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    Say What?? Author Spotlights with author Valerie J Lewis Coleman

    in Motivation

    Join us for a special edition of Say What?? Author Spotlights. This month's special guest is author Valerie J Lewis Coleman. She's the author of multiple books, founder of the Dayton Book Expo and seasoned literary consultant. Tune in and hear what she has to share.

    Say What?? Author Spotlights is a division of Say What?? Book Club.  We are a group of authors, readers and lovers of words gathered - HOW DIVINE!  Working tirelessly to level the playing field, SWBC offers opportunities to established and emerging authors who are serious about their craft and who excel in the literary arts.  Join the movement!

    If you are interested in learning more about SWBC, please contact us:

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/saywhatbookclub

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/saywhatbc

    Email: saywhatbc@yahoo.com

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    Talking Sports and More with NFL Veteran Erik Coleman

    in Entertainment

    MJ Pedone, the host of Live With MJ! will ask Erik Coleman quite a few questions this afternoon and get his opinion on various hot topics that are in the news today, one being about his buddy and former NFL Super Bowl Champion, Michael Strahan. She will also find out about what he thinks about the dreaded "Brady" Deflategate situation! Stay tuned as the show is sure to provide some laughs and possibly some heated moments as MJ and her co-host Michael Scher come at Erik a little harder than normal.

  • NFL Draft Preview Ep 11: Wide Receivers and TE

    in Football

    Tight Ends:

    Tyler Higbee, Western Kentucky

    Austin Hooper, Stanford

    Hunter Henry, Arkansas

    Wide Receivers:

    Rashard Higgins, Colorado State

    Jakeem Grant, Texas Tech

    Michael Thomas, Ohio State

    Sterling Shepard, Oklahoma

    High Risk: Laquon Treadwell, Ole Miss

    High Risk: Corey Coleman, Baylor

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    IWFFA Radio

    in Football

    Interview with: Jonel Coleman - St. Louis Women's Flag Football League

    Hosted by: Diane Beruldsen

    Radio Sponsor: IWFFA

    Meet Jonel Coleman who plays for the Logos in the St. Louis Women's Flag Football League for 12 years as an offensive and defensive line woman.

    This week's show is intimate and personal as we talk about:


    What happens when tackle women play on the flag football field?

    We talk about the hits, strategy and difference in style

    What makes a great flag football team? Just look at the

    St. Louis Attitudes / Mich Lite and we discuss what makes them great

    How is the St. Louis Women's Flag Football league structured?

    How did their league deal with the issue of transgenderism with a trans woman and trans man. We have an in-depth discussion on the topic and more

    Truly a great listen -  Join us for a great show


    Length of show: 32.21

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    Sexual Violence Awareness: Use of Art in Healing Sexual Violence

    in Family

    Please join host Sumayya Coleman and commentator Shasme Jackson as they talk to Kalimah Johnson and Daynara Marte about using art to heal from sexual assault. Guest will a discuss a range of topics related to integrating the holistic arts into healing after sexual trauma. Daynara nd Kalimah will explain the variety of physical, emotional, mental impacts of surviving sexual trauma and how a variety of mind, body, and spirt modalities have found to be helpful with addressing sexual trauma, and what it is specifically that these modalities provide that traditional modalities may not.

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    Business of Tuesday New - Commentator VJ Smith

    in Current Events

    Business of Tues New & The Crew. Talk2Us. "CurrentNewsEvents". Commentator VJ Smith of MADDADS & community View. Eddie & Wendy open new Corner Stone Cafe 'The Gathering Hub' 1825 Glenwood Ave N, Mpls 612-377-4354; Keno Evol - Educator, Poet, Independent Scholar, Chair of the Youth Advisory Board For TruArtSpeaks and Blogger for Revolution News; Jamal says, "...on politics, who will be the best advocate for my values & ideology for us as a people."

    GMSbuzz & Guest Contact:
    *Sat, 4.23.16 @2PM. Hats & Pearls Springtime Tea Party 'Take a sip for Civili-Tea presented by Mz. Lola Thomas & Cycle Changers Tickets $20. Georgetown On The River, 5750 East River Rd, Fridley, MN 55432

    *Twitter@call_Lola & Facebook/Unforgettable Women
    *Sat., 6.4 Stop The Violence, Cub Foods Lot, W. Broadway Ave N., Mpls.
    *Sat., 7.9 @ Hue-Man Ole 4th Ave South Day Parade and Festival.
    *Annual Minnesota Festival for Fathers and Families.
    *Sat., 8.5 @11AM-2PM. 14th Annual Senior Safety Pride Day Picnic.
    *Sign Petition Now w/ Dr. Velma Rosemond Clopton, Founder/Pres
    The Voice of Freedom Ntl & Intercontinental Movement - www.vfnim.org

    Apostle/Prophet SB Barber & The Crew Pastor Devin Miller, VJ Smith, Neva Walker, Prophet CAS Stalling take the gloves off and discuss current issues, headlines on local & global community fronts to give you a voice. We'll give you facts to discuss around the corporate water cooler, on the street corner & in your house.

    If you have a question or comment, press #1 to engage the Host. Follow http://tobtr.com/sbbarbermorningshow; Twitter@GMNetwork; Facebook@GMNLiveTv; Instagram@GMNLIVETV. Presented by GRACE Media Network -the Legacy

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    The RECAP of what satan DOESN'T WANT you to know about The 5-Fold Ministry

    in Religion

    "The 5-Fold Ministry. Often Misunderstood by everyone except satan.he KNOWS that where God SENDS The 5-Fold Ministry,that it's NOT going to be a good day for him,the enemy of God. The Apostle establishes people,the Prophet and Prophetess speaks over the Ground,The Evangelist GETS the souls and convinces them to give their lives to JESUS CHRIST,The Pastors watch OVER and tend the sheep,The Teacher spoon feeds The Word of God to those that are HUNGRY.When Jesus walked this earth,HE operated in ALL 5 of  those Offices.Each Office was a demonstration of HIS Anointing.The Book of Acts shows MANY Adventures and Exploits that God used the 5-Fold Ministry to do.When you see a Ministry that is in trouble,then God sends OUT HIS Elite Solders.If they LET God move,then they will recover,but if they DON'T,then God will uproot that Ministry.As long as you're working as The Lord hath called you to,then the devil CAN'T TOUCH you.But,if you quit,turn back or give up,then you're fair game for demonic attack. the devil and his demons wait for someone from The 5-Fold Ministry to abort their life long mission of fighting AGAINST his kingdom.God will never say "April fool"  when He calles you to Serve in the 5-Fold.When He calls you,The Gifts AND The Calling are without repentance.That means that they can never be withdrawn. This is The RECAP of what satan DOESN'T WANT you to know about The 5-Fold Ministry".

    This is PART 8 and the FINALE,of The Teaching Series of 'GOD'S AVENGERS: THE ADVENTURES OF THE 5-FOLD MINISTRY:The Office of The RECAP'

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    "The Anointing makes the TEACHER DEEP,and they are ANOINTED to EXPLAIN The Word"

    in Religion

    "When you read John Chapter 3,there is so MUCH that Jesus said to Nicodemus.Nicodemus was a Pharisee,which was one of the Religious Leaders of THAT day. The Pharisees professed to be so very deep and acted as if there weren't any OTHERS that were on THEIR level.They were known for OUTTER righteousness,which ISN'T righteousness at ALL.Their wardrobe made them LOOK deep, and they wore certain things WITH their garb that ALSO made them LOOK deep.So,when Nicodemus came to Him by NIGHT,it meant something. The word 'Rabbi' is a Jewish title meaning TEACHER. Nicodemus addressed Jesus AS Rabbi,and even said "we know that Thou art a Teacher come from God". Yet,there was a point in their conversation where Nicodemus expected to be ON Jesus' Level in Understanding,because of Nicodemus' Religious affiliation with The Pharisees.But In reading this dialogue,those that ARE Teachers of Scripture will appreciate and MARVEL at Jesus' ability AND demonstration of GODSHIP WHILE talking with Nicodemus.While Jesus WILL meet you where you ARE,DON'T EXPECT Him to STAY THERE,but instead,He will bring you UP in HIM! So Don't expect a Teacher to come DOWN to YOUR Level and STAY there".

    This is PART 7,in The Teaching Series of 'GOD'S AVENGERS: THE ADVENTURES OF THE 5-FOLD MINISTRY:The Office of The Teacher'.

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    April 2016 Worldwide Open Poetry Reading

    in Poetry

    We had a spoken word track-centric edition of Poetry Super Highway Live this month, though we did find time to host Michael from Birmingham, Alabama, Victor from Montana, and Steve from Palm Springs, California as well as spoken word poetry tracks from Philip Levine, Wanda Coleman, Jerry Garcia, Brendan Constantine (remixed) and yours truly, Rick Lupert, playing a couple of tracks from my spoken word album "Rick Lupert Live and Dead."

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    "The people belong to GOD,NOT to you: you are NOT The Father!"

    in Religion

    "When God places us in position to do something for Him,He first EDUCATES us IN WHAT to do and HOW to do it.Before He RELEASES us INTO The Work,He thoroughly educates us.God is The God of Preparation.Your Blessings come from Obedience.God is VERY concerned about HIS SHEEP and HIS Children. He is so concerned about His PROPHETS AND PROPHETESSES,that HE said to do His Prophets NO harm.He is so concerned about HIS Apostles,that HE said that whosoever shall NOT receive you NOR hear your words,when ye depart out of that house or city,shake off the dust of your feet.He is so concerned about His Evangelists, that He used Peter to raise Tabitha from death,so that she could finish her work. He is so concerned about HIS Teachers,that He said The Holy Ghost will bring BACK to their rememberance what HE,(Jesus),hath said.He is so concerned about The Pastors,that He told Ezekiel to write:SHOULD NOT the Shepherds feed the flocks? In verse 10 of Ezekiel 34,God said that He was AGAINST the Shepherds. The Lord would have it that The Shepherds FEED the sheep GOOD Doctrine,which is symbolized by GREEN GRASS.The Shepherds DON'T HAVE the RIGHT OR the authority to RULE the sheep,because they BELONG TO GOD! YOU ARE NOT The Father!"

    This is PART 6,in The Teaching Series of 'GOD'S AVENGERS: THE ADVENTURES OF THE 5-FOLD MINISTRY:The Office of The Pastor'.

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    "Philip started as a Deacon,because before God calls an Evangelist into the OFFICE of Evangelist,which deals with PEOPLE, they HAVE to learn HOW to SERVE the people;how to HELP the people;how to ENCOURAGE the people;how to HEAL the people.Evangelists also have the Gifts of healing AND miracles.Their MAIN MISSION is to PREACH CHRIST! EVANGELISTS WILL GET PEOPLE SAVED,because  their MISSION IS JUST THAT! In 2 Timothy 4:5,Apostle Paul encouraged The Pastor Timothy to do the work OF an Evangelist.These days,Pastors tell the sheep that sheep beget sheep,but that is wrong.In SOME cases,SHEPHERDS GO OUT AND GET the sheep,and by calling, EVANGELISTS go out and get the sheep.NO SEASONED Evangelist goes out in the field and comes back empty handed.If the Ministry where you are at is without sheep,then you need to let God use the Evangelist to go out and get them,because THEY EXCEL at that task.They SHOULDN'T be sitting down,because "EVANGELISM IS ABOUT BRINGING THE GOOD NEWS TO A DYING WORLD,NOT SITTING WAITING FOR A TURN!"

    This is PART 5,in The Teaching Series of 'GOD'S AVENGERS: THE ADVENTURES OF THE 5-FOLD MINISTRY:The Office of The EVANGELIST'