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    #GOP2016: Cruzing To Victory with Economy, Freedom & Security

    in Politics Conservative

    Patrick Read gives a 2016 GOP Primary Detail. Four states down with many more left to go, so why is the mainstream media trying to convince people that it's already over? NH votes DEM in the general. SC is an open primary with DEMS voting Trump & RINOS throwing all in on Rubio, who LOST. NV is the home of Harry Reid, and typically votes DEM too. Super Tuesday and the midwest are going to decide the 2016 election, not the east coast & north.

    Genie Gas & Oil? Rupert Murdoch's on the board & wants US military engaged in Syria for their natural gas. Rubio & Trump would both send our troops instead of developing our own energy. As Rubio ditches CR & CPAC.

    Just more of the same. Cruz wants to produce domestic energy.

    Now Cruz must fight to win. Genl Boykin for Cruz

    Truth about JFK: Oswald Killed Him

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    Conservative Report Radio, Tuesday: Wayne Dupree

    in Politics Conservative

    Join Wayne Dupree of NewsNinja2012.com on Conservative Report Radio every Tuesday night from 6-8pm ET. 
    Call in and chat about the latest news, or just sit back and listen-in as Wayne interviews big names on imporant issues with impact. 
    This weeks guess include candidates for Congress Dan Bongino of Maryland, Senate Candidate John Raese and Secretary of State Candidate Brian Savilla  of West Virginia with additional call-ins from Michael Ohanian of Loudmouth Elephant and Darryl Pettit of Tea Party Patriots. We also have someone from the swing state of Virginia to give us the pulse of Virginia and what we can expect next week!
    If you can't make the show, send an email to newsninja2012 and if time permits we might be able to read it on the show.
    CYA There!!

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    #GOP2016: The Common Defense & Domestic Energy Production

    in Elections

    Join Conservative Report Radio tonight with Pat Read and Keith Rogers as the co-host detail the vitality of foreign policy in the 2016 primary, and how crucial it is to stop relying on foreign oil, and instead rely on American energy production.

    Tonights Articles are:

    Foreign Policy, Benghazi: Rick Perry Stands with Ted Cruz

    Cruz Wins NYgop and SCgop Boos Trump: Domestic Energy Production

    Supporting artilces

    Nuke, Bio, Chem: Iraq's History of WMD and Link to Al Qaeda

    Boykin: Allies and Kurds Can Crush Radical Islamic Terrorism

    Cruz Fights Obama: ISIS Refugee Crisis

    Restoring our Republic: COTUS & Referendums

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    Tha Madd4 Rap Report....Special Guest Artist "Mad Max Julian"

    in Hip Hop Music

    DISCUSSIONS ON HIP-HOP,SPORTS,POLITICS WITH DIE4 RADIO'S OWN MADD PHOUR. Guest Call In(845) 241-9994 Press "1" To Speak With Host.ha Madd4 Rap Report Is a Program Were I Discuss Current News In The World of Hip-Hop,Sports and Politics and Also Playing The Best In Hip-Hop Music. We Also Have Live Call In's From The Listeners. Tha Madd4 Rap Report Is Presented By Die4 Productions And Is Affilated With Die4 Radio. Check Out The Website www.die4productions.com For Everything Die4 Related.Follow Us on Twitter @Thamadd4rap @MaddPhour @DiarLansky

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    Conservative Refuge Radio 5-4-2016

    in Politics Conservative

      On tonight's show:

    Some thoughts the future of the consevative movement and how the Conservative Refuge will be just that during the long soul crushing Presidential campaign to come.
    Some good news on how Governor Hogan is implementing conservative principles to improve our state's economy.
    A pro-life update as Wesley J.  Smith notes the CDC's shocking report on the increase in suicides over the last fifteen years and the role suicide advocates have.
    A great "Get Off My Lawm" as I share a piece from Arizona on how the privileged class known as cyclists is ruining life for the average taxpayer in that part of the country.  You won't want to miss this.

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    The DaMMAge Report LIVE Radio Episode 31

    in MMA

    The DaMMAge Report LIVE Radio Episode 31

    Today U.K. Bantamweight Laura Howarth talks about her upcoming pro debut with Invicta Fighting Championships at #InvictaFC17 on May 7th in Costa Mesa, CA

    The DaMMAge Report - often imitated, never duplicated - accept no substitutes!

    Laura's Links:



    The DaMMAge Report on Facebook, BlogTalkRadio, Stitcher Radio App, & the Tuned In App:





    Jeff's Blog:


    Jeff's links:



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    The PAW Report (Episode 4)

    in Hobbies

    WICKED #9 fall out, and a discussion going into WICKED#10.  Anouncements regarding WICKED: Heat Stroke, and more.  Special Guest: Nate (Alex Cross)

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    The National Sports Report ( Social Media)

    in Football

    NSR Sports Radio provides a new and fresh, interactive online radio experience to the listeners. Join your host Coach P as we tackle the trending topics in football from youth to the pros. This week we talk Social Media.  Don’t be the next victim


    Special guest appearing Via the Life by Wisdom Hotline include:

    Former Pro / College John Fonts 

    Pro - Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, WFL & Arena

    College-LSU, Oregon State, Miami & UCF


    The Baller Spotlight returns with:

     Caleb Deveaux  

    Marvin Ridge HS, NC - 10th - RB/LB


    The Sports mom on the go segment of our show will feature trending topics in youth sports from the perspective of the Sports Mom, and let’s face it; the sports mom is the real back bone of the game!!!

    Ask the Duck with Coach David the Duck Riley (Speaker coordinator for the Glazier Clinic and founder of the unsigned senior showcase)

    How much time should your kid invest in practice?

    Former NFL Quarterback Akili Smith and Coach Robby Preston round out the crew in the Air it out Segment.  This brings “Real Sports Talk” to the listeners from the perspective of guys that have coached and played at every level. For more information visit www.nsrfootball.com

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    Grassfire Report - US Rep. Dennis Ross

    in Politics Conservative

    U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross joins the Grassfire Report to talk about the IRS cheif accepting the fact that ileagal aliens are using stolen SSN to obtain employment. 

    We will touch on the current primary process and what might happen at the Republican convention. 

    We will talk about why he thinks that there is so much dissatisfaction with Republicans by Republicans.

    Be sure to tune into a great show today with our special guest from the 15th congressional district of Floridat Rep. Dennis Ross.

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    Conservative Cauldron Radio

    in Politics Conservative

    Join me your host Becky Noble as we wrap up and discuss all of the most important stories of the week. We talk about the events that effect your life. We will take a look at the state of the American culture. And, as always, a whole lot more. It's gonna be a blast! Don't miss it!

    Fridays at 11:00am CDT on BlogTalkRadio.com

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    VoyseSports Radio

    in Football

    Voicesports Radio hosted by Wayne “The Voice” Matthews – This Podcast will feature the best of the DMV and beyond.  Wayne “the Voice’ Mathews is the voice of youth sports in the DMV and will soon be the premier name in youth sports broadcasting.

    The Show Format will be as follows:

    8:00 Intro & Greeting w/ Bailey Coach Calvin Montgomery Sr

    8:05 Coach William Weathers & Coach Cal continued til segment ends.

    8:10 Devin "The Grinch" Grinnage

    8:20 "2Fly" Kearney & Ma D'Alaque

    8:30 Stone Cold Austin Smith & Parents

    8:40 The Thunder RunDown 8:45 Bailey's Crossroads

    8:50 VOYCEmail featuring: Kevin Ford The Outlaws Chuck Gaines The SilverBacks

    8:58 VOYCEjam of the Week: The Internet - Special Affair