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    Sex and Creativity with Corbin Lewars

    in Lifestyle

    Corbin Lewars is a fantastic (and very funny) writer. This is in addition to being a mom, a writing mentor and very much a woman. She joins me to tackle two major subjects and well, I know this is going to be good.

    AND this is "Chez Laura"s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!


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    Miscarriage, Deformed Sperm & Employment Hurdles: Corbin Lewars Shares "Creating A Life"

    in Books

    No matter where you are in life—regardless of your own personal experiences and choices—following Corbin’s journey of self-healing and self-discovery is both thought provoking and uplifting. Her voice is that of an honest and open friend willing to share her story, reveal every raw detail, and inspire with her candor, her humor, and especially her courage. This book is for every woman who has doubted her ability to do what she really wanted to, and it is the proof that we all can.
    -Excerpt from review in Hip Mama

    Corbin Lewars’ work can be read in Hip Mama, Mothering, Midwifery Today, and many other publications. She was the editor of Verve and Mamaphiles #3, and is the founder of the zine Reality Mom, currently in it’s seventh year of publishing.

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    Illuminate: Harnessing The Positive Power of Negative Thinking with David Corbin

    in Spirituality

    David M.Corbin has been referred to as “Robin Williams with an MBA” because of his very practical, high content speeches coupled with entertaining and sometimes side splitting stories and applications. A former psychotherapist with a background in healthcare, he has served as management and leadership consultant to businesses and organizations of all sizes – from Fortune 20 companies to businesses with less than 1 million – and enjoys the challenges of all. He has worked directly with the Presidents of companies such as AT&T, Hallmark, Sprint as well as the Hon. Secretary of Veterans Administration and others. Author, Hall of Fame Speaker, Mentor to Mentors, Inventor and pretty good guy.


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    Exclusive Interview w/ Marion Fontaine

    in Wrestling

    Matthew Grant is joined by former AAW Tag Team & AIW Intense Champion Marion Fontaine to talk about plenty including his match at Hell on Earth with Rockstar Spud, reinventing the Marion Fontaine gimmick & who's idea it was, whether he prefers being a tag team or singles wrestler, winning the AAW Tag Titles w/ Lyndon & a funny backstory behind it, working in the King of Trios with Jervis Cottonbelly & Thunderkitty, transitioning to a promoter with Olde Wrestling & the different product they provide & much more in this 45+ minute interview!

    @jnottke @WeeklyWPodcast



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    Raw Impact Wrestling Hour w/ Shady & Steve

    in Television

    Welcome everyone to the Raw Impact Wrestling Hour where Shady & Steve will either sit down & speak with someone from the World of Wrestling or talk about what is happening right now in the wrestling world! Talking about the stars from WWE, Impact, Ring of Honor, HoH, & of course the Indy Companies which never get the true respect they deserve! It is time to give them a Radio show where they can come on, be themselves & speak with the fans who love to watch them live in the ring, have attended the live events, & also watch them on Television. Every week we will look to bring you the best in Wrestling today!

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    Sports and Gibberish w/Corbin Smith

    in Sports

    ** For those that have downloaded this podcast, please make sure to start the show in the 12th minute. There was no sound for the first 11 minutes. Thank you. ** 

    Tim recaps NFL Sunday

    Tim Talks Seahawks with guest Corbin Smith

    Tim also talks about Fox and their frustrating telecasts

    Is Ferris Bueller the best teenage comedy ever?

    Plus hot stove talk and more..


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    Sleepy Hollow "And the Abyss Gazes Back" - S2EP6 - TV Review

    in Entertainment

    Join The Sleepy Hollow Host every Tuesday has they discuss the highlights of the latest episode of Sleepy Hollow - E-mail your thoughts on the episode and the host will read them on air.  Join the LIVE chat-room while the LIVE Review show is airing, Tuesday at 1pm ET.

    Abbie learns that Joe Corbin has returned to town from Afghanistan after being honorably discharged from the army. When she attempts to reach out to him, he doesn't want to know as he resents her and blames her for his father's death. However, when Abbie along with Ichabod are called out to a noise complaint, they are attacked by a creature and discover dead bodies everywhere, and that Joe is the only survivor. Meanwhile Irving makes a dangerous choice, and Henry unleashes a deadly spider on Katrina that enters her mouth.

    Variety Radio Online – bringing you all things entertainment including news, reviews and interviews. website, Facebook and Twitter. 

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    Meet nspHire: The Tinder for jobs and freelance work

    in Technology

    Join Michael Marlatt as he chats with the Dan Mullaney and Rasheen Carbin, co-founders of nspHire.  nspHire is a new mobile app enabling jobseekers and employers to easily find and engage eachother.  It's like Tinder for jobs. 


    About Our Guests:

    Dan Mullaney, Co-founder | @nspHire

    Dan Mullaney has two degrees from Georgetown, a BA in Philosophy and an MBA.  He worked for over 8 years in finance in a Business Development role.  He co-founded MBA Project Search, HiredMD, and now nspHire.  Dan's main focus for nspHire is product development and strategic plan formulation.


    Rasheen Carbin, Co-founder & CMO | @rasheencarbin

    Rasheen Carbin has a BS from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.  He worked in finance in a business development capacity and, before nspHire, co-founded MBA Project Search.  For nspHire, Rasheen is key in strategy for marketing and business development.

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    in Politics Progressive

    HOST: Serge Ndayizeye



    The BBC TWO revealed to the world what many of us knew about the Rwandan President. This is a man who is praised and supported by some personalities in the West, although they cannot tolerate a person of this kind in their own respective countries for a single day. Why then do they think his good for Rwandans?

    This is the question the former Rwandan Army Chief Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa asked   reporter Jane Corbin in a lengthy program that exposed  the most  horrifying  incidents of massacres of innocent Rwandans both in Rwanda and Congo by Kagame.

    In this documentary there are many distortions of   facts on what might have happened in the hundred days during genocide. While Kagame and his Western backers  put the blame entirely on the  Hutus, the two American researchers have questioned the statistics of the population of Tutsis before and after genocide. They argue that before genocide Rwanda had an estimated 500,000 Tutsis and after genocide it is estimated that 300,000 survived. If the number of people died in the genocide is around One Million (1,000,000) it follows that 200,000 Tutsis and possibly some Hutus who were sympathetic to the RPF cause or wanted to protect the Tutsi where killed by interahamwe.

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    The Russ Faria Case: Murder Conspiracy Amongst Friends Or Wrongful Conviction?

    in Legal

    Tune in on Wednesday October 22, at 8 PM CDT (What is Central Daylight Time?). We will be discussing the Russ Faria case with Michael Corbin and Mary Anderson. Michael is one of four friends of Faria that was implicated by the prosecution in this case. Mary is Faria’s cousin and family spokesperson.

    We will be taking calls during the second half of the show. Please call (347) 850-1478 with questions and comments about the case.

    Russell Faria was convicted in 2013 of murdering his wife in 2011. Faria was convicted despite the fact he had a rock solid alibi. Four witnesses testified that Faria was with them watching movies at the time of the murder. Gas station security cameras and a fast food receipt also confirm Faria’s whereabouts on the evening of the murder. The prosecution had no answers for the alibi witnesses so they turned on them, shockingly implicating all four in the crime. If these four witnesses attempted to help Faria get away with murder then why have they not been charged with a crime? They would all like to know the answer to that question as well. All four have been outspoken in this case and would like answers about the allegations made against them. At the same time, all four continue to fight for the freedom of Russ Faria.

    The judge in the case also suppressed evidence about another possible suspect that just happened to be a beneficiary of the victim’s life insurance policy. Two jurors have now come forward asking for answers, wondering why they were not told about this important evidence.

    Was Russ Faria convicted of a crime he had nothing to do with or was this a case of four friends that all conspired to help a fellow friend get away with murder? Tune in to hear the details of this compelling case.

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    BluegrassMMA Live Episode 191

    in MMA

    Tonight Chris Hansord will join us to talk about not one but two big fights he has on the horizon. He returns to the cage Saturday night in Corbin for Warrior FC and then will meet Mitchell Guzman in Sheperdsville for the Hardrock MMA title. 

    Julio Gallegos made waves Saturday night when he intertupted Josh Clark's celebration following Bluegrass Brawl 14. Gallegos wants his shot at the middleweight title and to prove he is the best 185 pounder in Kentucky. He is booked for the main event in December but will it be against Clark? 

    Craig Johnson will head back to Pigeon Forge this year for his fourth bout in 2014. Johnson will be fighting at home on the first all pro card for Valor Fights on November 1st. The Fit Factory fighter returns tonight to kick off the second hour. 

    Justin Fisher is looking to rebound from his first professional loss and will do it in the main event of Valor Fights next month. The KMMA star will join us to talk about the fight and what to expect in the headliner. 

    Sponsored by Bangtown Fightwear and MMASomnia.com

    Part of the ProMMANow.com Radio Network

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