble with us and maybe together we can break a hole in this bubble that has become a prison that keeps us from being an active participant in our own life’s. 

    Unlike Houdini we are stuck and as the years and decades go by the walls to the bubble get thicker and harder to break free from.  Till we become institutionalized to our bubble, which is where our bubble is becomes the only home we know or can remember.  We fight to stay inside our bubble.