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    Israel & Iran's struggle over the killing of an Iranian general w/Hezbollah

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    Israel was apparently unaware an Iranian general was travelling in a Hezbollah convoy it targeted with an air strike in Syria on Sunday, killing the general as well as a senior Hezbollah commander.

    The claim – made by an unnamed senior Israeli security source in an interview with Reuters on Tuesday – came as Iran threatened to retaliate for the killing and amid growing concern about the security situation on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon and Syria.

    We had two guests listening live and one spoke toward the end.  Jon also talks about Fitness model, Greg Plitt Jr., who died while working out on train tracks in Los Angeles.

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    The Wake Up Mission Show With Host Chelene Nightingale & Guest Frosty Woolridge

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    Frosty Wooldridge writes five days a week for Before It's News. Read his articles under Immigration, Environment and Conservative op-eds. See Frosty's new book and speaking program How to Live a Life of Adventure.

    "Overpopulation in the United States will become THE single greatest issue facing Americans in the 21st century. We either solve it proactively or nature will solve it brutally for us via water shortages, energy crisis, air pollution, gridlock, species extinction and worse." - Frosty Wooldridge

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    Who are you to tell me?

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    Stephanie Speaks will discuss some topics that people have had way too much to say about this week! The first is the #HandsUpDon'tSpend & #Don'tSpendaDime. This was a social media movement that was born out of what is happening and Ferguson. I was doing my part by getting the word out since I am participating. Well as it circulated around some decided to be vocal about why they won't support. Like with anything it is to be expected but at least be on point or better yet no explanation is needed. I have family members who are shopping on today and i know of you will take a line out of the Color Purple nothing but death will keep me from it! The next one is about about the greed of Thanksgiving is the new Black Friday. The Customer Service Officer (aka CEO) of Macy's said that the customers wanted them to open on Thursday. I am still trying to figure out who did he talk to. If you can stop feeling the need you can stop the greed. Take the option away and people will follow suit! So who are you Mr. CEO to tell me an outright lie? The last one is about the whole Ferguson situation. I saw a convoy of trucks in another part of time with a spokesperson stating how he was not with the protestors or the looters. He was about peace. I was looking at him thinking with everything that has gone did he really need to part of that image? I am not in support of the rioters nor the looters but there has to be change in Ferguson. I am still appalled at the internet trolls who hid behind a keyboard to say hateful things directed at the family of Michael Brown? I ask who are you? To the supporters of Darren Wilson I ask who are you? If you cannot step outside of the yourself and see the bigger picture here then there is nothing left to be said. To some in the media who needs to take a seat I ask who are you? I will give the answer at the close of my show.

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    The Wake Up Mission Show With Linda Gilstrap & Special Guest Annise Mabry

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    Annise has a PHD in Education,is a Police Academy Graduate.She is the first African American Female Dean of Graduate Studies.

    She is also the Foudner and Executive Producer of The Back2Us Radio Network.

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    Exclusive Interview w/ Dan Magnum

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    Co-host Matthew Grant sits down with former Fringe Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion Dan Magnum to talk about plenty including his recent alliance with Jeff Goodridge & finally getting rid of Rhys Greenaway as a tag team partner, training at Battle Arts Academy & some of the events that go on there, being apart of one of the most prominent stables in the history of Ontario indy wrestling in 'The Convoy', getting to work with Brodie Lee in Alpha-1 before him getting signed to WWE, memorable matches, his future & much more!

    @DanMagnum @WeeklyWPodcast

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    The island of Crete was the location of one of the first major cultures that grew to significance about 4000 years ago. We know that culture as the Minoans.  Along with giving us the day off,  Minoa may also be able to give Freemasons answers to the nature and future of the culture of freemasonry and how it will evolve. 

    In exchange for giving us metals and materials, the earth extracts a price. We call it pollution.

    The world of freemasonry is different today than it was in the beginning. We often can't determine specific points in time but we have context that gives us reliable guesses. Our history was less 'Big Bang' and more molecular. What we know today as the practice of freemasonry came about gradually over time, influenced by social change, invention, history and evolution of science and ideas but always changing. Freemasonry did not absorb every idea, nor reduce every question into useful information.  Some of us realize to inject the Craft with a sense that what has been gained, we must realize it is still growing, influenced by the flotsam and jettsom hitting the shores of freemasonry.  Yet despite that there are freemasons convinced shrinking membership is a sign of risk.

    There are some who even trifle out of a belief freemasonry is the Constitution.  I always thought Freemasonry is a bundle of ideas with a dilettante soul. That part doesn't need protection but we apprentices do.  We need organization. We need the validation of constituion. We need exposure to scholarship.

    So is freemasonry elemental or not? If we could advertise intelligence we could give away freemasonry gratis. Me? I know freemasonry is about ability, effort and maturity.




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    Saturday High Noon

    in Politics

    The latest "Friday Drivetime" (Aug. 15 2014) from Bristol UK Broadband Cooperative BCfm award winning community radio. Production Notes: I will be fading out portions of the first hour and reading some local news notes and updating on the civil unrest surrounding the police killing of Michael Brown, #Ferguson, MO. See Fightin' Cock Flyer for more.  Program Summary: Investigative reports: Ukraine Psychological Warfare latest - . Ukraine: Russian aid convoy stopped at the border, claims this is a cover for troops to enter the country; supplying of weapons; NATO and president Poroshenko accuse Russians of sending an armoured column over the border but it never happened; about 2200 civilian casualties in Eastern Ukraine – same in Gaza; Malaysian press saying Kiev government responsible for downed MH17 airliner – Kiev security confiscated the crucial air traffic control tapes; fake pictures posted on social media as if they were published by the other side, to discredit the seperatists; Gladio style false flag operations. New interview with Snowden by James Bamford who wrote 'The Puzzle Palace' – about an NSA bot called 'MonsterMind' that starts cyberwars on it's own. David Powell from South West Friends of the Earth discusses: solar panels; nuclear energy and weapons; 'economic growth at all costs', government policy, consumption and resources; fracking and 'the most misleading poll ever' by UK Oil & Gas. solar farms - UK nuclear power latest - fraudulent fracking surveys - Siemens secretly manufacturing and storing human Microchips: William Pawelec former director of Systems Group of Colorado on microchip technology how Siemens infiltrated government and defense business meetings and possibly stole the technology.

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    Modern Militia reason why -Border Convoy

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    Militia Escorts Murrietta citizens protestors to the southern border region of Arizona and Texas hear what occurred from the Calif State Commander to gain an understanding that there is a real war on the border and understand America is under a foreign invasion also hear the description of the Fema Consentration camp staffed and fully operational in Eloy Arizona this not a conspiracy hear the actual proof. Also hear about how Colonel Hunt recieved a report of germans training in the United States from a local in Las Crusas. Also hear about how the United States of America is now United State of Americas Security Coop under North American Union


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    2PM/UVOH- Seek Him; 3PM/PCCNA Alive!- Convoy of Hope

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    (2PM) United Voices of Hope on BOCI Talk Radio hosted by Pastor B. W. Burnett with Co-Host, Pastor's Wife; Clarice Burnett.  Pastor Burnett is Pastor of Renewed Hope in Christ Ministries In Memphis TN.   #voicesofhope #renewinghope #togetherstrong

    TOPIC:  If We Seek God With Our Whole Heart; We Will Find Him

    (3PM) PCCNA Alive! with host Aaron and Patricia Campbell who pastor Rising Sun Outreach Ministries in Memphis TN. They also lead the local chapter of the Pentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America, the most active PCCNA group nationwide. 

    GUEST:  Cheryl Bone is heading the Midsouth Convoy of Hope, a national outreach to provide not only food but hope for those in need.

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    The Signalis Show-Gov. Perry takes bold step

    in Politics Conservative

    Conservative talk on the news and current events of the day.

    Communications information for the militia and general audience

    First hour:

    Texas Governor Rick Perry makes bold move and orders 1000 Texas National Guardsmen to border in defiance of Obama and the federal government.Americans nationwide applaud his decision to act when the federal government obviously will not act. Will this be effective? Will Obama lash back? Will DOJ try and interfere?

    Last hour:

    The most common HF radio: the CB radio. This well known radio is a very effective communications tool if used correctly.

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    Hello and Welcome;

    Tonights show Dr. Noel Melton will continue from last weeks show..Part One (1).." The Beginning "...this show Part Two (2)..will pick up where we left off, if any one needs a review of part one (1) check our archives for that show or on our web site radio player. Facts of how this world will be converted over from its normal habits, its safety, laws, constituion(s), Governent(s), human rights, freedoms, Gods law, ect that runs in what once was a "FREE Country or Nation" to a set order of one mind, one hope, one dream, a "NEW WORLD ORDER". All has heard and know of the " NWO" in its form of human thoughts or therories ... but the Fact is just the tip of what is NOT known  or thought of. Ways and means of controlling the minds of even the most "HIGH" and the "MOST &  INTELIGENT", pointed out in scripture. A full WAKE is on the WAY NOW...a title WAVE that will wash away the real "HOPES and DREAMS" of a PEACEFUL , LOVING WORLD...PARADISE LOST in the REAL TERMS; listen in to get a NEW look at what is happenng now, is it the set up...? The Mind washing of the worlds people...? , even the  most "HIGH"..? Tune in , find out the REAL DEAL of how this will happen, how indeed...INDEED people will fall for the lies as we are seeing now, fall into Evil with out knowing of its forms of GREAT CHANGE...Lost hopes and dreams of a NEW WORLD, one that is far wrose than the ONE WE HAD...can we return or is all LOST...? Tune in and you  may find out :

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