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    Fierce Women and Weak Men

    in Relationships

    The family is the center of civilization. When husbands are weak or violent, hell rises through the unloved and abused wife. In hypercritical families with ambitious men, the woman supports his ambition. Characterless conformists and angry rebels are bred in hell based families where hypocrisy, tease, cruelty or violence rule, because of the failing of men. Join Dr. Roland, author and 25 year marriage coach, in this fascinating lecture.

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    The 'US' in "Us and Them"

    in Social Networking

    Often times in Left-hand Path forums, you will see people lambasting the 'us' or 'we' control meme. Particularily in Satanism. Is there really an 'us'? Are a majority of self-described Satanist all on the page? Is this really just a hang-over from the days of our first indoctrination? 

    Sin Jones joins T.C. Downey to discuss it... All calls are encouraged!

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    Fierce Wives and Hen pecked Husbands

    in Relationships

    Fierce Wives and Weak Husbands
    The family is the center of civilization. When husbands are weak or violent, hell rises through the unloved and abused wife. In hypercritical families with ambitious men, the woman supports his ambition. Characterless conformists and angry rebels are bred in hell based families where hypocrisy, tease, cruelty or violence rule, because of the failing of men.

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    How to Stop Undervaluing Your Work

    in Business

    Our guest is Miki Strong, Founder and CEO of Miki Strong International, Publisher of Unemployable Woman Magazine. Miki will be discussing woman, value and money and will answer for us the following questions:
    1. How do women under-value their work? And how do we know if we're doing it?
    2. Your talk title says, "earn more & serve better by raising your fees". I see how raising fees helps us earn more, but how does it help us serve better?
    3.  Is there a 'right' and 'wrong' way to set prices? Do you have some guidelines to help my listeners raise their prices, or set prices for new services?
    When it comes to teaching women how to create a business designed for and around personal freedom, Miki Strong is a bona fide master. As a lifestyle business strategist + money mentor, Miki helps women around the globe connect with their real value, earn more, and  create freedom-full, spiritually-rich, unapologetically wealthy lives as a result!
    Miki is also the publisher of Unemployable Woman™ Magazine for mavericks, trailblazers & non-conformists who are driven to redefine the rules of how business is done.

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    Come Let Us Reason Together

    in Culture

    Good afternoon in the Central Time Zone.  Please allow me to make my introduction.  I am K D Elizabeth, and I am a member of the Other 1 Percent.  I don't really know if that's an accurate figure, but I am well aware that I am not in the high end 1 Percent and I don't really share the same financial focus as those who call themselves the 98%, so by default I refer to myself as a member of the Other 1 Percent.
    We aren't non-conformists, per say, there is just a group of people often seen as cult like, who are choosing to simplify, seek Scriptural answers, and opting out of more recognized conventional cultural practices.  That's who we are.
    I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce a new venue for information.  Many of us have been troubled by the inundation of conflicting information, often seeming even to be misleading.  I have accepted the position of editor of a new source of news called The Goshen Gazette.
    Today I invite you to join me as we reason together.  Just what is the value of truth and what is the cost of untruth, a.k.a. misinformation?  When time is at a premium, do we take the time to sort through what we are being told?  Do we really know the difference between information and programming?  Come let us reason together . . .

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    Blaming the Victim

    in Blogs

    A the centre of an emerging political movement is an old idea. This is the mobilization of force, the changing of laws, the suppression of speech, and the exclusion of enemies, as designated by the hysterical crying of infantalized, post adult toddlers.
    At the heart of all this furious action is almost always a grave injustice. Which is to say, somebody’s feelings got hurt, but not just any somebody, a victim. And to assuage their pain, or sometimes just to quiet their bad acting – we, the emotionally driven, we the logic eschewing, we the conformists and the low status believers in orthodoxy and obeyers of authority will divide, slander, accuse, attack, and initiate violence on behalf of those who loudly self identify as victims, because although acting on their behalf, nobody can ever blame the victim.
    Nobody, except Girl Writes What, Typhon Blue and John the Other. Tonight on AVfM radio, along with the terrible three, you too are invited to blame the victim.
    6 PM Pacific Time
    8PM Central time

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    Dying Trends & Fatal Fads

    in Comedy

    From backwards jeans to skinny jeans From talk shows to reality shows From beepers to smart phones Is it the general consensus? the evolution of conformists? or just lambs to slaughter? Either way, nobody cares what your hipster ass has to say cuz I scheduled this whole show on my iPhone.
    What kills a fad? What are the elements that could turn a fad into something trendy and then into a mainstay? Most of the population can face time, but barely anyone can face their own fad obsession.

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    Hardcore Pro-Life Humanitarian Heart of Emphasis Show

    in War

    All abortionists know & document the gender of every aborted fetus.
    No abortive parent is EVER consulted or asked permission as to the use or disposal of their aborted baby.  The landfill or research lab is never of their choosing.... neither do they receive even 1% of the "Baby Body Handling Fee" BIG $$.  The price list includes fees for:  feet, hands, eyes, lungs, kidney, ovaries, testicles, brain, etc.  The parents are never reimbursed for their baby's body.  Only the abortion clinic gets the $$---Oh, sorry, "Handling Fee".
    How many women have died from "legal abortion" in America? Compare that to the number that died from illegal "back alley" abortion....
    If abortion were illegal, would 4,800 women every day attempt a back alley abortion?  The overwhelming majority say, "No!"
    Most are unaware that abortion clinics in CA have fewer safety & sanitary regulations than Vet animal clinics.... it's nearly impossible to remove the death stench from an abortion procedure room.  
    San Francisco Abortion Clinic closes after 40 Days for Life Campaign.  
    Open Adoption allows for life; visitation; involvement; good schools; financially strong family; camps; soccer; good food; college; nice home & room; ballet; boy or girl scouts; pony; pets; great Grandparents; loving siblings; etc.  The success stories are amazing.
    Over population is a myth propagated by the "American Ghost Town" epidemic sweeping the country.  Crowding cities with dependent conformists with no means of growing food or personal water supplies.  Monsanto has ALUMINUM READY SEED for that ChemTrail pollution of Aluminum they spray everyday!!  How Brilliant!!  Tumor Feast coming to a family near you!  Ecology Gurus are Clueless.  Green is an "In the Flow" word that feels fluffy.

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    The Wayseer's Movement

    in Self Help

    Today I'm interviewing bestselling author, psychologist and inspirational speaker Garret LoPorto about the Wayseer's Movement!
    Garret empowers thousands with his message, "Everything the establishment has told you is wrong with you, is actually what is right with you."
    His message enlivens celebrities, moves famous captains of industry, inspires adults and children alike to recognize the nature of their true genius and break out of societal norms to find their way.
    He is gathering the tribe of "rule-breakers, misfits and trouble makers, free-spirits and pioneers, visionaries and non-conformists" who together will change the world. This tribe is called the Wayseers.
    The Wayseer Movement has helped thousands of people discover what they are, find their true callings and engage in service to the world. For more visit www.Wayseers.com

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    The 10 Essential Rock Star Skills

    in Business

    Trish Bishop started her working career at the age of 13, and literally fell into her corporate career with one of the first Internet Service Providers in Canada. She then moved on to design, develop and implement global enterprise learning solutions for Fortune 500 organizations—all with no University education or formal Project Management training. She became passionate about understanding why some people were so good at what they did regardless of their level of education. Years of observation have led to the development of what she calls “The 10 Essential Rock Star Skills”.
    “There are those among us, many of whom are Solopreneurs, who have the ability to see opportunities and potentials long before others do, we dominate our arena and our mantra is “get it done”. However, we are also referred to as rebels, non-conformists and even trouble-makers, which often leads to our being ostracized and lonely. For many of us, it is why we are no longer in the corporate arena, as we prefer the autonomy of the life of the Solopreneur.”
    Trish calls these people the Rock Stars and throughout her corporate career she has identified the skills, exclusive of education, that differentiated the Rock Stars from everyone else. She wants to share this message for several reasons:

    1. The Rock Stars often have no idea who and what they are, and by sharing this information, not only can they further hone these core skills, but there is a sense of understanding and belonging that is invaluable to their self-esteem.
    2. The more Rock Stars know about who and what they are, the more they will value what they have to offer--especially as a Solopreneur.
    3. Trish feels that more organizations need to be educated and learn how to effectively harness these unique talents.
    The good news for Solopreneurs: these skills can be learned!
    Connect with Trish:

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    Islam: Varieties and Issues (Understanding World Religions #20)

    in Islam

    Our quote for today is from Father Mulcahy, a character on the hit TV show M*A*S*H. He said, "A faith of convenience is a hollow faith."

    In this podcast, we are making our way through Garry R. Morgan's book, "Understanding World Religions in 15 Minutes a Day."

    Our Understanding World Religions topic for today is, "Islam: Varieties and Issues." 

    Even small religions show amazing variety within their beliefs and practices, so it's no surprise that Islam is not monolithic.

    First, as with any religion, there are differing levels of commitment and participation. At one end of the spectrum among professing Muslims are the nominal (non-practicing). Next are the Conformists, whose personal attitude is indifference or even unbelief but who follow the rituals due to family or societal pressure. While this might seem primarily limited to Muslim-majority countries where Sharia (Islamic law) is enforced, even where there's legal religious freedom, families and communities can exert tremendous pressure.

    Next are the Reformers who are not an official branch (as in Judaism). The term refers to Muslims who sincerely believe Islam is the true religion but that the Qur'an must be understood and applied in the present, separating it from its seventh-century cultural roots. The Moderates, probably the largest group worldwide, are sincere in their belief, appreciate Islam's positive aspects (family, community, morality, etc.), and reject more radical interpretations.