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    CONNECT! Legendary Service

    in Business

    Service is one of the most important elements of sales, and a crucial element to get connected with your buyers.

    Join us for an authors' round table with Vicki Halsey and Kathy Cuff, two of the co-authors of "Legendary Service," a new book put out by the Ken Blanchard team! Vicki and Kathy will discuss with show host Deb Calvert why service is so important, what the key to excellent service is, how to empower your teams with service, and how to serve both internal and external customers.

    CONNECT! Online Radio for Selling Professionals features the world's foremost authorities on selling every week. Tune in to master the art of selling so you can cut out continuances, put an end to pending and stop stalling out. This show was pre-recorded.

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    Five Key Considerations for Engaging to Connect

    in Internet

    Ken Freeman shares  Five Key Considerations for Engaging to Connect .   Every website owner should listen to this podcast to learn from a web design pro with over 550 websites created since 1997.

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    CONNECT! An Update from Deb Calvert

    in Business

    Your host and sales coach, Deb Calvert, gives listeners an update on what's been going on with CONNECT! Online Radio, and lays out a road map for upcoming shows and 2015.



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    Video Solutions for Engaging To Connect

    in Internet

    Last week I addressed how to use VIDEO to Engage & Connect.  This show will address practical solutions for creating that video for your website.  Learn about Testimonial videos, Profile or "about us" videos that can be written, shot and produced for far less than you can imagine. 
    Learn how to post powerfully engaging video on your webpage so mobile phones can view it.   
    Learn which tools are best for editing your video.
    Join us Monday's at 11:30 - Noon  (central standard time)  for our engaging discussions about how to engage your customers online.

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    CONNECT! Accomplish Your #1 Most Important Task

    in Business

    Do you feel overwhelmed by all the items that need your attention? Do you have a pile of work and a mile-long to-do list and just don’t know where to start? Are you so busy taking care of small tasks that the important work doesn’t get done and you lose sight of your goals?

    There's no doubt about it: sellers are busy people! But we've brought in time strategist Lisa Crilley Mallis to help you get it done, every day. In this interview with your host and sales coach Deb Calvert, you'll learn how to accomplish your #1 most important task each and every day. You can prioritize the important over the urgent and accomplish your goals.

    To get your toughest selling questions answered, send an email to deb.calvert@peoplefirstps.com before the show. Call in live, or send Deb a chat message, during the broadcast to get your question answered on air! And don't forget to download this show and others from the CONNECT! Online Radio archive for on-the-go training.

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    CONNECT! Working on Your Sales Performance

    in Business

    No, not that sales performance -- you and and your sales manager are undoutedly working on the numbers every single day.

    This is a radio show about working on your performance in selling. You know, the way you perform... the way you act. That's right! We'll be talkign about acting, and how you can use acting and performance skills to sell more effectively.

    Join us live as Julie Hansen, author of Act Like a Sales Professonal, shares tips and techniques for improving your demos and engaging your buyers in entertaining and highly compelling ways. Julie will teach listeners how to unleash their inner performers, become storytellers and banish mundane monologues from sales presentations.

    CONNECT! Online Radio for Sellng Professionals brings you the greatest minds in the sales industry to help you cut out continuances, put an end to pending and stop stalling out.

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    CONNECT! Has your Value Proposition Been Neutralized?

    in Business

    Too many sales organizations are very good at a game no longer being played. They have perfected the ability to consistently hit the target, but the target has changed. The Internet has essentially marginalized and neutralized their traditional value proposition.

    In this interview with Rick Farrell, president of Tangent KNowledge Systems, learn how to differentiate yourself, create brand equity, and truly understand if your customer has a motivating reason to buy.

    CONNECT! Online Radio for Professional Sellers strives to bring you guests each week with the expertise to help you cut out continuances, put an end to pending, and stop stalling out. To have your questions answered live on air, contact show host Deb Calvert before the broadcast via email at deb.calvert@peoplefirstps.com. You can also call in live with questions, or use the broadcast's chat feature. After the show, download this and all our past episodes on iTunes at Connect1.

  • Urban Connect Radio ft. Seth Co. and D.A.C.

    in Radio

    Hip-Hop Duo from Philadelphia join the Urban Connect Crew tonight to talk about a new year, new plans and new music. Get Connected.





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    CONNECT! So... You Wanna Be a Sales Manager?

    in Business

    Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder and CEO of Selling Power Magazine and the popular Sales 2.0 Conferences, may have worked with more sales leaders and managers than anyone in the world. After all, he's been interviewing them and creating content and products for them for decades.... His magazine is read by over 300,000 sales leaders every month, and over 100,000 sales executives watch his daily video channel where, you guessed it, he interviews sales leaders.

    In other words, this guest knows what it takes to be a sales manager and to rise through the ranks. In this live broadcast of CONNECT!, Gschwandtner joins show host Deb Calvert to discuss how front-line sellers can best prepare themselves for a move into management. So if you've ever considered making the move or hope someday to do your boss's job, be sure to tune in for this powerful interview with one of the sales industry's most knowledgeable experts.

    CONNECT! Online Radio for Selling Professionals features the world's foremost authorities on selling every week. Tune in to master the art of selling so you can cut out continuances, put an end to pending and stop stalling out.

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    Connect Outside Your Comfort Zone

    in Business

    Once you've mastered the art of connecting with people inside your "inner circle" and figured out how to use the tools and techniques available for connecting with new prospects, you can get pretty comfortable in selling. You may even get a little complacent as you follow the processes and establish your own routines.

    That's why our guest, Jeff Shore, author of "Be Bold and Win the Sale," says sellers are better defined by what they do outside their own comfort zone. Shore has worked to systematically dismantle sellers' reactions to discomfort. He'll be interviewed by your host and sales coach, Deb Calvert, about how B2C and B2B sellers can conquer inner discomfort and win more sales.

    Shore is a sales expert, speaker, trainer and coach with 30 years experience in becoming bold. His approach is more than a sales technique. It's a shift in how to approach your sales process. Join this special guest on CONNECT! Online Radio for Selling Professionals so you can cut out continuances, put an ending to pending and stop stalling out!

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    CONNECT! Really, Truly Creating Customer Value

    in Business

    Value Creation is more than business jargon. But it's one of those trendy phrases that lots of sellers use... and that few actually deliver.

    Join your on-air sales coach Deb Calvert and her guest, Andre Harrell, CEO of AH2 and Beyond Consulting, for this frank discussion about what value is, what it is not, and how sellers can effectively create value that is meaningful for their buyers.

    CONNECT! Online Radio for Selling Professionals is the program dedicated to helping you cut out continuances, put an end to pending and stop stalling out in sales. You can join our broadcast live to interact with Deb and her guests, or you can send questions in advance to deb.calvert@peoplefirstps.com