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    Laughter and Confusion: Breaking Down Showtime's "The Affair" and "Homeland"

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    This week in TV brought us more confusion than it did laughter, but hey... that's why we're here! To break down entertainment's biggest plotlines and give you our opinions.

    From Saul's great escape to his, uh, capture on "Homeland"....and all the conspiracy theories behind "The Affair" on Showtime. Are you hooked on either series or would you like to see them go away? 

    We're also diving into 

    The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family- why are ensemble casts a hit?
    Blackish- ABC's new hit comedy. What makes it so funny?
    Nashville- so many love triangles! Who will survive the drama?

    Tune in, catch up, leave comments and most importantly follow us on twitter every single week as we live-tweet the shows that we're tuning into and the ones we consider dropping from the rotation.

    xo @cruzmedia and @expertviewerTV

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    Arthor of confusion

    in Current Events

    NEW LIFE ORDER - is now the new order of life. We are the common voice of humanity! TRUTH in the midst of confusion. A place on the planet where ALL walks of life are welcome! ONE GOD, ONE PEOPLE, ONE WAY OF LIFE...RIGHTEOUSNESS!!! All we need is love, because God IS Love!


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    Secret Addictions Cause Confusion in Relationships

    in Self Help

    We all have addictions of one type or another.  Sometimes we try to hide our addictions from friends and family.  We may pretend to be one way in front of others, but then we act another way when we are alone, engaging in what we think is our "secret" addiction.  One problem with having secret or closet addictions is that we heap confusion on our relationships.  People may be confused as to who we really are.  Plus our "secret" is probably no secret at all.  Everyone is just tip-toeing around the addiction.

    Do you have a secret addiction?

    No matter what you answered, you will find benefits by listening to Dr. Joan's single basic suggestion that you can try today.  This one practical idea may help you improve the harmony within your family and lift the quality of your relationships at home, at work, at school, or any place else.

    If you are stumped by relationship issues, you will want to tune in to hear Dr. Joan describe her opinions for alternative solutions. Follow along as she presents keys for harmony.  What can you lose?  Nothing.  But you may grow closer to those you love and respect. 

    A portion of each program is devoted to the reading of Dr. Joan's published stories about human disputes.  She is currently reading from her first novel Gra Im Thu! I Love You!  The story is about two Irish families who find themselves intermarrying, even though they are poles apart in the areas of religion and politics.  Tune in and listen to the story, as the O'Gradys and Gwynns learn to solve their potato encounters and develop a method for turning them into delicious mashed potatoes.  Find out how diversity and harmony can live in the same house.

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    Laughter & Confusion: Premium Cable Shows...The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

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    This week we explore the unadulteraded world of premium cable. You know... where full frontal nudity, cursing like a sailor and having complete awkwardness in front of your family is the absolute norm. 

     Your friends, The TV Talkers, will discuss the best (and worst) of Cable TV. 

    From new and recurring series like:


    True Detective 

    Survivors Remorse

    The Leftovers

    To some all-time classics like:


    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Sex and The City 

    Like  us on instagram, tune in weekly and catch up on previous episodes (here) , tweet us your thoughts on the show,  and most importantly follow us daily (@expertviewertv and @cruzmedia) as we live-tweet the shows that we're tuning into and the ones we consider dropping from the rotation.

    XOXO EV and KC! 

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    Focus Strategy: How to Alleviate Decision-Making Confusion

    in Entrepreneur

    Learning how to channel your moment-by-moment limited resources, strategies, and energies will help you more proficiently make the right business decisions. With a never-ending slurry of opinionated noise from self-proclaimed so-called experts, negative and well-meaning family members, know-it-all friends, and best guessers, it is no wonder why you can find yourself knocked off course, confused about your business decisions, and ultimately, losing passion and purpose about your business mission. How can you alleviate business decision-making confusion? That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Laughter & Confusion: TV Shows To Binge Watch During The Holidays

    in Television

    During the holiday season all of your favorite shows are in reruns. Now is the perfect time to catch up on the excellent TV you may have missed. While you're binge eating holiday treats, consume TV programs whole seasons at a time.

    Your friends, The TV Talkers, will discuss the best TV shows to binge watch.

    Orange Is The New Black
    House Of Cards
    The Fall
    Breaking Bad... and so many more

    Visit our page, tune in, catch up, leave comments and most importantly follow us on twitter every single week as we live-tweet the shows that we're tuning into and the ones we consider dropping from the rotation.

    XOXO @CruzMedia and @ExpertViewerTV

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    Laughter & Confusion: Bill Cosby's Scandal vs Shonda's Scandal

    in Television

    What a wild week in TV and entertainment! From "America's Dad" to Shonda's Winter Finales, there was certainly no shortage of Scandal in the news.

    Did you tune into HTGAWM? We finally found out #WhoKilledSam, sorta. Which leads us to question where they will take the show in its second season.  

    There are also some major revelations in daytime TV, who is getting canceled or who should be?

    Your resident TV talkers (@expertviewertv & @cruzmedia)  are giving you the rundown on what shows we think are worth checking out! 

    What have you been watching? What should we be discussing? Join our live stream at 1:30PM (11/24/14) to get the real-time scoop to send you off into a week of gratitude and grub. 

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    Brandy Spikes | Confidence During Confusion

    in Women

    Today's Show: Today on Inner Healing Through God's Love, Brandy discusses how to maintain our confidence in Chris through a season of confusion. 



    For more information on this episode, including links and scriptures mentioned, visit:



    Learn more about God’s passionate love for you every day. Join Brandy on social media.

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    YouTube www.YouTube.com/Spikes3

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    Impacting the Nations - Compromising, Confusion in the Church

    in Christianity

    In these times in which we live, compromise and confusion serve it seem as key players , a move like playing chess, as the  man of perdition, seem as though he is increasing in subdueing humankind.   Questions arising, with very few positive answers.   Confusion, misleading, false teaching, preaching; people have become more relying on phrophesying instead of relying on the prayer, worship and what the Christ is really saying to the body of the church.   Shaking in the minds, the elect seems to be even uneasy and unsure.   Compromising in search of hope and quick fixes,  well we invite you to join us tonight as we look to the Author and the Finisher of all faith and time.    Tune in tonight with the Harvest International Ministry impacting the nation through God's word and the signs of the times.......call in (347) 989-8781 at 8:00pm - 9:00pm.

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    FEEL PERPLEXED BY GOD, feel confusion before God?

    in Religion

    Things are happening in the world.  Circumstances some times tempt you to stop talking to God.  If you were to talk to God, in those circumstances what would you want to hear from God? Are you pondering from anguish, feel betrayed, crumbling inside tune in today to this seqment.   We will share with you some medicine from heaven " Promises, Decrees and Inheritences from our Lord and Savior. The Lord is cloe to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. (Psalm 34:18)

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