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    Jedi Realist Radio Presents The Jedi Realist Mindset

    in Spirituality

    9/28/14 7:00PM Central Time


    Join us for our series of Jedi Realism, a real look of the path we walk. This series is dedicated to talking directly about Jedi Realism as a practical path and daily life. The goal is to educate those who do not know about Jedi Realism and to motivate the keyboard masters to get dedicated to the path they claim is their own.


    On a personal note I have been looking forward to this series for a while now and I have been looking for the right time to release it. I know that this series may make some feel uncomfortable however after recent discussions on Facebook groups and forums it is a series that needs to happen.


    This week’s episode will be about the Mindset of a true Jedi Realist.


    One voice does make a difference

    MJ Hannigan

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    Jedi Realist Radio Presents The Heros Journey Part 2 Initation

    in Spirituality

    9/7/14 10:00 Central Time

    On this weeks episode of Jedi Realist Radio presents we will be discussing the Next part of the Hero's Journey. On this Episode we will talk about friends, foes, allies and facing the trials of our lives, as well as a few other factors that come into play as it pertains to our Journeys.  I hope that you all find this episode rewarding and I am looking forward to seeing the episode feedback.

    1. The Road of Trials

    2.The Meeting with the Goddess

    3. Woman as the Temptres

    4. Attonement with the Father

    5. Apotheosis

             6. The Ultimate Boon

    Love and Light

    MJ Hannigan


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    Reflections: Codes of the Jedi Responsibility Honor Jedi Council

    in Spirituality

    12/10/14 4:00PM Central Time

    Now I will admit that not all of you are jedi or wish to be jedi however do not allow the title to this episode to fool you. This episode is not just a Jedi Realist episode it is like all reflections episodes for everyone. This episode at its core is about submitting to the will of those above you to achieve your mission regardless if you agree with the wisdom of those individuals or not. This episode is about respecting the chain of command of those above you and working within the system to achieve the goals of your organization.

    love and light

    MJ Hannigan




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    Reflections: Codes of the Jedi Responsibility Honor the Jedi Order

    in Spirituality

    12/12/14 2:00PM Central Time

    We all have orders we belong to however the term may not be used. A order could be your school, groups or even your workplace. We need to respect the order or orders we belong to and show the members or our orders as well as the orders themselves all due respect. There is nothing worse then a member of a school or workplace who delights in trashing their school, employer or coworkers for anyone who has ears to hear or eyes to read. If you can not respect the group you belong to leave it and find one that you can respect.

    Love and Light

    MJ Hannigan



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    "FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Other Black Leaders" - Only the Realist Feel This!

    in Lifestyle

    ***Call in 347-633-9516***

    or log on to listen


    Is what's not being said the reason why nothing's getting done? How far will they go to censor and silence us.. Tune in with Daphne's Dose for Dynamic Discussion on STR8UP REAL TALK RADIO! Joining me will be John Potash, author of "The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Other Black Leaders", Chairman Fred Hampton Jr of the POCC, and Rabb Luv, Co-founder of The Mighty Guerilla Republikk.

    Real People! Real Issues! Real Talk!


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    Brad Trun - Libertarian Realist

    in History

    On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Brad Trun, author of the Libertarian Realist blog. Brad and I will be discussing a variety of subjects, particularly his article entitled An Open Letter to a Person of Privilege.

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    Jedi Realist Radio Presents "The Hero's Journey" part 1

    in Spirituality

    8/31/2014 10:00am The Heros Journey part 1

    What is the Hero's Journey? How can understanding this Journey help one to better understand themselves, the world around them, and their purpose in this life. The Hero's Journey is as difficult as it is rewarding. Anyone can walk this path but only few will accept it and have the strength of will to follow through with it.

    On todays episode will will be discussing

    1. The ordinary world

    2. The Call to Adventure

    3. Refusal of the Call.

    4. Supernatural Aid

    5, Crossing the Threshold

    6. Belly of the Whale

    Please follow Jedi Realist Radio on facebook and feel free to send any questions or comments to our email.

    Love and Light

    MJ Hannigan




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    The Blue Way Talk Show with Duane Bluestein

    in Entertainment

    The Blue Way Talk Show coming live from Lovesmackstudio.com in Tucson, Arizona.  This week we're on the road.  Join our host Duane Bluestein with his new cast Dr. Kim and Jasmine Jenkins Downing. We're on the Road to 777, and we're bringing all the action straight to you.  The show is broadcast live on spreecast for our live viewing audience and blogtalkradio to our listeners.  During the show you can tweet on spreecast to get interactive with our host and his casts.

    Don't miss the realist reality show filmed live in Arizona. To listen in at show time, simply click the photo.  To view us on spreecast you must register with spreecast.

    The Blue Way Talk Show

    Duane Bluestein


    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (MST)

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    #BUR #GMG 


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    SWAG Presents: Don't Tell Daddy with Jai Amor

    in Books

    Tonight is this night that we get down and dirty with an erotic title, 'Don't Tell Daddy.' Jai Amor will be sharing her journey as an author as well as an exclusive excerpt reading from her novel, Don't Tell Daddy. 

    Jai Amor is a young novelist, blogger, and columnist from Detroit, Michigan who knows a thing or two about love. She has helped those around her navigate through healthy relationships through her advice and sense of empathy. 

    She is a romantic at heart who doesn't write perfect love, but rather writes real love. Her lovers won't always like each other and be happy every second of every minute, but they will always realize what they have. Their road to love will never be easy.

    Her female characters are always strong; maybe not starting out, but they do get there. She believes in the brand of feminism that treats both genders equally and that every woman has her own form of strength. 

    There are different types of men in the world and she believes more than a few have their genuine good intentions. 

    Romance doesn't have to be mushy, perfect, nor ideal to others' standards. That is her brand of romantic literature. 

    Jai is an attentive listener and is surrounded by relationships, couples, and love on a daily basis. Half-romantic and half-realist, she sees love and relationships in a different way than a lot of her peers and adds her own unique spin on the subject.

    Jai’s greatest joy in life is watching and being a part of healthy, happy, and fulfilling romantic and platonic relationships alike. 


    You can reach Jai Amor at https://www.facebook.com/jaiamoronline?ref=hl 

    On Twitter and Instagram @loveisjai


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    Reflections: Codes of the Jedi Responsibility Honor Your Padawan

    in Spirituality

    Honor Your Padawan

    11/19/14 10:00 central time

    A Padawan in Jedi Realism simply means ones student. In Jedi Realism as well as in life it is a huge responsibility to take on a student. As teachers we need to guide and direct our students with our words but more importantly with our actions. We must remember that the line between personal and profession may at times be blurred and that our actions are always open to our students. We must remember that in truth we are always under the spotlight and that our student pays more attention to our actions then they do our words.

    I hope that you find this  episode of reflections rewarding and enlightening and please be sure to like us on facebook and feel free to send me a message about this episode or any other episode you have found rewarding.

    Love and Light

    MJ Hannigan



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