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    Unity 2020! The Third Great Synthesis: Connie B. Marlow and Andrew C. Bailey

    in Religion

    Andrew Cameron Bailey and Connie Baxter Marlow, visionary authors, filmmakers and futuristsare calling for UNITY 2020! The Third Great Synthesis. http://bit.ly/Unity2020SynthesisVR2

     An extraordinary exception to the human condition unfolded when the visionary leaders of two radically different cultures met and worked together to maintain an inter-cultural exchange that became the "First Great Synthesis” between Europeans and American Indians during the first fifty-four years at Plymouth Plantation. This melding gave birth to American democracy and to the American mind and spirit. The "Second Great Synthesis” occurred when aspects of The Great Law of the Iroquois were integrated into the United States Constitution in 1787. A third synthesis is possible as our cultures come together again to realize the great promise America made to the world in its freedom documents The Mayflower Compact, The Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution. Go to www.First50Years.us for more information.

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    Two Top Tips for Hiring Better Sales Reps

    in Business

    Max Cates, author of Seven Steps to Success for Sales Managers, will share his experience and expertise on recruiting, selecting and onboarding sales reps.

    Max received a Bachelor of Science from Missouri State University and a Master of Arts from the University of Missouri School of Journalism.  He began his professional career with United Telecommunications as an Advertising Coordinator.  After three years, he joined AT&T and served for 10 years in progressively responsible corporate leadership positions.

    Cates' next leadership position was with Associated Electric Cooperative, a $2 billion electric power utility.  After two promotions there, he became the youngest Division Director in its history, reporting to the CEO.  His responsibilities included leading marketing and advertising operations as well as directing consumer sales strategy.

    After 11 years with Associated, he returned to AT&T and enjoyed an award-winning career with AT&T.  He also served as a sales management professor at Webster University.

    Purchase his book at the link below:


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    How a Nitty Gritty Sales Guy Makes Cold Calls

    in Business

    Michael Carmine is a Client Engagement Manager in the healthcare insurance sector shares to make cold calls.

    Some selected highlights:

    Management experience 5+ years - Relationalship cultivation with clients including meeting face-to-face - Well versed in growing customer base up to 15% - maximizing sales 14% within a one year period to 33% across three and a half years - Enhanced sales team performance 15% via training in collection techniques and administrative reporting requirements - Obtained the "District of the Year" on multiple occasions and in connection with other team members while at SYSCO Foodservices Company.


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    Spiritual Mysteries of Life, The Mystic's Heart, and Soul Sessions

    in Spirituality

    April 26, 2016

    Please view our Disclaimer for our radio programming.

    Spiritual Mysteries of Life @ 9:30 AM EST

    Star Nations Radio Network is honored to invite you to spend time each month in sacred space with spiritual teacher and lecturer, Constance Scherer-Vawter. From angels and saints, to prayer and meditation, Connie presents common sense advice about walking in balance between the physical and non-physical world. This is a monthly show that you simply won’t want to miss.

    The Mystic’s Heart with Denise Iwaniw @ 10 AM EST

    Join Denise Iwaniw, author of The Mystic Angels and The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Empower Deck for another edition of The Mystic's Heart Show.  This 90 minute show is dedicated to the mystery teachings of the Ancients and the Angelics alike. Denise will spend a portion pulling Empowerment cards for listeners, the broader audience and chat room chatters.  Join Denise for 90 minutes of joyful insights and empowerment!

    Soul Sessions with Sandra Harrick @ 11:30 AM EST

    Soul Sessions is an opportunity to explore personal issues for soulful insights, inspiration and clarity.  Energy when seen with mystical eyes allows you to understand and unravel what has been blinded by life's path being overgrown by Karma, complicated by family of origin dynamic, negativity or just plain confusion.  Soul Sessions offer new light, fresh air and movement into your authentic self.   Choose to be alive in your life.


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    Warrior Survivor & so much more - Constance Fodor

    in Motivation

    Connie says, "I was in and out of the system as a child, a runaway multiple times beginning at age 5,  lived in 13 foster homes and two shelters, abused and neglected by my mother and abandoned by my father at age 2. Arrested for shop lifting and trying drugs at age 11, breaking into homes to find food and  finding a place where I fit in was my life and the hopes of it getting any better seemed grim…until I met Jesus for the first time at age 12. It wasn’t until at the age of 15, when moving to Alabama, that I began my new journey of a new life with Christ.  Jesus blessed me with my first Christian family to move in with and it was then that I truly started on my path to healing, new beginnings full of hope and purpose.   At age 23 I was called to work and live at a long term shelter for battered woman and abused children.  After being at the shelter for 5 years, God moved upon my heart to adopt a 3yr old little boy as a single mother. I started on a new journey as a single mom for the next 17yrs.  This little boy I’m speaking of is now 20 today and has recently moved out on his own as an adult.  God has indeed blessed my life so.   I’ve been privileged and honored to have worked at the WellHouse as a house mentor to woman rescued from human trafficking, to speaking once a week to teenager girls in juvenile detention centers to even back at the same domestic violence shelter 15yrs later part-time assisting with their children.  My life started out wrecked, broken and I was a statistic, but God had a plan and knew me when I was in my mother’s womb.  Praise Jesus for salvation, new beginnings and a life full of hope and purpose." 

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    January Jones-Payson Book Festival-Connie Cockrell

    in Books

    Author Connie Cockrell visits with January promoting the Payson, Arizona Book Festival on June 23, 2016. This event will feature 70 authors with a day long writing adventure.

    "Connie Cockrell began writing in response to a challenge from her daughter in October 2011 and has been hooked ever since. Her books run the gamut from SciFi and Fantasy to Contemporary to Halloween and Christmas stories. s.



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    Aliens Among Us with Author Barry Strohm

    in Paranormal

    Author Barry Strohm lives in Park City, Utah with his wife Connie. He is currently the owner of Golden Lane Antique Gallery in New Oxford, PA, which is one of the most haunted structures in the Country. The gift of spirit communication allows the author to contact the spirit of deceased aliens and obtain information.

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    Author Connie Johnson Discusses The Lives of Women With HIV

    in Women

    Sex shouldn't be fatal, but for women living with HIV, unless they are given access to treatment, sex with an infected partner could very well be a death sentence. Author Connie Johnson, who spent some time in Kenya, got the opportunity to take a close look at the dynamics of sexually transmitted diseases, how society responds to those who have them, and whether guilt and shame prevent those who could be healed from seeking and receiving treatment.  African American women are the fastest growing population diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in the U.S., and the new cases that pop up on college campuses is alarming. We need a different kind of sexual revolution, above and beyond simply pushing condoms.  How do we address, treat, heal, and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, particularly among women who are reluctant to talk about it?  Connie Johnson shares her thoughts from her book "Beyond Measure."

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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes WEEKEND EDITION with Author Connie C Wilson (PVA)

    in Entertainment

    Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Cornwell Jordan one of your hosts. My co-host Jamie White is also joining me, and tonight we have the opportinity to chat with Author Connie Corcoran Wilson! (Premier Virtual Author  Book Tour)

    About The Author: Connie Corcoran Wilson is the award winning author of ‘The Color Of Evil’ series and the ‘Hellfire and Damnation’ Series. Book 3, ‘Khaki=Killer’ was named one of the Top Indie Thrillers of 2015 in the Dec./Jan. issue of Shelf Unboundmagazine from among 12,000+ entries and one of her children’s books was named one of the Best  Books of 2014 by the Chicago Writers’ Association, while the Chicago chapter of the Illinois Press Women named Wilson their Silver Feather winner in 2012 and 2014.

    Contact:  https://www.facebook.com/connie.c.wilson?fref=ts  




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    Talk Worthy Radio

    in Entertainment

    A show centered around artists and things they overcame to find success. Interview with poets Tyrone Mobley and Charles Smooth Williams, and gospel singer Connie Harvey. Talk Worthy Radio host Janice Marie Singleton the New York based actress is absent tonight and will be replaced by network host Charles Gentry.

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    In the Arms of the Angels with Connie McNeil, Tue, April 5, 8pm EST

    in Spirituality

    In the Arms of the Angels with Connie McNeil, PhD

    Tues 8:00 PM EST, Next show April 5

    This hour long show is an invitation to stop and reflect on the angelic presence that surrounds us. I am a licensed clinical psychologist using spiritual insight to ease daily struggles and bring clarity to life decisions. The angels love us! Are readily available to us! Want to be involved in our lives! 

    This show will demystify the angels. Who they are, how they communicate with us, how they offer guidance and support. 

    In the second half of the hour, you are invited to call to receive an angel card reading.  Please join me for an informative and inspirational time In the Arms of the Angels.

    Website www.DrConnieSays.com