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    The View Up Here talks with soldier, commander, advocate, rebel Pat Stogran

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    Colonel Pat Stogran (Ret) has had a long journey. From Quebec where he grew to love the outdoors, developing a fascination with martial arts that inspired him to a third-degree black belt, to Royal Roads Military College after high school. A young man that thought the exchange of service for an engineering degree was a fair deal. The degree was attained, but the military was his true calling.

    "I loved everything about the military," he remembers. "Being outdoors, testing yourself physically and mentally, the camaraderie you find in an army company or platoon. There was nothing about being a soldier I didn't love." He steadily rose through the ranks, his martial arts skills and natural leadership abilities turning heads at the DND. Named Commander of 3rd Battalion - Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (3PPCLI) for Canada's foray into Afghanistan. He talked the talk and walked the walk. But he also found flaws with the mission in his view.

    Back in Canada, promoted to Colonel, he commanded a Joint Operations Group at CFB Kingston. The position was enjoyable, but the newly created position of Veterans Ombudsman intrigued him. On October 15, 2007, Prime Minister Harper announced that the first holder of this position would be Pat Stogran. Blind compliance was not an option for him. The New Veterans Charter was the flashpoint. He realized the Government had no intention of improving the legislation, and became vocal about the deception over it. A three-year appointment was all the Government would stand.

    He believes common sense, decency and good governance are under attack in Canada. Power corrupts and it has corrupted this current Government - and he isn't afraid to say it. The goal is revolutionize the democratic affairs to eliminate the bureaucrats' power base and stop them from victimizing Canadians.


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    Dream Weavers Series: Making a Difference One Word at a Time with Word Lab Web

    in Education

    “The persistent achievement gap between haves and have-nots in our society is chiefly a verbal gap. There is no greater practical attainment in the modern world than acquiring a bellyful of words. A large vocabulary is the single most reliable predictor of practical, real-world competence…” - Professor E.D. Hirsh

    Over one third of our middle school readers are struggling. Vocabulary is the key. The single most accurate predictor of how well a reader understands text is general vocabulary knowledge. Studies show it can grow to a disparity of 30,000 words by eighth grade when intentional, rigorous intervention is not applied. Additionally, these studies confirm there is a direct correlation between “word bank” size and success in school.

    Word Lab Web, a vocabulary based reading program for the middle grades, is teacher created, affordable, and in the cloud. It provides personalized, self-paced learning so students can gain authentic word knowledge and practice a variety of comprehension skills. Three half-hour sessions a week provide great gains in reading scores.

    The tool is the brainchild of Carla and Richard Kessler. Carla is a 25 year veteran middle grade teacher and former Title I Coordinator and Learning Specialist. Recognized for her skills in innovative curriculum with measurable results, she implemented action research for Word Lab Web in the classroom. Richard, a software engineer, is a veteran coder and IT manager. He has kept Word Lab Web on the leading edge of technology from its origins as a desktop program to its current platform in the Cloud.

    Join us as we not only explore lessons learned from their transition into entrepreneurship, but an overview of Word Lab Web and its success.

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    Humanity Born in Africa, African World Travel by Kaba Hiawatha Kamene

    in Education

    Kaba Hiawatha Kamene was born with the name, Booker Taliaferro Coleman, Jr., at New York Hospital, on Monday, November 16, 1953.  He is a teacher, consultant, administrator, staff developer and curriculum writer. Kaba Hiawatha has been an educator in Bronx, N.Y., since October 6, 1979.  Presently, Brother Kaba retired from the NYC Department of Education (July 09) and is a consultant to Academic institutions, educators, parents and community members interested in teaching and learning.  Throughout the 90’s Kaba Hiawatha served as Curriculum and Staff specialist on several New Vision and Charter School teams. Kaba Hiawatha Kamene received his Bachelors Degree in International Politics from New York University, his minor was in Caribbean Studies (June77). He got his first (1st) Masters of Art in World History from Hunter College, N.Y. (June 87).  He received a second (2nd) Masters of Science in Educational Administration and Supervision, from City College of New York (Feb.88). Over Kaba Hiawatha’s long career in Education, he has consulted many Boards of Education, Schools, Community, Parent and Student groups.  He has visited many classrooms around the country and implemented successful strategies in the teaching/learning process.  He is firmly dedicated to the belief that culture plays a vitally important role in education and proudly credits many of his academic views to his teacher world-renowned, educator, Professor John Henrik Clarke. In September 2001, he implemented his lifelong goal of developing an African-Centered Science Academy named, “Per Ankh (Temple/House Of Life)”.  Kaba Hiawatha functions as the Academy’s Principal Facilitator and Chief Executive Officer. The Per Ankh is an online program on www.townzonetv.com.  

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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes with Author Harry Hall

    in Entertainment

    Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Cornwell Jordan one of your hosts! Jamie White my co-host is also joining me and we are having the opportunity to welcome back Author Harry Hall. Mr. Hall and g his newest release The Pedestriennes!

    Harry Hall A distance runner since high school, Harry Hall has completed the BostonMarathon twice, and owns a best time of 2:27.  After graduating from college, he spent 20 years coaching collegiate track and field, with several athletes qualifying for national championship competitions. 

      While coaching in the late 80s, he discovered two other passions that would veer his life down an unexpected road.  He began freelancing for publications such as The Dallas Morning News and writing a syndicated a health and fitness column; and he joined Toastmasters International.  The latter experience led him to several speaking engagements, his own award-winning radio program and adjunct teaching positions at the University of Dallas and SMU. 

    The manuscript earned Harry a third place finish in the 2012 Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference, chich made him a charter member into the Mayborn Authors’ Guild.  

    Contact: https://www.facebook.com/harry.hall.92?fref=ts

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    Red Maryland Radio

    in Politics Conservative

    The flagship show of the Red Maryland Network, with Brian Griffiths and Greg Kline.

    On this week's show:

    We'll discuss the results of the Red Maryland January Poll;
    We'll talk about the opening of the Maryland General Assembly Session;
    We'll talk Presidential Politics, and Nate Silver's Five-Ring Circus diagram;
    And a New York Times columnists think his sexual preference trumps your religious liberty.

    All that and more  is why you can't afford to miss an episode of Red Maryland Radio tonight at 8 PM on the Red Maryland Network.......and don't forget that you can subscribe to all Red Maryland Network programming on iTunes and on Stitcher.

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    TalkingBOATZ @ Chicago BOAT-RV & SAIL 2015 SHOW

    in Sports

    The Best in Boating, RVing & Sailing—All Under One Roof!

    The Chicago Boat, Sports & RV Show and Strictly Sail Chicago shows have joined forces to create the Windy City’s BIGGEST marine & outdoors sales event. If you love boating, camping, fishing, RVing, OR sailing, this is YOUR show! There’s no better place to see and buy:

    Boats for every activity, lifestyle and budget
    The latest in RVs, campers, fifth wheels, motorhomes, and trailers
    Sailboats, sailing gear, rigging and accessories Marine engines, electronics and accessories
    Camping, outdoor and fishing gear

    Book trips with travel, charter and resorts too!

    Plus, an incredible line up of family-friendly features, boating, sailing and RVing education and hands-on activities that make a day at the show fun for everyone!

  • Jeffrey Giba joins us to talk about Charter School

    in Politics

    Mike McCoy and Deanna Reeder discuss civic affairs in the City of Moreno Valley. Councilmember Jeffrey will join us to discuss his Charter School proposal. Donovan Sadiiq will also join us to recap last night's City Council meeting.

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    Titletown Sound Off #40: The Golden Calf

    in Football

    Chris and Jeremy talk with filmmaker Ryan Churchill about his upcoming Packercentric film "The 60 Yard Line." Then Bobbo and our studio audience join in for the second half of the show where we talk 'bout the 'Boys coming to Green Bay.

    Titletown Sound Off is brought to you by hosts, Jeremy, Chris, and Bobbo.

    Titletown Sound Off is just one great podcast in a great lineup of Packers's podcasts from the Packers Talk Radio Network, serving up enough weekly podcasts to satisfy the most fervent of Packer fans. Follow us and subscribe over at iTunes.

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    010815 The Vince Anello Show-Open Mike

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    Unfortunately, when it comes to governing our city, the blessing of casino revenue has caused some negative side effects. We are developing the habits of the stereotypical spoiled rich kid. When the kid goofs up his dad's money can smooth it over. Our city government is developing the same characteristics. Inefficiencies in some departments are smooth over with casino money. Poorly implemented efforts or contracts are propped up with casino money. Noise created by dissatisfaction within the workforce is muffled with casino money. Do overs, are done over with casino money.

    We will talk about the City Engineer position, the $500,000 of Casino money for temporary positions and the Sweet Team. As I've been saying for many years, including my time in office, a casino revenue spending policy is necessary. Legitimate, transparent governments have written policies to establish their responsibilities and the method for carrying out those responsibilities.

    Sanitation, recycling and clean neighborhoods is one of our latest fiasco's

    Employee Healthcare benefits is another issue. Healthcare is so expensive and complicated that the unions and the city formed a committee in 2006 to address healthcare issues separate from the negotiations of regular bargaining agreements. The city has failed to hold regular meetings to find ways of reducing cost.

    Another long standing pet peeve of mine is the Niagara Falls city charter.

    That effort was led by Councilwoman Barbara Geracitano and myself. The law department  has managed to stall that effort, even though the work was done 17 years ago.

    Let's make 2015 the year of change, change in attitude of our public officials, financial discipline, and a plan that is clear enough to where we can clearly understand where we are going



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    Packers Therapy #250: The Bye Polar Episode

    in Football

    Chris and Dave use the upcoming Packers-Cowboys playoff game as a vehicle to shamelessly congratulate each other on posting a quarter of a thousand podcasts. Dave sees a double digit Green Bay win...Chris sees drug testing in Dave's future. The duo also sets the betting lines for the game. The second half of the podcast is even more self-indulgent than usual, as the fellas recount the Top Ten Packers moments of the year and talk about their favorites in pop culture for 2014.

    Posting its first show in 2005, Packers Therapy is the longest-running Packers podcast on the Internet. Hosts Chris and Dave began the show as a way of capturing the spirited chats the two co-workers had about the team around the office. The two have no pretense about being experts: they are just two opinionated shareholders who love the team, follow it closely, but don't always see the Packers fortunes eye to eye.

    The guys encourage comments and questions via their Twitter feed @PackersTherapy and read and respond to as many as they can during each show.

    Packers Therapy is a part of the Packers Talk Radio Network, serving up enough weekly podcasts to satisfy the most fervent of Packer fans.

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    Telebehavioral Health: What Is It and Why We Need It

    in Psychology

    I met today's radio show guests at the fall NCTide conference in Asheville, North Carolina. Telemental health is a hot topic with our behavioral health providers. InSight is one of the largest telepsychiatry service provider companies in the country.  As always, it is our pleasure to speak with business leaders with credentials in the world of behavioral health. Please read the full blog article here.

    Questions we asked on the show:

    What is telebehavioral health?
    Where is telebehavioral health being used?
    Tell me more about this direct to consumer model of telebehavioral health.
    How do consumers react to telebehavioral health?
    How does telebehavioral health enable a consumer to navigate a challenging and intimidating health care system?
    What are some of the pros and cons of a telebehavioral health practice?
    What tips do you have for providers doing telebehavioral health for the first time? 

    Geoffrey Boyce

    Executive Director

    James R. Varrell, M.D.

    President and Medical Director



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