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    We are welcoming Christy Kane, Cory Williams, and Teresa

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    Join us Saturay as we welcome three great authors; 
    Christy Kane author of Shell Cracking: Leaving the Past Behind, Christy shares stories of heroic individuals who through her help and guidance overcome great trials, making a difference in their lives and the lives of others.
    Cory Williams writer/actor,and author of TOTENTANZ, THE TAKING OF CYNDRIEL'S HOPE  and HUNTER’S MOON
    Teresa Joyce author of There's A Fine Line" Talks about the hardship she found within her life in so many ways, no one should have ever had to go through, but sadly it just seemed to follow her around. Some years later she remarried, but unfortunately this union would tear her once more into tiny pieces.
    Please join us.

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    The Truth Police with cory williams

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    The Truth Police  with cory williams

    Andy and Tim Your hosts for today


    Call Live 347 677 0812


    ISBN 978-1-304-47446-9 




    ISBN  978-0-9765739-0-6



    ISBN 978-0-6151-3793-3



    ISBN 1-4116-7793-5


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    In persuit of my dreams with Cory Williams

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    Author Cory Williams joins The Inspiration by Loretta Show to talk about his books, career and experiences. His titles include: Tontentanz,The Taking of Cyndriel's Hope and Hunter's Moon.
    Join the conversation.
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    The Knights of liberty show with Author Actor Cory Williams

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    The Knights of liberty show with Actor Cory Williams

    I am a writer/actor currently living and working in Los Angeles, California and seeking to spread the good word about my work.

    Having moved from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, California- the entertainment Mecca of the country- to be an actor, one could say that from one job to the next, I am still continuously pursuing the dream, one that is about the journey, not necessarily the destination.  In the process of pursuing the dream, I have also become a published novelist.

    As a writer, my primary genre of choice is science fiction.  I’ve always believed that one of the most powerful questions posed in any language is “What if…?”  As such, science fiction- being the mythology of the modern age- is the perfect playground in which to allow my active and fertile imagination to run free.  That being the case, and my being a relatively new writer on the scene, I thought that this would be of some interest to you and your listening audience. 




    www.freedomtalkradio.co.uk call 347 677 0812


  • The Lisa Williams Show

    in Spirituality

    Join world renowned Psychic Medium Lisa Williams as she discusses Spirituality and life in the Afterlife!

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    Bible Study: With New Life Ministries Church Dr. Jerry Williams

    in The Bible

    Grab your Bibles and join us for learning the word of God. Dr. Jerry Williams welcomes all of you who want to know the Bible and the message for today.


    God Bless all of you....

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    Yes I Care Ministries International with Evangelist Brucilla A. Williams

    in Religion

    Yes I Care Ministries International with Evangelist Brucilla A. Williams

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    720 Degree Tennis - Paul Williams Jr. - An Underground Tennis Pro

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    Paul Williams 1989 started playing at Carmel Valley Racquet Club in CA
    Bobby Montgomery, John Weston, went to NBTA pre IMG in 1990-1994 Red Aimey, Jose Lambert, Mark Dalzell, Augusto Solano, Mark Carey, Mark Morrow, Paul Forsythe, Chip Brooks were among many coaches I have worked with during my time at NBTA.1994-96 Spent two years at USAFAwent back to NBTA in 99 to coach, then quit because of aspirations of playing professionally.2000 coached at La Costa resort with Skip Redondo at his academy 

    Bill Patton is a 26 year veteran of the Tennis Industry. He has a B.S. in Industrial Psychology from CSUEB, and has written a Masters Thesis in Education at National University.  As an Author, Coach, Thought Leader, Tournament Director, etc. he has never stopped working to branch out and learn new things. Bill has written two books so far with more on the way, The Art of Coaching High School Tennis, and Playing Sports Right: Your Way on Amazon.  You can follow Bill on Twitter,  Facebook, and WordPress



  • MPLI Radio Network with Apostle Bethtina Williams!!

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    Welcome Apostle Bethtina Williams to the Men's Let's Talk Internet Radio Program, below is just a little of Apostle Williams' Bio.  Visit her website for more exciting and more details about this woman of God!!

    Apostle Bethtina Williams is a professionally certified executive life coach and empowerment specialist, best-selling author, psalmist, pastor and humanitarian who travels nationally and internationally helping to empower men and women to maximize their potential and fulfill their destiny.  Apostle Williams has been in the ministry for over 27 years.  She is happily married to her husband,  Apostle Stanley Williams for 25 years. Together they have three handsome sons, Stanley II, Jonathan, and Joshua.

    Apostle Williams is the author of “Women of Character and Destiny” a dynamic book that has had a profound influence on government leaders, corporate executives, educators, professionals, and men and women from virtually every sphere of influence globally.  It can be obtained at: http://www.MpoweringLives.com.

    As an executive producer of Lighthouse Live Television Program that aired on Cox Cable in the NW Panhandle of Florida for 4 years her ministry reached over 40,000 households.  She was also the Life Coach for the new Reality TV Show “Balancing Act” with phenomenal cast members as Jeannette Bayardelle (Celie in Color Purple), Mariama Whyte (Lion King), Dr. Lindsey Marsh Warren, M.D. (Founder of Worth the Wait Revolution), and Pastor Regina Shipman (Pharmaceutical Executive).  www.balancingacttv.com/

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    Yes I Care Ministries International with Evangelist Brucilla A. Williams

    in Religion

    Yes I Care Ministries International with Evangelist Brucilla A. Williams

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