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    Join our Guest Mike School from Citizens Action Network-DeJure VS DeFacto

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    Mike has spent endless hours over the years gathering facts on the functions of law as we know it and law as it should be Talking points today will be on Understanding the difference between DeJure and Defacto- also covering the importance of the reaffirmation of Oath and how to enforce your rights in a ( corrupt) court of law, from Traffic tickets to filing criminal charges with a Civil case for Deprivation of Rights under the color of law. You will not want to miss this one brothers and sisters- the probability that 1 in 10 will face the corrupt courts in the next 30 days  is fact. This info will gird you up for the battle to come out the victor not the victim. SHARE WIDE AND FAR- 

    GOD SAID- " My People Will Perish For Lack Of Knowledge 

    Don't be that person 



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    May 27th Home Courts Sports Show

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    Make sure you tune in (and call in!) tonight for another classic episode of the Home Court Sports Talk Show from 7-9pm CST!

    Topics will include:

    Jared Dudley says Carmelo Anthony is the most overrated player in the NBA. Agree or disagree?
    Magic Johnson or LeBron James?
    Preview NBA Finals matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors.
    Who are the top two players on your Bucks draft wish list?

    Listen via phone or Internet. Via phone @ (347)945-7002 (press 1 to join us live on the air while listening) & via Internet @ www.blogtalkradio.com/homecourtsports

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    Deadbeat Parents, and Child support.

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    Deadbeat parents are those who have been ordered by the Family law courts to pay child support monies of an unspecified amount, to the custodial parent (One who has custody of the child), but he/she is refusing to follow the order. Even when they have the financial means to do so. Question, Are you a custodial parent who's dealing with this problem in your life? Do he/she have the financial means of providing for their child/children, but still refuse to do so? Or are you a listener who would like to weigh in on this heated topic?... Well, the queens would love the opportunity to hear your story, or get your feedback, right here in the playhouse!!!  "See you there"!!!!

    Authoress Carolyn B.

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    Cary Crittendon Falsely Charged/ Also: Doug Franks /Florida Guardianship Issues

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    Join us this evening as we expose the persecution and false charges levied against Cary Crittendon in California.  Cary is currently held at Elmwood Correctional Facility charged with parole violations (non-specific).  A May 4th hearing has been scheduled to allow the prosecutor time to fabricate other charges.  The intent? To sentence Cary to a long period in prison for exposing the corruption of a sitting judge with a long history of corruption. 

    Later in the show:  Doug Franks will join us to talk about the recent victim's symposium that took place in Florida where families that had been targeted had an actual opportunity to speak at length about the abuses they had endured at the hands of predatory guardians and the infamous BAR Association, along with the corruption of the probate courts facilitated by hand-picked "judges". 

    Should be an interesting show!

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    Citizens of the Cabal vs Nationals of the State w/ Shelly Johnson & David Roach

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    In This Episode Of Evolve Quest Radio we have Shelly Johnson and(or) David Roach on to talk law & freedom ~!
    Call in is (619) 924-0692

    Tonite (Thursday May 28th 7-9pm EST) David Roach & Shelly Johnson come on as part of an international multi-station exposure of fraud~!

    Topics to be Discussed:

    -Citizens of the Corporations vs Nationals of the State

    -The Multi-station International exposure of courtroom corruption

    - How to End the Corporate Cabal

    Evolve Quest Radio is Sponsered by Liberty Aid the Only Nonprofit that Guarantees to Remove Any Debt for Any Donation you can Afford~!

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    The Exchange - Ocean's FIFA

    in Sports

    If you're going to be corrupt, at least do it big like a movie villain. And goodness, no one knows how to be corrupt in sports like FIFA. When the IRS calls an investigation "the World Cup of fraud" in a press conference, you know the dirty deeds were done at impressively high levels.

    On a Wednesday edition of The Exchange, Sumit and Jason chat will talk about the arrests and indictments of multiple high-level FIFA officials in Switzerland and the investigation here in the United States. From the comical to the unnerving to the maddening, they'll jump into it all as the possible extradition and further arrests are still happening. They will also throw a few thoughts out on the ongoing NBA Western Conference Finals and the conference finals in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

    Come through The Exchange in the chat room, on Twitter (@skd_thExchange and @asportsscribe) and on the phone lines at 347-202-0247.

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    Live and Direct with G-Ski Rocks

    in Politics Conservative

    Greetings and welcome to AirWavesAmerica, your source for the most informative, thought provoking, and stimulating news, entertainment, community and political internet talk radio! We are Internet Talk Radio for WE THE PEOPLE!

    Tonight's topics - Crime, scandal and coverups!  It's Presidential Election season everybody!  It is not even in full swing and it is probably one the most corrupt and scandal filled elections I've seen in my lifetime!  Let's talk about it!  So join @gskirocks and @airwavesamerica tonight at 9pm Eastern!

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    May 27: The Ultimate Curse

    in Sports

    Summer often means warm weather, beach fun, weddings, asinine road trips, and championships being crowned in the sports world. Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo are no stranger to any of those. 

    It wouldn't be a Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, if it didn't begin with some asinine drama. Fifa has been outed as the corrupt mafia it has always been. What does this mean for futbol (soccer) and future Wold Cups? 

    Both have been entertaining, but which has been the better postseason, the NBA or NHL? LeBron went from Cleveland's beloved son, to hated enemy, now back to savior all over again. He's managed to get the Cavaliers back to the NBA Finals, but will he finish the job and break one of the most gutwrenching sports curses in history? Steph Curry and Golden State are entering the finals as the prohibited favorite. Should they be? Do the Warriors have an answer for LBJ? Are the 2014-2015 Cavs simply destined to be Cleveland's first major championship since 1964 (Browns)? 

    With two game 7's on the horizon, who will meet for Lord Stanley's Cup? Is the real battle for the title out west? Will Henrik Lundqvist forever be hockey's Dan Marino, as a legend without a ring? Do the Ducks actually have equal or greater depth to the Blackhawks? 

    Sart the broadcast with asinine drama why not finish it with more? Ray McDonald has been released by the Chicago Bears, after another domestic violence incident. Should the Bears have not even signed McDonald in the first place? Does a player with legal trouble deserve a second chance in the NFL? Owner George: no. Owner Mike: yes. 

    The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one day at a time.... 

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    UCC with Dave call in every Wed 12pm-2pm for your Q/A. Need answers? Tune in!!!!

    in Education

    Tomorrow I will be going in on a PDF form from the courts of Rhode Island telling my guy that his paper work is a bunch of gibberish and that he is a paper terrorist. Also, information on UCC and understanding WHAT we are filing will be covered. For ANY questions or concerns please tune in to HFR (High Frequency Radio) 05/27/2015 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday Cental Standard Time (CST)


    Peace and blessings,


    -David G McDowell

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    A Constitutional Right to Dignity

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    The closest the Supreme Court has come to embracing the anti-humiliation principle is through its use of the term “dignity.” This link should be intuitive—what, after all, is the opposite of “humiliation” but “dignity”? Ackerman recognizes this nexus, but his discussion of it is tantalizingly brief.26 He acknowledges that the link between human dignity and the anti-humiliation principle may be unfamiliar to American constitutional lawyers, given that, in contrast to other jurisdictions, our constitutional traditions are built around the concepts of equality and liberty.

    Warren was simply calling upon judges, and the rest of us, to make common-sense judgments about the prevailing meaning of social practices. One of the greatest legal thinkers of the era, Karl Llewellyn, persuasively argued that judges couldn’t decide the most humdrum case without relying on this capacity, which he famously called “situation-sense.”It was Louis Brandeis, not Thurgood Marshall, who first used social science to convince courts to consider the real-world impact of their doctrines. As early as 1908, the Supreme Court relied heavily on his famous “Brandeis Brief” in upholding maximum-hours laws for women. During the following decades, the law schools became centers of sociological and economic critique of the regnant legal formalism The Anti-Humiliation Principle and Same-Sex Marriage Kenji Yoshino

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    Hoot & Holler

    in Politics Conservative

    Join Bill and his Indiana crew today for a great show. Bill is offering new ideas to deal with a corrupt congress.

    Join all of us on the show, in the chat room, and call in..

    Hope to see you all there