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    The Solution For The "Control Freak"!

    in Relationships

    Today on HELP! Relationships 102, we open up the solution for those who desire to be free from the need to be in control. Very often, the Control Freak is torn between the instinct of needing to be in control and the weariness and burden of feeling like he has to be in control. For even though he is the most comfortable being in control, he's not always happy about it. Despite his actions, the Control Freak rarely, intentionally hurts anyone. He is not a villain. Rather, he is attempting to minimize the possibility of being hurt!  But, how does this person find the strength to begin to let go of the controls when their memory is still fresh from prior hurts and losses that came about from not being in control?

    For even after discovering the harm that trying to be in control can cause, especially within their relationships—  how does one not control? How does one not attempt to protect themselves? What do you do your when your need for control derives fromyour instinct for survival, or perhaps better put... the fear of not surviving??!!

    But, there is good news for those of us struggling with this impulsive instinct of the need to be in control!

    Join as we reveal GOD's solution for the Control Freak

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    Fighting The Control Of The "Control Freak"

    in Relationships

    Today on HELP! Relationships 102, we speak to the person who struggles with the need to be in control! We begin the process of addressing his/her issues. The LORD has a plan to set the "Control Freak" free from their need to be in control. 

    That person might be most comfortable when they feel they're in control, which means they can never truly be at peace or even happy because the LORD will never allow them to have complete control over anything or anyone. And it is right when they think that things are under control, that life  faithfully reveals just how far out of control of things they really are. This can be unsettling to anyone, but to the controller, it can be absolutely terrifying. 

    Those that strive to be in control are often misunderstood and mischaracterized as villians. The irony is, as bold and courageous as they can often appear to be, their act of controlling, is most of the time deeply rooted in fear! Therefore, as angry as we tend get at people who need to be in control, we need to step back a moment and see them for who they truly are... that we might better understand how to relate to them.

    Most are completely unaware that their need for control is almost always at the expense of others. And even when attempting to explain it to them they sincerely, strain to grasp the understanding of the pain that they have most often unintentionally bought upon others...especially those closest to them!

    Join us as we unlock the cage of the "Control Freak's" control.

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    The Curse Of The Control Freak

    in Relationships

    Today on HELP! Relationships 102, we reveal, what many of you may consider —the startling  truth behind the lie for controlling people that believe themselves to be in successful control over others!  We prove out the futility of trying to be in control of your spouse, and show forth GOD's plan for the proper use of the power you may have been given, in the lives of others!

    Some of you may have been historically controlling, out of instinct! But after this broadcast, many of you may find yourself rethinking your approach to this very sensitive issue. 

    Join us as we address the unaddressed issue of the unhappy Control Freak!


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    How to deal with a CONTROL freak

    in Jobs

    Ever had a control freak for a boss or a family member? Yeah, I know it's tough. Listen in and find out how to deal with the control freak in your life. 

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    Are You a Control Freak?

    in Romance

    Happy New Year!! Its 2013 and I'm BAAACCKKKK with one queston: Are you a Control Freak?  Maybe you see yourself as being helpful.  Perhaps you believe that you are giving people a much needed push in the ‘right’ direction.  But what you could be doing is controlling yourself OUT of the relationship of your dreams.  Tune in to find out if what you think of as well intended efforts to ‘help others’ are REALLY you being a control freak.   And WHY being a controll freak will block the relaitonship of your dreams!   

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    Eyes Wide Open – Help! With Control Freak Co-Parent

    in Health

    Welcome to The Healthy Baby Boomers Network Blog Talk Radio Show.  I am your host, Dr. Erica Goodstone, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Spiritual Relationship Healing Expert Helping Men and Women Heal Their Bodies and Their Relationships Through Love, author of the book: Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me, director of HealthyBabyBoomersNetwork.com and Healing Through Love Seminar leader.

    In this show I am talking with Dr. Debra Wingfield, author and Trainer in Family Violence Treatment and Prevention. Dr. Wingfield developed and taught a domestic violence counselor training curriculum at the University of Southern Colorado, now Colorado State University-Pueblo.  As a practicing counselor from 1975 – 2002 with delinquent youth, families with child abuse and neglect issues, adults and children from all dysfunctional family types, and domestic violence victims, child witness/victims, and offenders, Dr. Wingfield designed and implemented programs that address these issues.   In her research, she used a transactional analysis model exploring adult perceptions of family of origin dynamics related to alcoholic, abusive, and chronic illness families.  She holds a master’s degree in Counseling and Organizational psychology and doctorate in Counselor Education. 

    Even if you are divorced and living separately from your childrens’ other parent, do you still feel controlled? Do you feel like your ex is still trying to control you through manipulation or through your children?  When you think about your ex as a co-parent, do the words “control freak” describe that person? 

    Listen carefully because even if YOU do not have this problem someone you know may need help - and quickly.

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    Am I a Control Freak? with Penny Cohen, LCSW

    in Self Help

    Penny Cohen is a psychotherapist and author of the book, “Personal Kabbalah.” On this show we will be discussing whether or not we are Control Freaks, without even realizing it.

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    Episode 11: The #1 Thing to Let Go of in Life: CONTROL

    in Self Help

    Letting go...it's so much easier said than done. We attempt to let go of anger, of fears, of past hurts—when the truth is—those feelings are valid and must be felt in order to work through them, not swept under the rug. The real crux of the matter is CONTROL. Who hasn't met a control freak? Maybe you have one of two right there within your family.  If not, there are some stomping around your office for sure! Perhaps you're even a control freak yourself. Join us today, as we speak to Daniel Miller, author of the award winning book Losing Control, Finding Serenity. Listen in as Danny and I discuss how to spot a control freak, some common myths around control, the relationship between trust and control, and much, much more. If you're ready for more peace in your life, don't miss today's show...it's all about ditching control to gain your peace. 

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    in Women

    Today is "I AM IN CONTROL DAY", but are you really? We often like to live in the illusion that we are in control however that is virtually impossible to accomplish. As long as you are living and breathing and interacting with others you will encounter a multitude of things that are beyond your control. Although, we would love to be able to wrap our well manicured hands around every one of life's surprises and gently (really not so gently) shake them into submission, however this is not the case. Tune in as the Dolls work out their excessive need to control anything, everything and everyone - did we say EVERYTHING?! Join in on the self-therapy session and share your cure-all for this obsession. Call-in LIVE at (347) 205-9689. See, we are trying to control you life too and we haven't even met you yet....now do it! Just kidding (not really) :)

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    The Boundaries and Limitations of Control

    in Motivation

    Control is one of those things we believe can or will make things better. Yet control is very stressful for us and others who are affected by control. Why do we feel we need control and how do we respond to control of us. Control of us takes the thinking off of our part at times, yet control also limits our thinking and limits our outcomes. How to recognise when too much control is too much and how do we take the pressures we put on ourselves to outdo, win, do better than, use others through control off of us and off of our lives. Tune in and Join in on the Conversation Tomorrow Morning at 5:30 AM, PST! 


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