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    Bliss101Radio with Alison Miller-expert in wellness

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    Alison Miller, the soulful “Dear Abby” of the blogging world, is an expert in mind-body wellness and a spiritual healer who acts as a muse, coach and guide to lead individuals and groups to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Alison believes following the voice of the soul is one of the keys to leading a healthy life.
    Alison’s “soul voice” has carried her around the world, allowing her to experience and learn from diverse personalities, landscapes, and cultures. From the cancer centers and circus rings of San Diego to the hills of Hollywood and the beach front bungalows of Hawaii, from the orphanages of India to the coasts of Costa Rica, from Panamanian rainforests to Mexican shorelines, from seven year old contortionists to seventy year old pioneers, from high profile celebrities to everyday individuals, she continues to thrive serving the kaleidoscope of humanity around the globe.
    Alison is the founder of Live Inspired Coaching and author of the popular blog Live Inspired. She offers the world a practical guide to live from the power of their hearts and souls.  
    In 2005, while practicing one of her favorite hobbies, aerial acrobatics, the rigging from the apparatus came undone. Falling over fifteen feet to the floor below, Alison shattered both wrists, lumbar vertebrae, and her left heel. The weeks and months that followed became the ultimate journey in healing. Now in full recovery, Alison's experience is a catalyst for her work and in fully living her bliss.

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