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    Church Kitchen Ladies with Judy Matherny, Covenant Presbyterian Nashville

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    Church Kitchen Ladies with Judy Matherny, Covenant Presbyterian Nashville.

    This show is presented by Gracefully-Yours.com, home of Church Kitchen Ladies products.

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    Christian by Covenant

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    The homosexual and lesbian wicked spirit has infiltrated the world and the church and so called pastors are running away shaking in their boots . Why are so called Christians violating the sacred covenant based on holiness and obedience? How can churches support same sex marriage? Join the True Light and be blessed.

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    Church services

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    NIGGA CHURCH #211: The Pursuit of Life Liberty Property n Sex

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    Please OPEN UP YOUR NIGGA MINDS! Bring yo NIGGA BIBLE Its "THE NIGGA CHURCH" w/ The Conscious Nigga of Comedy--The Honorable RITE REVEREND DAT NIGGA presiding aka SOOPA NIGGA: The Conscious Nigga of Comedy. Rite Reverend DAT NIGGA is Founder of The Nigga Church (a Church OF Niggas, Started BY a Nigga. FOR Niggas Everywhere)! Afta putting on his CAPE he emerges from the CHURCH BASEMENT as SOOPA NIGGA and takes to the PULPIT to SPIT that Insiteful SHIT that is dedicated to FIGHTING against the Social, Sexual, Politikal, Medical and Religious Hypocritical Bullshit of the day that the Powers That Be are tryna Force The Peeple to Swallow!!!! So stay tuned for a Funny, No-Holds Barred, Profanity, Cuss-Filled, Offensive-On-So-Many-Levels night of decoding of world and national news, politics along w/all kinds of Shit Talking & Truth Telling! One thang fa sho you aint never heard a REVEREND like this befo!!

    #niggachurch #niggachurchsermonette #niggatelmedia #nigganewsnetwork #niggatelnewsnetwork #riteverenddatnigga

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    in Spirituality

    Today on the Love Journey Inc. we will explore the ten steps to success by Dr Wayne Dyer. I am excited to really have a conversation based on Albert Eistien qutote"The Universe is friendly to our desires." You do not want to miss this provocative conversation today. 

    Our soul is desiring to expand and grow. Are we tuning in to the goals of our soul? We must get still and tune in to  that STILL SMALL VOICE that is constantly directing us to the GREATER VERSION OF OUR SELF.

    Tune in at 6:00am central/ 7:00am eastern (602)753-1902 or (712) 432-0900 772719

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    Nativity Church Homilies: Why Don't I Feel God's Love?

    in Christianity

    The Sunday after Easter s Divine Mercy Sunday. At Nativity Parish, a United States Old Catholic Church currently located in St. Charles, IL, Rev. Mother Kristina Rake (Priest & Pastor) talks about God's Ocean of Love and why we often don't feel like God loves us. 

    Check out the United States Old Catholic Church at: www.usocc.org and Nativity Parish at: www.nativityoldcatholic.org. The USOCC rejects all doctrines of exclusion and calls all people to all sacraments regardless of race, culture, gender identification, sexual orientation, or marital status. Worship with Nativity Parish on Sundays at 9am at: The Campton Township Community Center,  5N082 Old LaFox Road St. Charles, IL 60175. Email us at: myoldcatholic@gmail.com. Like our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/churchofthenativityoldcatholic or follow us on twitter: @myoldcatholic. 

    We sells religious items to raise money for the church. You can purchase beautiful exorcist medals, rosaries, holy water, and other items at: www.myoldcatholiccatalog.com. 

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    “All my life men have told me I wasn’t pretty enough–even the men I was dating. And I’d be like, ‘Well, why are you with me, then?'” Lil’ Kim confesses. “It’s always been men putting me down just like my dad. To this day when someone says I’m cute, I can’t see it. I don’t see it no matter what anybody says.”


    If you can’t believe that you’re worth anything, then how can anyone else? Medically speaking, the mind is a powerful tool that make or your break your health. Tests have been done time and time again using people who have simply thought about getting better versus those who didn’t believe they would feel better. Using the same medical therapy across patients, 90% of those who did believe actually felt better and had a favorable feeling once leaving the hospital.

    Lets explore this provocative conversation today on the LOVE JOURNEY, INC. Tune in at 6:00am central/ 7:00 am eastern (602)753-1902 or (712)432-0900 772719

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    E.T.'s, The Church, & Media of My!

    in Spirituality

    ET's, Church, Media oh My!

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    Today on the Love Journey, Inc we will have an open and organic conversation about love, life and relationships. Albert Eistien once said, " Everything is Energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the Reality You Want." He also said, "The Universe is friendly to our Desires." I often wonder why we hear these words  and live so very different from this truth but do we really believe them??? Do we really believe that life can be AMAZING? Lets explore these questions and more today on the Love Journey. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS PROVOCATIVE CONVERSATION!!!!

    Tune at 6:00am central / 7:00am eastern (602)753-1902 or (712) 432-0900  772719

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    The Love Journey, Inc is so excited to have Jacqueline Credle as our guest speaker. Jackie is such an example of what it means to become the walking embodiment of loving oneself. We recognize loving yourself is the most important work on the planet. My grandmother use to say "There is not an ill LOVE cannot heal, There is not a prescription LOVE cannot  fill, There is not a question LOVE cannot answer." I know first hand how LOVE can change the dynamics of your life. Today I know LOVE is an inside job and that I am the first representation of LOVE in my life. I teach people how to show up in my space.

    Tune in at 6:00am central / 7:00am eastern (602)753-1902 or (712) 432-0900 772719.



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    Embracing and integrating one’s shadow through service

    Doing our shadow work enhances the quality of our service. The healing experienced when integrating our shadow is strengthened when we extend that healing to others. Thus, the healing artists at Healing Pathways Psychological Services, Inc. are dedicated to a life long practice of doing their own inner work as part of their service to the community. 

    Leona and Jason will: Share their experiences working with their own shadow and the ways extending their healing work to the community has shaped them as individuals and healing artists. 

    Today on the Love Journey Dr Leona Kashersky and Dr Jason Kashersky are licensed Psychologist who will discuss how to heal and embrace our shadow self. tune in at 6:00 am central (602)753-1902



    Leona and Jason will: Share their experiences working with their own shadow and the ways extending their healing work to the community has shaped them as individuals and healing artists.

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