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    Sparty Talk: Cotton never felt so good edition

    in Sports

    Satchmo and DB discuss Michigan State's big comeback win against Baylor in the Cotton Bowl, the Spartan offense rising to the challenge in the fourth quarter, the wild emotional swings people watching the game endured, the buzz the game has created around the Michigan State Spartans, why people just don't like Baylor, what this meant for this year's Spartan football team, what this means for Spartan football moving forward and the Big Ten's B1G New Year's Day, They also unleash some media criticism and look at the Spartan basketball and hockey teams.

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    Black Monday News/ Cotton Bowl Preview with Hondo Carpenter

    in Sports

    Hondo Carpenter from SpartanNation.com joins the program to preview the Cotton Bowl on tonight's program. We will also keep you updated between #Arkansas/#Texas and get you all up to date on Black Monday news in the NFL. Top headlines and more as we are LIVE.

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    Dr. Michael Cotton, founder of Higher Brain Living

    in Lifestyle

    Wednesday, October 15, 6pm EDT: Mitchell’s guest this evening is the founder of Higher Brain Living, Dr. Michael Cotton. Dr. Cotton was on last this past March when he was in NYC. Since then, Mitchell has gotten trained in this method of awakening the higher brain, has spent some good time with Michael and his illustrious trainers in Chicago this past summer as a result of Mitchell getting impassioned by what Higher Brain Living promises in engaging our higher human potential, and so this interview should be pretty interesting.

    Dr. Michael Cotton is bringing forward a new potential for development to people through this gentle touch technique wedded with the brilliant 4- Quadrant mapping that is foundational in Ken Wilber’s way of Integral thinking. Join Mitchell and Michael in what will be a dynamic dialogue that explores the possibilities of both the nuts and bolts of Higher Brain Living all the way to what an awakened society, what is referred to as Epoch 6, might look like.

    Please note that Mitchell is hosting a demonstration of Higher Brain Living Michael will be offering Thursday evening, Oct. 23 at the Tournesol Wellness Center, 26 East 36th St. (see below, and pre-register in order to attend for free).

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    turn up tue with endyanear & cotton candixxx

    in Radio

    The only show u can talk to the stars

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    E.E.R.S: REWIND Toni Braxton's Punishment From God | Upset At The Cotton Gin

    in Pop Culture

    Tonight at 8pm ET on Ernest Radio Network, it's The Ernest Experience Radio Show - REWIND.

    Ernest is joined by his bevy of beauties, including Ms. Teri, and Momo B., to talk about a few things.  First up, Toni Braxton recently said her son as autism because God punished her for having an abortion in the past.  We think that's bull, but what do you think?

    Also, workers at a cotton gin in Tennessee are complaining about the owners being racist (it's pretty bad).  Ms. Teri leads the conversation on this one.

    Also, no listening lounge tonight, but we do have NPR news at the top of both hours, weather.com 3-day forecast at the top of the 2nd hour, and great music from Toni Braxton throughout the show.

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    Hip Hop Tried 2 Kill Me

    in Film

    Tonight's guest is the acclaimed author of the book, "Hip Hop Tried 2 Kill Me!" Robert Bowden a.k.a. Fleetwood tells a most phenomenal story coming from poverty to success and the music industry.

    Fleetwood is also the author of several other books. He is the producer of the documentary. "I Just Wanna Ball" which tells a story about four girls in the Bay area that uses Basketball as a way out of despair!!

    Fleetwood is the creator and originator of the Homeboy Hotline which is a re entry program assisting ex offenders in their transition back into the community in the Bay Area. He has also been appointed by the board of supervisors of San Francisco to the reentry council of San Francisco.

    Fleetwood in his time has become an author, rap artist, music producer, actor/ video producer while also being an active motivational speaker and a community activist.

    Fleetwood's next project is "Da Cotton Pickas!"

    For more information on Fleetwood and productions:

    3032 16TH ST SUITE 313




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    Bed Time Attire- Flipping the Script!

    in Romance

    Kathryn Knight, 40, is a writer and lives in London with her husband Duncan Adams 30, a civil servant. She says:

    I gave up nightwear quite late. During my years of flat-sharing in my 20s I was a devoted wearer of incredibly unsexy nightwear: buttoned-up, long-sleeved, ankle-skimming PJs decorated with cute animals. They got discarded at the request of the first boyfriend I moved in with who was a fan of letting it all hang out once bedtime beckoned.

    I found I liked the sensation of clambering into bed unencumbered by clothing, of nothing coming between me and my crisp cotton sheets. And so, when the relationship ended, I took the habit with me.


    I’ve never gone back, especially since, when I met my now husband seven years ago, I discovered he also liked to sleep naked and was astonished at the very notion of sporting nightwear.


    'I adore being skin on skin with my man'

    Of course, I’m sure he would periodically like me to shimmy in to bed wearing a piece of satin sauciness — certainly, encouragement has been shown in that department, gift-wise — but while time has marched on since the early days of our courtship, he apparently remains happy enough with my naked form beside him.

    Long may it continue: skin on skin sleeping has a lovely intimacy about it, and I intend to enjoy it for as long as I can avoid the inevitable slide into flannelette. Going to bed in the nip is my last stand against the relentless approach of middle age.


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    WMEL 104.1 DJ Mel Ent.Radio with DJ Mel and Wanda S/Sudden-M-PAC/Selma

    in Current Events

    WMEL 104.1 is "where good music lives" On the People Internet Radio Stations for the 30 & Over, playing the best of Motown, The Hits, B-sides, Album Cuts, Unreleased Songs & mnore and that's every Friday 5:00 PM EST - 8:00 PM EST with repeats at 8:00 PM EST.

    The WMEL Honors...Honoring the Legends of Soul and R&B Saturday May 2, 2015 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST
    VFW Hall #6506, 8777 Philadelphia Rd, Rosedale, MD 21237
    Honoring: The Dells, The Manhattans, The Delfonics, Ray Goodman & Brown/The Moments, The Vandellas, The Stylistics, LeVert, Marvin Gaye, David Ruffin, Jimmy Ruffin, Chris Jasper, Rena Scott, and Bobby Eli Awards WMEL Founders Award Honorees inlcude:
    Lamont "Showboat" Robinson -The R&B Music Hall of Fame Museum
    Larry Cotton - International Journalist & Legendary Radio Personality
    David Washington - Legendary Radio Personality
    The1Essence - Author, Radio Personality, Owner & CEO of The1Essence Radio
    Kevin "Slow Jammin" James - Legendary Radio Personality

    7:30PM Sudden - M- PAC Pre-Valentines Special with Shelton, Andre, and Skeeter - come with a date or single. We will have all the love you need at this event.

    7:45 we are talking about Selma the movie - Do our Children understand the sacrifices or our parents with Vincent Squire and a few teenagers that watched the movie.

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    Sajdah and Moor Really? Show!

    in Religion

    Join the Sajdah and Moor Really? Show every Friday Night from with 11-year olds Sajdah and Marilli as they interview all sorts of interesting guests. Tonight's guests include: Celeste and Aaliyah Cotton of the National Black Doll Museum.

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    NiACOM Music Mix Tues Oct 14 @ 8pm CST with Comedienne Cotton White

    in Entertainment

    In the first hour segment of The Music MIx, joining me will be Comedienne Cotton White!!

    The name "MRS COTTON" actually came from an endearing comment that someone made to her once before. They remarked that she was as "country as cotton", and you have to admit, a field of cotton is truly  a country sight! MRS COTTON is what you consider multi-talented hybrid of some sort. She's somewhat elusive as she captivates you with her girl next door charm and beauty, and then lulls you into a laughing trance with her quick wit and southern drawl.  MRS COTTON has been entertaining her family, friends, and clients for years. She performed in a local open mic show for the first time in front of RICKEY SMILEY. That debut that put the crowd in stitches,and she became a constant act in the "RICKEY SMILEY AND FRIENDS SHOW". The rest as they say is, "her-story"! MISS COTTON has brought her stand-up act to a plethora of venues with the sole mission to make you lose your breath in a laughing stupor, and make you inhale JESUS! Versatile in her talents, she is also an accomplished actress, spoken word poet, motivational speaker, evangelist, and PARTY STARTER!  MISS COTTON has established her herself as one of the most requested female comics, actresses, and speakers. The most important thing about MISS COTTON is that she is a Lupus Survivor, and proud Christian, who will not compromise her beliefs for any amount of money. 

    Her motto is:  I give God a front row seat to all of my shows, he is my biggest fan! I was created to make his praise GLORIOUS....AND FUNNY!GOD KNOWS I’M THROWED OFF....HE MADE ME !" 

    JOIN YOUR HOST LESLIE RENEE FOR AN EVENING OF MUSIC SPRINKLED WITH LAUGHTER ON THE NiACOM Music Mix....!! The only missing component is YOU..!! OHHHH....and tell a friend!!

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    The Frat House Sports Show #173

    in Sports

    It’s New Year’s Eve and The Frat House Gang just does not want to let go of 2014 . . . or the NFL season. Nonetheless, they run around the league and look at the fallout from “Black Monday” plus some recent “bad boys”: Johnny Manziel, Josh Gordon, and Ndamukong Suh. Oh, and let the QB controversies begin starting with Kyle Orton and Kirk Cousins.

    It’s become an annual Frat House Sports Show tradition to take a look at the biggest January 1st Bowl games, and this year we get some help and keeping it light and amusing with our friend, Eric Purdy giving our picks on the Outback Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Citrus Bowl, Rose Bowl, and Sugar Bowl.

    We've got "4 Minutes of Football" . . . AND, our picks for this weekend’s Wild Card games: Arizona Cardinals – Carolina Panthers / Baltimore Ravens – Pittsburgh Steelers / Cincinnati Bengals – Indianapolis Colts / Detroit Lions – Dallas Cowboys.

    With all of this and much more coming live, you know you want to listen up and chime in. Jump right in with the guys at 347 - 826 - 9964!

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