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    Cirque du Obscura - Devil Doll Burlesque! Exploring the Darker Side of 1920's

    in Entertainment

    Showgirls Outlaw Annie, Classi Chassi, Lady Thorn, and Helena Isis!!


    Showcasing the DARKER side of the 1920's! 

    Arial Performance, blades and wax, body contortionist, vaudeville and so much more! 
    Don't miss this amazingly exotic show! We will be performing all the darkness from the 1920's era! Everything bizarre, obscure and mostly seen when it required a special password to witness such artists! 

    Please join us to witness fortune tellers temptress experience on stage, fans, masquerade and to top it all off! We have an exciting arial performer who will fall from the sky on her silks with moves and drops you most certainly won't be able to take your eyes off of! 

    12 beautiful women here to entertain you in the darkest of ways to show you a treat you won't want to miss! 

    We also encourage attendees to dress up for this time in the past! The 1920's were the hunting grounds for sideshow, serial killers and so much more! 

    There will be live music before the burlesque tease, headlined by the gravity defying Tasseled Squirrel and emcee'd by the most solicitous sass in town, Miss Maria VonShutYoTrapp ! 

    Performers that you will be tantalized by are! 

    Tasseled Squirrel
    Helena Isis
    Olive Avira 
    Nox Falls
    Lady Thorn 
    Sabor Insanity (joining us from Austin!)
    Wicked Leigh Divine (from San Antonio!) 
    Scarlet Peach
    Sinn La Vie
    Mina Volare
    Vivi La Chanteuse 
    Outlaw Annie Korpse 

    What an outstanding dark and delightful night this shall be! 

    Free parking as well! Plenty of seating available! 

    Please make sure you bring your dollars for our raffle prizes!!! And of course, tipping is always appreciated. :) 

    21+ is $12, 18+ is $15.

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    Makaiya, the Dancer, with Liane Frederic

    in Entertainment

    Makaiya is a 12 year old school scholar, who loves dancing. She has been dancing since the age of 3. She has become a dedicated dancer who has accomplished a great deal. She trains in Pointe, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap and her Favorite Acrobatics/Contortionist techniques. She attends Ms. Carol’s Center for Dance (formally Progressive Center for Dance), located in Philadelphia, PA.  The Children’s Dance Ensemble was originally created as a performance outlet for young children. It provides the opportunity for children to become stronger performers, and instills confidence in their dance abilities. She has serveral local performances under her belt throughout the tri-state area. Makaiya is an Acrobatics/Contortionist soloist and she also dances with her group. As a soloist she has won 1st  place and Platinum in regional competitions and placed High Gold in National competitions. She has danced in Starquest, VIP, Rainbow, Backstage and OpenCall and many more competitive dance competitions. She has received special recognition from Judges for her amazing talents. She has had the opportunity to work with an Amazing Lady in the industry, Ms. Debbie Allen. Makaiya preformed in the play Brothers of the Knight at the Merriam Threater. As, one of the few African American dance teams at many of these competitions Makaiya has shown the dance world her poise, talent and grace and she continues to achieve in the face of adversity. 

    And now, let's discuss Makaiya and her dance world, with her mother, Liane Frederic.

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    The Only Way Out Is In Host Speaker, Author Daya Devi-Doolin

    in Self Help

    Daya Devi-Doolin shares her philosophy in her latest book, Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Growth for the African American Community, an easy-to-read how-to book, with easy to follow illustrated introduction aimed at beginners and also the young at heart.  The book features photographs not of skinny contortionist, but of the author and some of her students who, as you'll see, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

    Daya Devi-Doolin's next event for raising your consciousness and pulling into LIGHT energy for erasing and transmuting unwanted energy in your aura!  March 4th at 7 pm - 8:30 pm.  Pre-registration padaran@padaran.com discounted. 

    https://eventbrite.com/event/15788262117/  Pre-register for 5 tibetan rites

    https://eventbrite.com/event/15762035673/  Pre-register conscious connected breath

    https://eventbrite.com/event/15762977490/  Reiki 1 and 2 Certification





    Kindle, ebooks and paperback

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    Bending for Applause, the Contortionist

    in Lifestyle

    Listen to Professional Coaches Marti Hess and Sabine Starr talk about the carnival metaphor of the contortionist and how it can show up as a challenge in daily life. Also, learn about its virtues and strengths and how it applies to you.
    Who are you in the carnival and why? Let us know and you can win a copy of our new ebook: "Simply This...". Send an e-mail to rollercoasteroflife@yahoo.com

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    Nothing to Lose w special guests Pepper McGowan & Brother Tim

    in Entertainment

    Pepper McGowan has a resume that includes Photographer, Accountant, and a stint as a sideshow contortionist. The diminutive McGowan fell unintentionally into performing publicly by asking to use a piano as a bar was closing. "I had this tune and words I had to douche from my brain, but no instrument where I was living. I am not a musician as much as an accomplice to auditory voyeurism." The bar turned on the sound and the recently emancipated minor was booked for her first gig. She s into "I mess around with ideas and sounds in my head - I think someone decided it was a form of music somewhere but I won't deny I'm a complete hack." She has usually been described as a self taught singer/pianist, though she admits lacking the self-discipline to actually sit still, so "my hands land on chordish places by gravity and fidgety responses to the words in my head." That "Auditory Voyeurism" has since taken on a life of its own.

    BROTHER TIM is the author of a new book titled Nomad: Darkness into Light. He also founded God's Soldiers, a motorcycle ministry. For eighteen years Tim was hired to protect the well-being of the world’s top celebrities including; Diddy, Pamela Anderson, DMX, and Jennifer Lopez, but this time it’s HIS life that was saved. Tim's life is a crazy one. He made national news when he was arrested with his client 50 Cent, he was in a car with a multi-platinum recording artist when it was shot at over 200 times, and he died on an operating table. All of these events caused Tim to leave his dangerous profession with a six figure salary and accept his calling as a full-time minister.

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    Rolonda's Casting Call for "America's Got Talent!" Plus, Seasonal Depression

    in Lifestyle

    Ro's Open Audition Today on "Sundays with Rolonda!!!"

    I have the CASTING DIRECTOR of "AMERICA'S GOT TALENT" on today. Sharon Nash Alexander is going to give us all the ins and outs of getting discovered. Heck, you might even want to call in and sing your heart ou!! If YOU or somebody you know has got incredible singing, dancing, juggling, fire-eating, etc. talent -- then please tune in!

    Also on today - Keyboardist Wayne Linsey from "The Jay Leno Show" with a big announcement!

    And Author and mental health advocate Terrie Williams joins us to discuss post-holiday/seasonal #depression -- how to recognize it and what to do.

    Plus, Rolonda's Rant about the cursing toddler story and what impact the "thig cycle" may be having on our kids and our society.

    That's something worth talking about.  Please share the link and join the ocnversation.

    Follow the show and join me on FB -- www.facebook.com/rolondafanpage

    www.twitter.com/rolondawatts, etc....

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    Actor Doug Jones

    in Entertainment

    Having starred in hit movies "The Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer" and the "Hellboy" movie series, Doug Jones is know for some of the most intriguing roles on screen. He has been able to turn his ability as an contortionist to create extraordinary characters in the guises of Hollywood make-up magic.
    We talk to Jones about be a part of  "Falling Skies" on TNT, and using his acting and movement to make these characters come to life.

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    Actor Doug Jones

    in Entertainment

    Having starred in hit movies "The Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer" and the "Hellboy" movie series, Doug Jones is know for some of the most intriguing roles on screen. He has been able to turn his ability as an contortionist to create extraordinary characters in the guises of Hollywood make-up magic. We talk to Jones about be a part of  "Falling Skies" on TNT, and using his acting and movement to make these characters come to life.

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    A Value Beyond Measure (#5)

    in Entertainment

    Getting beyond the contortionist's family values rhetoric to worthwhile human values - true family values - personal values worth far more than any ordinary measure. Value #5
    Blog - The Journey
    The Rat And The Alley Cat
    ILICET - A Time To Begin Again
    A Sound Byte Life

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    Thintervention Trainer Craig Ramsey: What PCOS Has Taught Me

    in Health

    I had the opportunity to meet Thintervention Craig Ramsay when he was midway through filming the first season of the show. Listening to him speak about his observations living and working full time with someone with PCOS was valuable.

    Hear Craig talk about his experience and what he'd like to to for women with PCOS. You'll be inspired and encouraged!

    With over ten years of experience, Craig Ramsay is one of the most sought after trainers in the business. A trained contortionist, ballet dancer, hockey player, fitness model, Broadway, TV and film actor, Craig is respected internationally for his knowledge and experience transforming people’s health, bodies, and lives. His clients include some of Hollywood’s top celebrities and professional athletes. Craig’s personal goal is to reach out to all people willing and needing to change their lives.

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    in Women

    Hello World. Is there any lingering doubt anymore? Republicans are flat out, without a doubt, in your face, insulting American people who have found themselves out of work in this historic economic downturn.

    Let's face it, this is the greatest mass of unemployment since the Great Depression.

    You would think Repubs would ensure the extension of unemployment insurance benefits for over 1million Americans, since the freak policies deregulation, and contortionist trade agreements, via freak legislation brought this economic hell hole on.

    Thanks again . . . Repubs!!!

    Republicans have told Americans:
    1.They are "spoiled."
    2.That "unemployment insurance is a disincentive to work."
    3.Be careful with that unemployment insurance it could go from being a "safety net" to a "hammock."
    4.Unemployment insurance will "basically" be used to "go out and blow on drugs" and therefore drug testing should be implemented.
    5.Unemployment insurance is like feeding "stray animals" Americans need to "quit feeding stray animals because they breed."
    6.Oh and of course the old...the extension of unemployment insurance may result in "hobos."

    H.R. 4213 The Amendment to extend unemployment insurance benefits to 1.2 million Americans was voted down yesterday. The sad, and infuriating vote tally was: 57/41. All Republicans and Senator Ben Nelson voted against this legislation.

    In an unprecedented economic situation, this is yet another Congressional slap in the face of The American People!!!

    Meanwhile, all who voted against the American people, those same taxpaying Americans they voted against, pick up the tab for their taxpayer salaries, pensions, health care (with public option), cost of living allowances, and the benefit of voting for their own Congressional raises.

    Thanks Repubs!!!