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    The ROAD TO RECOVERY hosted by DANIEL M. CZUBA - Myself a person in recovery...

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    ... My Initial Sponsor lasted over 12 years. until I saw him go through some life changes that were inconsistent with what he was always sharing with me. I felt a bit lost , and betrayed -- because while I felt I was open and candid with him, once I recognized where his life was heading, I realized that I really didn't know this man this individual, and wondered why I was opening up to him, while not receiving the same open and honest candor from him. How long is a sponsor supposed to last? He and I had a face to face dsicussion - whence I determined that he was only sharing what he wanted me to see, or think about him and not the down and real him. OK Time for ME to move on!

    Why not tune in to our Broadcast this coming Sunday and learn more about this topic OR any one that you may want to check out, as it relates to Recovery from Addicition. This is a LIVE Call in Talk show and is easily accessable on any computer or phone. Our call-in number is 323-580-5755 or check out our Website at www.road2recovery.club. Our program airs EVERY SUNDAY EVENING FROM 7 to 9 PM CST (Central Standard Time)

    We are NOT Doctors, Counselors, or even Therapists, however we have lived a life that was torn and torturous - caught up in an addiction to ALCOHOL. Having broken free from my alcohol addiction, I learned that sharing my personal EXPERIENCE / STRENGTH & HOPE with others helps keep me on track / target in my continuing program of abstinence. Perhaps you can learn something perhaps not - however I know that by helping others "I" Stay on my path of Recovery and my life just keeps getting better and better. WHY NOT JOIN ME? The purpose of this show is to BRING RECOVERY OUT OF THE DARKNESS and Shine a light oin it for all of the Good things to be gotten by staying CLEAN & SOBER. Help is HERE IF YOU WANT IT!

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    Soul Sunday with Host Rev. Dr. Mary Newbern-Williams

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    CareGiverStory.com  Is proud to have Host Rev. Dr. Mary Newbern-Williams interview The Rev. Dr. Gary S. Eller to friends and family, is a highly accomplished professional. 

    Bio: The Rev. Dr. Gary S. Eller

    Soul Sunday welcomes The Rev. Dr. Gary S. Eller, who is the President of the Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation.  He has led this organization for nine years and provides leadership in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., and the community of Greater Omaha in Nebraska.  The Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation is committed to the care, education, and continuing development of pastors and those who are seeking to become pastors, is well respected and does excellent work.  Dr. Eller holds a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt and serves as Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Omaha, Nebraska, and is married to the lovely Sharon Eller.  Sharon is a phenomenal pianist/organist who serves as Organist at Church of the Master in Omaha, Nebraska.

    Soul Sunday is ecstatic to spend this time Sunday, May 1, 2016 with The Rev. Dr. Gary Eller.

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    Communion Sunday with Apostle Rose

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    Kingdom Greetings.  Welcome to today's Communion Service with the Kingdon of God Fellowship Church and Apostle Rose White.  Today's service is our School of the Bible continuing with our Faith Series followed by our Morning Worship Service where we are talking about a Widow, Oil and Faith That Works and ending with the partaking of The Lord's Supper.  Join us this morning for our live broadcast that is pre-recorded on Talk Shoe Radio and being aired here on Blog Talk Radio.  We pray to see you here by dialing 646-787-1836.  No pin required.

    God bless you and enjoy this day that the Lord has made.  Apostle Rose

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    NFL Draft Recap: The Green and White Show Episode 131

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    It's the latest edition of The Green and White Show with your boys Joseph Haas and Amiri Tulloch!

    On today's show, Haas and Amiri take time to review the Jets' 2016 Draft selections, and they offer their thoughts on New York's choices. The two also look at the Draft from a general perspective and highlight some of the storylines from the weekend. Then, they discuss the continuing NBA and NHL postseasons as well as cover MLB news and more.

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    Our Continuing Personal Ministries and Life Experiences

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    Our Continuing Personal Ministries and Life Experiences of co-hosts Brother Dave, Richard Stinson and Rev. Blunt

    From the Fifth Epochal Revelation of Truth:

    170:3.11 By teaching that the kingdom is within, by exalting the individual, Jesus struck the deathblow of the old society in that he ushered in the new dispensation of true social righteousness. This new order of society the world has little known because it has refused to practice the principles of the gospel of the kingdom of heaven. And when this kingdom of spiritual pre-eminence does come upon the earth, it will not be manifested in mere improved social and material conditions, but rather in the glories of those enhanced and enriched spiritual values which are characteristic of the approaching age of improved human relations and advancing spiritual attainments.

    170:5.8 But doubt not, this same kingdom of heaven which the Master taught exists within the heart of the believer, will yet be proclaimed to this Christian church, even as to all other religions, races, and nations on earth — even to every individual.

    Jesus' true gospel is the loving Fatherhood of God and the perfecting brotherhood of all mankind ! All humans are now divinely beloved sons of God ! Love and serve all humans as God so wills !

    We BTR co-hosts all are sincerely dedicated to Unity not Uniformity. Our Progressive nature leads us to Unify on spiritual Values and shared Goals, and not only tolerate different beliefs or un-beliefs, but with free will dignity honor to be led in God's Spirit to treat them as the divinely beloved Children of God that they are !

    Truth-seekers and Truth-finders should find value in our shows and on my comprehensive website http://www.purechristians.org/  (or, same website)  http://www.ledbyjesus.org

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    "T h e F a r m " continued with Dr. Ridgely Mu'min Muhammad

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    Welcome to the Ministry of Agricultures'  "The Farm" Program! Your Host is Dr. Ridgely Muhammad. We are continuing his report, by popular demand. As farm manager with the responsibility for developing and maintaining a system of sustainable agriculture to provide wholesome, natural food to the members of society. We invite you to join us as he completes his report and listeners questions are answered and comments are heard. Saturday April 30, 2016 at 8:00p.m. EST. Enter the studio by dialing 347-945-5454, or the chat room is available at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/noimoa 

    To visit the farm go to www.noimoa.com for additional information about our community. Thanks to all our contributors we really appreciate your support. To let us know what you think about our show contact the program engineer, send email to im.tb.09122011@gmail.com. 

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    R.E.A.L.-Radio Established to Address Life:Cruz,Urple, Bae, Lewis3,and NFL Draft

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    Weekly, we hope that you join us for a spirited conversation about the week's hot topics. We'll engage in a round table debate, in addition to bringing in guests to help us better understand the matters at hand.  Join the conversation by calling 8186917348 or clicking on the link.

    Today, we'll discuss the hot topics of the week: If it's Saturday morning, we are keeping tit real.  Join us this week, as we discuss the after effects of the Purple One's death, Cruz picking a running mate, Beyonce's Lemonade, Ray Lewis III sexual assualt, the NFL draft, our continuing coverage of the Flint Water Crisis and more. .

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    Legal Education Provider LAWLINE FURTHERED Defrauds Faculty?

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    $118 million dollars are at stake in battle over whether Lawline Defrauded Faculty

    Has Lawline FurtherEd abandoned the law and crossed the line? $118 million dollars are at stake in battle over whether Lawline engaged in fraud, breach of contract, misappropriation of image and name, and gross misrepresentation of material facts concerning the intellectual property rights of attorneys who provided course content for the online legal community. 

    CEO David Schnurman once said FurtherEd is “Going After Professionals Who Have Money And A BIG Needs" and his business ia an alleged ‘leading provider of online continuing legal education.’  However, has anyone investigated how Lawline company has provided an alleged 2 million courses for online credits in all 50 states without compensating any of its faculty members for use of their image, name, likeness, and rights to their intellectual property?

    Did Michele Richman and David Schnurman knowingly and intentionally remove attorney faculty websites or authorize removeal to tamper with evidence?  Did they knowingly and intentionally hide faculty videos that were purportedly removed under an "unlisted" YouTube account for paid subscribers?


    Photos credits from Linkedin and LAInsider

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    The Great Deception: The Conspiracy For a Counter Revolution 2 of 10

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    Follow us @thecrusadersBS on Twitter

    email: info@crusadeagainstbs.com

    Crusade Against Bullshit is back!  Todd Farino & RC Rizza are continuing the fight against the world of bullshit.  We are back with a 10-part series on one of the greatest schemes ever purpatrated on the American people. "The Great Deception: The Conspiracy For a Counter Revolution" will tell the story of how Amdrican politcs and in fact the American people have been hijacked by a group of covert elitist men, who are fighting to be the kings again.  


    Our show platform is clear. To educate the masses of mis-guided people to what is really going on with their world and in their lives. Promote alternative journalism, expose the media bias, and hold all corupt politicians accountable, whether they be liberal or conservative.  Uphold the Libertarian platform by informing the public as to its content and existence.  To root out the evil in this world that manifests through corporate politics.  


    Lets have some fun!

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    The Knowledge Suite: Continuing The True Earthly King Of YisraEL

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    A program dedicated to THE MOST HIGH YHWH, HIS Son YisraEL, and to the nations of the earth that have decided to make YHWH the true and living CREATOR their choice.

    Shalom to all the listeners of the Words of THE TRUE AND LIVING MOST HIGH EL OF YisraEL YHWH is HIS GREAT AND MIGHTY NAME. We continue in proof of the truth about the man chosen by YHWH to be the Melek A YisraEL ( King Of YisraEL) for ever Dawid (David). We are going to prove this great fact and put a cap on any doubt what so ever. We give barach unto YHWH for this truth and pray that HE opens the understanding of you and your loved ones, and bless you in your understanding of HIS Word. Shalom!

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    Entrepreneurial Success - "Buying a Business" - Professor Joseph T. Geiger

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    Author of "Entrepreneurial Success: 101 Business Principles, The Road to the Top" Professor Geiger has over 50 years experience in the business world. Over his life time he has started 10 businesses, two of which predated his graduation from the School of Business at the University of Denver. After his second retirement Professor Geiger taught Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. In order to help people succeed in business Professor Geiger is now continuing to share his vast wealth of knowledge as a regular contributor on Jawanza4Life!!

    Tune in from 7-8pm est. Call in to speak with Professor Geiger at (347) 324-5727.