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    Conservatives Must Take On The DC Cartel, Viral Videos & Freedom of Conscience

    in Politics

    Dan Perkins-Contributor to DailySurge.com and TheHill.com, Author and master storyteller says "It's Time For Conservatives To Go To The Matt Against The Washington Cartel."

    Samantha Mills-"The Good News Girl" is back with this week's best viral videos from the internet.

    James Hirsen-New York Times best-selling author, commentator, media analyst and law professor talks about our 1st Amendment rights and freedom of conscience.

    Bob Waliszewski-The Martian & Hotel Transylvania 2 Take Top Honors At The Weekend Box Office.  Focus On The Family's Director of media & Culture reports.

    Wendall Hall-MILLIONS OF HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS TAKE THE PSAT/NMSQT® IN OCTOBER-Parents Should Understand the Benefits to Students says the senior director for policy advocacy at the College Board.

    Dr Peggy Sands Orchowski-50th Anniversary: How LBJ/Kennedy’s Immigration Law Changed America and the World by gthis credentialed Congressional Correspondent in Washington DC.  She is the author of the new book, The Law That Changed the Face of America: The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.

    Stephen Moore-See what happens when you cut back spending in Washington DC-Congress gets a little cranky.  Heritage Foundation's chief economist, explains why.

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    Its Election Time: Its Time To Sign The Petition For Reform and Save Families

    in Family

    Should "The Deadbeat Parent Punishment Act" be revisited, reopened, revised and reformed and "demarcated" to help protect "Decent Disadvantaged Non Custodial Parent Obigors? 

    Go to this website to sign this petition...



    The message is clear to have dialogue about the Deadbeat Parent Punishment Act ("DPPA"). Does everyone deserve to be called out of their name a "deadbeat?

    Its election time and time for a new President to arise and this subject needs looking into, to uncover does everyone that pays child support fall under the " DPPA" catagory and what are some of the issues in child support that need officials attention?

    To demarcate the difference between decent people and deadbeat people when paying child support.
    To find another name to call people that can't pay child support.
    Does this "Act" violate the constitution under cruel and unusual punishment and involuntary servitude "Slavery?" 
    Is this "Act" unfair?

    We feel there is a catastrophy about to happen, if our elected officials don't view this systemic issue and reopen the "DPPA" and reconstruct this act that was signed in by President Bill Clinton in 1996. To give a way of escape to decent disadvantaged non custodial parent obligors; a chance to have protection and a cushion of relief from this act.

    If you agree with this campaign for change in the " Deadbeat Parent Punishment Act," for Decent Disadvantaged Non Custodial Parent Oblogors, please sign this partition, so we may have proof of other concerned citizens voices in this matter, when we visit in Washington DC.

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    in Current Events

    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Jesuits--The most powerful religious order in the Roman Catholic Church--the origion of this power--Controversies involving this religious organization

    Homosexual Predator John Gacy connection to California--Exclusive interview of the teenage would be victim

    PLANNED PARENTHOOD VIDEOS AUTHENIC According a forensic lab investigation and frame by frame analysis

    Did Cecile Richards Planned Parenthood lie to a Congressional investigating Committee?

    san francisco police arrest bmw bicycle thief  

     Forensic report finds Planned Parenthood videos are 'authentic' and unaltered

    Sept 30th  Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)

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    Part 2: 11 Acts of White Affirmative Action by The U.S. Govt throughout History

    in Culture

    Listen to The Michael Imhotep Show, Wed. Sept., 30th, 10pm-12midnight EST (7pm – 9pm PST) with host Michael Imhotep of The African History Network.  “Part 2: 11 Acts of White Affirmative Action created by The U.S. Government throughout History”!!! CALL IN WITH Questions/Comments at 1-888-669-2281.  POST YOUR COMMENTS.  WE MAY READ THEM ON AIR.  Listen online at http://tunein.com/radio/Empowerment-Radio-Network-s199313/ or by downloading the "TuneIn Radio" app to your smartphone and search for "Empowerment Radio Network" or at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com.


    1) “Part 2: 11 Acts of White Affirmative Action created by The U.S. Government throughout History”!!!  2) Elizabeth Warren goes all in and supports Black Lives Matter.  3) Cecile Richards, Pres. of Planned Parenthood Federation of America was grilled by Republicans at a Congressional Hearing on Tuesday.  4) This date in African American History.

  • The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Elizabeth (Letchworth) Chryst

    in Politics Conservative

    Rand Paul accuses fellow Senator Ted Cruz of sour grapes.  Trey Gowdy rumored to be leaving Congress at the end of his term. Planned Parenthood takes a beating at this week's Congressional hearing, while House members jockey for the Speaker's position. The budget, the fiscal cliff, the ignored Pentagon plan. Putin's move in Syria. That and more with our Capitol Hill Insider Elizabeth Letchworth Chryst.

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    Hump Day With Quantum Mechanic featuring Michael Cole for Congress TX 14th Dist.

    in Politics Progressive


    Morgan Freeman Reads The Headlines

    Special Guest Michael Cole, running in Texas 14th District (against Randy Weber who voted against Iran Deal)

    John Boehner Leaving Speakership - We Analyze and Prognosticate About His Successor

    Bernie & Boehner Banter a.k.a. Riffing With Bernie and Boehner Episode 5

    Douche Nugget Of The Week

    Political Analysis including Government Shutdown (?)

    This Week In Metaphysics

    Comedy Bits, Celebrity Impressions and more!

    Michael Cole's Website www.mikecole4texas.org

    Campaign Donation Site https://politics.raisethemoney.com/mcole

  • Planned Parenthood doesnt need our money - The Pope we DIDNT hear about!

    in Politics

    Hr1  Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards was questioned in Congress today. It was maddening to listen to. The non-profit is making a profit, and still expects more Federal grants/subsidies.

    Obamacare must be inadequate to cover women's reproductive healthcare needs. That's why we need Planned Parenthood right? Didn't we create Obamacare because insurance was inadequate?

    Planned Parenthood paid some of its supporters who threw condoms at GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina and at her supporters. How mature!

    Cecile Richards said there's been no case of baby born alive after abortion & not provided care

    Hr2 Democrat Congressman Gerald Connolly expressed his shock and concern over the misogynistic handling of Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards during her congressional testimony.

    Carly Fiorina faces down protester: “I support your health care. I don’t support butchering babies.”

    The Pope met privately with Kim Davis, Kentucky clerk who objected to issuing marriage certificates to same-sex couples.

    Pope Francis says government workers have the human right to refuse gay marriage licenses. Uh oh!

    Hr3   Public schools are not religion free zones. But they aren't indoctrination zones either!

    Using RICO investigations to criminalize scientists for disagreeing with climate change. Silence the opposition.

    In God We Trust can stay on police cars. Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) can go fly a kite!

    Justin Bieber says Christians are overly churchy and religious. His faith has gotten him where he's at. What faith is he practicing?!?!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Marvelous Monday

    in Politics

    Marvelous Monday with Dr. Shirley McKellar and Bishop L.J. Guillory is always the way to start the week!  In 2016 we will make some important decisions about the direction of our country and the lives of American people and families.  It is our civic responsibility to stay informed on the issues, pay close attention to the actions and decisions of our elected officials,  get to know the people who are running for office and educate ourselves and others about the importance of VOTING!  Let's get moving in the right direction for 2016, starting right here on Marvelous Monday!

    Tonight, we will discuss the resignation of Speaker of the House, John Boehner and the likelihood of a huge lurch to the right in the House.  Learn about his likely replacement here! We will also discuss our "friend" Louie G's dim witted response to Speaker Boehner's announcement and how this could all help Democrats in 2016!  Join us on this Marvelous Monday!

    Click here to read the Daily Kos article on Dr. McKellar by Faith Chattham!

    Find out more about Dr. McKellar's campaign for US Congress and show your support here!

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    Satan's Pope

    in Religion

    Pope Francis has the nation and world going crazy, but he represents the Roman church that blasphemes the truth of God's holy word. Why are people calling the Pope Holy Father? Did the Pope defend God's word at his Congressional address? Join us as we prove by scripture the Pope and his apostate church are not called by Jesus.

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    Get an A in Country: 120,000,000 Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton, President

    in Elections

    America, what is it that you want? You can choose among polished Politicians. Or go a different route with a rare un-polished gem. You can have attractive media propped Democrat or Republican Candidates, with fine qualities in each of them, with the common threaded flaw of being political over common sense and the real long lasting good of our country. Who among them will go the right distance in the right direction: a WALL, who pays for it, or my better idea. Sec Of State Hillary Clinton’s Equality of pay which Pres Clinton says can not happen  as spoken, or my rock solid creative idea. I speak to everything that needs a fix or a lift: Govt, Econ, You. Please see me. I am an un-mined Ore for you. There is too much bad breath going around in the White House, Congress and in our Supreme Court. The Candidates try to use breath fresheners, It's not working if you really have a nose for it. Politics is thought to be the only way to govern. It is not. Politics is not a right of passage. Place me in the White House and see what American mindset and talent can do. Please don’t leave me undiscovered or off the Write-In Ballot. If there are 120,000,000 write-ins, we will alll be in on it, the procession & profession of better right sized/attentive government, starting at the top and working across both parties. Imagine a Congress ignoring, refusing to legislate or advance us if the President got 120,000,000 votes. Congress could no longer discount us. in favor of Party Politics. bwell, c2it, I am Curt Clinton,  and I c2 the things that count. 

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    Welcome To ( Over The Rainbow Show ) With Your Host Bob Brown On Blog Talk Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome To ( Over The Rainbow Show ) With Your Host Bob Brown On Blog Talk Radio On Friday 25th Sepember 2015 3.00pm Eastern 12.00pm Pacific 8.00pm Uk. The Call in number is 347-539-5367 From Uk 001-347-539-5367. My Special Guest Today is Robert Henry Evens Jr.is a Private Researcher..Robert joined US Army in 1978 worked several types of jobs...San Mateo College for Reserve Police Officer class 1998-90...Ran for Congress 12th Congressional District as Rebpublc in 1966--1998...Started Researching Nibiru and Anunnaki in 2006...Was a speaker at UFOCON. in November 2013...Was on a few more internet Radio Shows talking about the Anunnaki with Dr Sasha Lessin and is Wife Janet Lessin Early in 2014.....On Today Show we will be talking about Nibiru and what could happen to the world in 2016....Thank you for joining me today for my show...Love and Peace

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