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    Tribute to Glee Star Cory Monteith

    in Entertainment

    ♥Tragic news broke early Saturday evening that heartthrob and Glee favorite Cory Monteith died, found in his hotel room in Vancouver. Fan's were shocked and took to social media to experess their grief losing such an amazing actor. Since this is the Fan's Voice, we decided to do a show tonight to give fans the chance to call in and express their saddness. 

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    Addiction, Celebrity and the Death of Cory Monteith

    in Self Help

    The Glee star and accomplished actor Cory Monteith, who suffered from a painful childhood and struggled with substance abuse addiction since the age of thirteen, had only just recently completed a stint in rehab for his issues. Always candid about his problems with the disease, Monteith was truly trying to overcome the plague that has claimed far too many lives.  Drug addiction is such an insidious disease and it is merciless to those touched either directly or indirectly by this plague that seems so relentless.  One afflicted with such a self-destructive behavior, desperately need the support and guidance of both professionals and loved ones for it is a battle far too difficult to fight alone.  This show will specifically address the disease that is addiction and offer some helpful information for those who may be struggling with just such a battle or assisting a loved one to overcome this horrible illness.  We hope that you will find this show resourceful and encouraging. Thank you for listening. 

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    Cory Monteith aka Finn Hudson Tribute Show #2

    in Television

    This is our second tribute show to the wonderfully talented and missed Cory Monteith who we all came to love as Finn Hudson on Glee. It has been over 7 months now that he has been gone and we still miss him so much. As fans, we share our favorite memories of him as an actor, person, and singer. You can contribute even if you listen internationally by e-mailing what you love about Cory to gleeradio@live.com. If you live in the USA or its a good time for you to call in elsewhere, you can use our skype button that appears next to the call in number above when we record this live 10pm central standard time or use the call in number to chat with us. We record and broadcast live for 30 minutes, then go into 15 more minutes off air for a full recording of 45 minutes. The show is avaliable to listen to on this website at about 11pm central standard time, and is up for downloading as a podcast on itunes the following day.

    Note: The pictures shown are from IMDB and found on twitter.com.

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    The What If Show featuring Cory Michelle | The Secret Factor to Create Millions

    in Self Help

    What is your Relationship with Money?

    Are you being a victim with money? Are you making money more important that YOU? Or are you trying to dominate and control money? If you're being any of these... do you want to know a secret? There's another way of being. Most millionaires have hacked this already. So... what if there's another way to be with money that can create millions? With ease? I am revealing a mega money reality hack! It came out of left field in my own life... so tune in for the ultimate reality hack and a completely unexpected (and prosperous) way of being with money. 

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    Meet Cory Williams, Actor, Writer, and Author

    in Women

    A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Cory attended the Philadelphia High

    School for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) (1978-81), where he majored in Creative Writing and minored in Videodrama, and was a founder, writer, and cartoonist for CAPA’s newspaper THE PAINTED WORD, for which he eventually became editor-in-chief.

    He then attended Stanford University (1981-86), where he majored in Drama and minored in Dance, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree. While there, he taught art to autistic, learning-disabled, and educable mentally challenged children at the Peninsula Children’s Center in Menlo Park, California, was active in the Stanford University Rape Awareness Program, occasionally wrote for The Stanford Daily, and toured for two years with the Ballet Folklorico de Stanford Mexican folkdance company.

    As a performing artist, Cory has worked on numerous theatrical and dance productions, touring shows, film and television productions and voiceover projects.

    Cory is also the author of four science fiction novels, TOTENTANZ, THE TAKING OF CYNDRIEL’S HOPE, HUNTER’S MOON and DARKSPEED ARYDANI, all of which are currently available through the online content marketplace http://www.lulu.com.

    Cory Williams is currently living and working in Los Angeles, California.

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    NBA Finals Breakdown - Cavs - Warriors Preview

    in Sports

    89.5 WSOU's John Fanta and Cory Pontarollo have you covered for the NBA Finals, as they preview the Cavs - Warriors series. Special guests will join the podcast throughout the series and they will take your phone calls over a jam-packed 30 minutes. Have a question? Tweet @John_Fanta and @CoryPontarollo to let your voice be heard. 

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    Interview with Cory Marquardt

    in Music

    Ontario Country artist CORY MARQUARDT has just released his debut album called This Man featuring the first single "21."

    Cory returns as part of the Outlaws & Outsiders tour this June with dates in Ontario. The tour stars Aaron Pritchett and also features new country duo King & Cash.

    His influences range from Eric Church to Merle Haggard - and from Rush to John Mayer. If it's a good song, it'll catch Cory's ear. 

    "I’m a huge fan of Eric Church and very happy with what he is doing in country music," explains Cory. "I still have some boot left to fill but I’m making my way and plan on doing that. Like me, he has a solid rock background mixed with some traditional country which is included especially in our live show."

    Like most Canadian Country artists, the journey of writing and recording includes trips to Nashville.

    "Since my first trip to Nashville in 2012, I’ve written over 100 songs with some amazing writers and have created some really cool and honest songs. Writing with people like Rob Crosby, Jason Deere, James Dean Hicks, my good friend Danick Dupelle from Emerson Drive, Patricia Conroy and many more make the writing process fun and quite easy."

    Tune in to hear Cory talk about his music career, songwriting, Nashville, his new album & much more!

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    in Hockey

    6/1- Stanley Cup Finals Preview:  Chicago BlackHawks vs Tampa Bay Lightning

    NHLBreakdown hosted by Scott Levy, w/George Kurtz of RotoExperts.com covering all the on & off ice action of the NHL


    Our Fantasy Reports, including the IR, Goalie & Waiver Wire reports, will help keep your fantasy team a constant threat!


    Shows twice a week:  Mondays @ 5 pm/Fridays @ 2pm (September thru May)

    **Mondays only (@ 5 pm) (July & August)

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    The Tim and Corey Show

    in Radio

    We're Interviewing: Cory Aldridge (Former Major League Baseball Player), and Lleauh Webb (Founder/Director of The Hidden Treasurez Styling Team).

    So, Tune In and Listen....

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    Flat Track Weekly Radio Springfield Review

    in Sports

    Flat Track Weekly Radio is your weekly Flat Track internet radio station. Third generation motorcycle racers Cory Texter & Scottie Deubler bring you insight you won't find anywhere else. Every Tuesday night at 8pm EST/5pm PST we chat with racers, team owners, mechanics, promoters and more that make up the great sport of AMA Pro Flat Track.

    Presenting sponsor of the show: Thom Duma Fine Jewelers, Evans Coolant

    Associate sponsors: Lightshoe & DesignStar3

    Tonight's Guest:

    -Bert Sumner - Promoter of the Dairyland Classic

    Check us out on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/FlatTrackWeeklyRadio

    Instagram: @FlatTrackWeeklyRadio

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    Memorial Day Weekend Show 5/24/15

    in Sports

    Good evening ABQ Sports Crew Nation, we hope you are excited for another exciting episode of ABQ Sports Crew. On tonights show its all about Conference Finals, both the NBA and NHL are in full swing. We will discuss why Izzy and Cory hate Curry so much. Also on the show we will discuss the NFL and talk about some news going around the NFL. We hope you join us as we are gonna have a wild one.