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    The Sweet Spot - A sense of Connection

    in Business

    You can show someone a picture of food, but that will not feed them. You can feed someone, but that does not mean they are nourished.

    Working for an alluring salary, ample benefits and fancy title are not enough any longer. So many people in the workspace feel disconnected; from life, themselves, their colleagues, and mostly from the organization and leadership. Yet, there is a huge, unrealistic expectation on them to engage, contribute and participate fully in realizing visions, strategies and goals of the group or organization. Disconnect equals discontent, and many dis-type words. Dis-type words do not serve healthy relations or subsequent actions and interactions. Dissonance is not the playground for success, abundance and well-being,

    Connectedness and relationships are different aspects of human life and human engagement. Connectedness directly impacts relationships; it is impossible to have a meaningful, harmonious, joyful, honest and mutually beneficial relationship if you do not feel connected. This will determine how you feel about your environment and the people around you; it directly influences your ability to contribute and participate in life.

    We are becoming more and more aware of the importance of connectedness. To understand this connectedness on a deeper level, there are two complimentary, opposite forces that are necessary for harmonious, synergistic, co-creative and abundant relationships. The leader becomes the conductor of these forces to allow for a magnificent symphony to be played between his/her people which will result in wellbeing and abundance for all involved.

    We will explore these two primal forces and how they impact not only our outcomes, but more importantly the experience of all involved. This enriched experience, full of possibilities, naturally results in a sense of connectedness and meaning; which in turn fuels spontaneous participation and profuse contributions.

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    Love Readings W/ SPECIAL GUEST Spiritual Advisor/Oracle Diyah

    in Romance

    "Nothing is ever happenstance and this life was brought to me because we asked for each other."   Diyah is a wife , mother, and author, the owner and creator of Ori's Oasis and OrisOasis.com. For over twelve years, she has done Astrology readings, channeling, oracle readings, as well as being  mentoring others. 

    Feeling meaningfully connected to relationships, family, community, and whatever scenario sustains you – as countless contemporary research studies in psychology, education and other related fields have shown – is an effective antidote to those feelings of alienation and pointlessness which our materialist culture seems to be amplifying rather than reducing.

    Astrology readings, done with compassion, skill, sensitivity and professionalism are one way of contributing to promoting a sense of connectedness. CAN YOU FIND Love?? 

    Visit Diyah: www.orisoasis.com

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    in Radio

    This Show is strictly for the Listeners who want Real Dialogue,Important Topix mixed along with great Music.

    This show will be discussing the way to find the awakened life. is it possible?, what is it?,how can we achieve a higher level of awakening when the world is designed to keep us from this?,what are the benefits and possibilities?,can we step out of the conditioning and programming that society has molded?,are we able to see our vulnerabilitys and the foolish ideologies that we have accepted truths,is it too late for humanity to reach that higher level of civilization?,,,,lets talk about it ,allow me to give u the universal greetings of "PEACE" welcome to another edition of "FMWLIVE IN THE STUDIO"

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    The Unfolding of the seasons and Solstice with Oriah Mountain Dreamer

    in Spirituality

    Oriah Mountain Dreamer, a soul who speaks to all of us through the voice of compassionate sage.

    Her connection to all life of love reminds us of our innate connectivity to source, soul, self....

    Let's talk with Oriah about the shifting of seasons and how solstice affects us all...

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    Kim with Late Nite TUNZ 4 Youz 4 Da Holly Days :)

    in Indie Music

    If you like music, consider it theuraputic, and feel like kicking back after Kevin's regular Friday show, then join me for this Special Edition (previously unannounced) Jam. I'll be mixing holiday tunes with my Fab regular playlist and maybe even taking some of your calls. Holidays can bring joy or a feeling of isolation. Tonight we can step out, and know we aren't alone.

    This show will make great background music at the least, and a fun surprise of healing at the best. Let's party!

    Be sure to check out www.survivorid.org for a safer New Year for you or a loved one.

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    in Education


    One of our guests is  Australian and the other is also calling in from a place where they talk funny, Long Island. GET THE KIDS TOTALLY INVOLVED AND ENGAGED . Guests on connectedness for all  are Phil Stubbs of Verso Learning and Tom Whitby, ed tech author and blogger

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    Reboot Your Relationship with Joe Whitcomb

    in Self Help

    How would you like to understand relationships with your family, the opposite sex and everyone else; solve its mysteries, challenges and conflicts to have a meaningful one?

    Joe Whitcomb, CEO of The Relationship Society, and co-author of Reboot Your Relationship: Restoring Love Through Real Communication in a Disconnected World brings more than 20 years of relevant experience to his work as a relationship coach and therapist. With a focus on helping couples connect and communicate at deeper level he provides proprietary tools for putting the fun and excitement back into relationships as the creator of The Relationship Society, a progressive community designed to address the loss of social capital and relational connectedness in today’s society. As a safe space for successful individuals to find relationship strategies and resources, The Relationship Society is a premier collective of subject matter experts and thought leaders assisting members with their personal and relational growth. 

    Joe Whitcomb earned a B.S. in Psychology with an emphasis in Neuroscience and BS in Organizational Management from the University of Maryland College Park. He holds a M.A. in Clinical Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy and Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University and a Doctoral Candidate in Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Joe is also a  member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, International Honor Society of Psychology (Psi Chi), and licensed as a marriage and family therapist in California.

    To contact Joe Whitcomb visit: www.relationshipsociety.com

    Learn more about your hosts in Coach Cafe':

    Estra Roell: www.americaslifepurposecoach.com

    Kathleen Martin: www.kathleenmartincoaching.com


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    Staying Spiritually Connected While Navigating The Hostile Environments!

    in Spirituality

    LanceScurv delves into the topic of what spiritual connectedness truly is and how possessing it can impact ones life on a day to day basis in common scenarios that we often overlook.

    We live in a world where we must wrestle with entities that we not only can see, but many that we can't.

    While many will readily proclaim our believe in God we will shy away from admitting that there is another real side to the same spiritual coin.

    Many are in total denial of that other side which started when Satan was banished from Heaven and was followed by one third of Heaven's angels who then became demons.

    Lance feels that most houses of worship do not teach how to deal with the day to day attacks that come across our paths in a rapid fire succession leaving us vulnerable and at the mercy of a force that we should be equipped through proper instruction to conquer.

    Enjoy this non-directional and oftentimes amusing rant that is very thought provoking to say the least.

    Please leave your thoughts, perspectives and comments below to continue the dialogue.

    Thank you so much for listening and participating.

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    What have you RE Discovered?

    in Spirituality

    Throwing a Monkey Wrench into the plans of the New World Order through Information, Enlightenment and a linking back to WHO we truly ARE!

    Tonight, what have you RE Discovered in your life that brings you joy or grounding or a connectedness to yourself and the source?

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    Angel Healing House- The Power of a Healing Practitioner's Love and Faith

    in Spirituality

              In today's program, Claire Candy Hough and her angelic family, The Posse of Angels will share insights on the extraordinary connectedness of all things on the Planet and how along with all the treatments and latest technologies, it might just be the faith and love that a Healing Practitioner has for their clients that makes all the difference in their returning to physical and emotional health.

     Claire Candy Hough is a Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher, Angel Practitioner, international radio host on Angel Healing House Blog Talk Radio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/angel-healing-house,  Author of "Angels of Faith" http://www.angelhealinghouse.com/angels-of-faith-book/  and a Writer. She communicates directly with her angelic family, 'The Posse of Angels'. Through her international business Angel Healing House http://www.angelhealinghouse.com/  Claire Candy provides healing, empowerment and direction in a loving, honest and no-nonsense manner. Her clients receive very practical advice to positively and proactively transform their lives to peace, joy and self-love.

    Be Prepared to be Inspired, Enlightened and Uplifted!!!

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    If you give your burden to God then don't ask for it back

    in Culture

    I've done it! You've done it!  We all might do it again.......... question our spirituality.  Whether its at work, home, with friends, family, your spouse, or in relationships, we all need to find that inter-connectedness what will help us autopilot daily decisions and long term commetments.  I know its easier said than done to not worry about our burdens after prayer, but prayer takes dedication and patience and can only be exercised by your determination of your spirituality.

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