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    Dr. Alim Bey Speaks on "HOLLYWEIRD'S BUFFOONERY AND COONERY!" # years to the day of Kristina Brown's mother's death Whitney Houston...she too is scheduled to pass form. It is a ritual? Steve Harvey states on his TV show that he doesn't give a damn about slavery. The TV show Empire produced by Lee Daniels an open homosexual pushes the homosexual envelope as far as he can... calling said Blacks "Homophobic"?!!!  Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11, as if millions of us don't already know...tune in an get the Metaphysical interpretation of the world's news and updates here on FIRST WORLD ORDER RADIO!!!

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    The Kings of Coonery

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    The Kings of Coonery

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    Jamie Fox and Martin Lawrence new movie-pure coonery

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    This weeks episode we will discuss the new movie with Jamie Fox and Martian Lawrence, pure coonery and more men dressed as ladies, WTF!

    Also, we will discuss the MLK monument controversy

    Also, we will discuss Apologies for slavery and the latest request to get Africans to apologize. Pure stupidity.

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    The Other Side of Coonery

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    The Other Side of Coonery

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    Ditty Dirty Coonery - Definition of a Heaux and "The Church"

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    Ditty Dirty Coonery on the scene again! Join the new Dynamic Duo as they discuss what makes a person a heaux. Is it the number of sexual partners? The kind of men/women they pursue? They'll also be discussing the church and its perceived and actual problems. Get in on the conversation! Join us in the chat room or call (661) 467-2389 to listen live and get on the air. Don't forget to wish Coonloaf a happy birthday! LEHHGO!

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    "The Somali Pirates" The Coonery People of the Year

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    Who else deserves such recognition than these brave individuals who are standing up to neo-colonialism and exploitation of their resources.

    We will discuss the history, intent of these great comrades in our native land holding it down for liberation.

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    Shade & Humor x Nine From Youtube Celebrity Critics

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    Shalom and Salaam everyone tonight i just one to share the videos of the teachers or scholars that teach in a style resonates with me. To often on FB and other social network sites the overly un-conscoius, fake name having, we need to unite minions of miss information push concepts of revolution that is lets go ask massah how to be free like aka cointelpro, that are only leading the well intended around in endless circles of getting FUKIN nothing accomplished. I have no time or energy for such groups and yet I am asked to join them and participate in them all the time. Only to shock many of you with my so called disrespectful, hostile, evil attitude of intolerance toward many of you. To show you that it's not just me and there are several others who go off in similar modes and have similar senitiment in regards to you unity driven weak willie lynch coons and connettes who fail to walk what you talk or more correctly type but you assume noone will figure u out cuzz you are on social media. But we true godz are gifted with XTRA site and knowing and you 3rd dimensional clever miscreants, promoting so called consciousness and unity cannot hide from US. It is indeed a pleasure to find others who vibrate on the same frequency of myself where like me, they tell U to STFU and GTFO here with that vile low frequency of ratchetness that is the BAB of NWO minstrel coonery x 9, then yes we the appointed and annointed are here to expose and shut it down. Yes we loud we name call, we roast dat azz, we spit real hot holy fiyah of rebuke and condemnation, our way. We give 0-FUKS how it's taken. Bobby Hemmit taught we the real Blk GODZ showed (no) respect for slaves created to serve them. So surely the respect is no less for slaves servin the w-LORDS of HELL.

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    WHO'S TO BLAME: Black Entertainment

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    Issue: Black folks are not happy with our people's representation in entertainment.  Who's to Blame? 

    You know what?  I realized Black folks are still pretty unhappy with their representation in entertainment.  A few weeks ago when the Oscar contenders were announced, people felt Selma star David Oyelowo was snubbed because he didn't get a nomination for best actor.  Then in some Facebook blogging I learned that the new Fox show Empire, which has a black cast, is dangerous. Also, I've definitely seen folks call the show Blackish, coonery.   

    Is it because Blacks are under represented in Television and movies?  
    Do the networks and powers that be, just have a hard time creating Black characters that meet all Black folks' approval? 
    But seriously, is it even possible to please all black folks? 




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    "SNL: '#1 Slave Draft Pick'....Coonery In the Black Community"

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    The entertainment industry and social media have been buzzing this week after the highly controversial Saturday Night Live “#1 Slave Draft Pick” skit written by African American, Leslie Jones aired… Evidently, it’s a problem when white people make inappropriate racial comments/jokes (Donald Sterling)…but it’s ok when it’s done by blacks. Click the below link to see the skit…. Tune into “The Dedan Tolbert Show” LIVE tonight at 9:00pm EST as we discuss “Racial Slurs/Jokes and their place in the black community”. We’ll also be honoring the life of our fallen comrade and Barbershop Talk panelist, Marvin Wells. Feel free to call in with comments to 646 200 0366 or listen LIVE online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com.... “REAL Radio that Matters”.


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    Sacred Cows.Black America and it's historical icons.

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    Tonight we will talk about one of our most damning"Sacred Cows" our icons.It seems we do not want to criticize or build on what past leaders have said,only to copy and worship past leaders.A sacred cow is a belief,tradition,custom,or idea people hold on to just for the sake of it.One of the biggest sacred cow is the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King jr who has been rebranded to fill a certain narrative in America.Was Dr King the same in his last days as in his earlier years?Why are we the only groups of people in history that cares more about a person and his legacy than what they actuall fought for?How many Marcus Garvey,Kwame Nkrumah,Nelson Mandela,Malcolm X wannabees are going to keep surfacing?Why do we think because we saw someone in a dashki in the 60's we have to listen to them.I will talk about Dick Gregory and his nonsense.Was he not a comedian?Why is nothing he is saying is ever challenged?Because he has a white beard he has knowledge?He repeated nonsense about the first president John Hanson was a Moor which is historically a joke.White people laugh at our ignorance and the buffoons who mislead us.

    Tonight is the Sunday night sermon.Bring your Sacred Cow to the Kala Nation slaughterhouse.Bring your icon and I will tell you what they had wrong and what they did right.This will be a fire and brimestone sermon from the Kalagenesis.

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    Ditty Dirty Coonery - The Introduction

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    Introductory show "Ditty Dirty Coonery" featuring @SheSeauxSaditty and the homie @coonloaf. Featuring #askcoonloaf and #LetSadittyCook. EPIC RANDOM FOOLISHNESS!

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