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    Anything and Everything Podcast from Corpus Christi

    in Wrestling

    Recorded in Corpus Christi, Texas with Special Guest Thomas Garza and Ralph Molina. We discuss Comedy Night In CC at Chuckles Club with Mario Salazar and Sonya Trevino. The future Back to Back champions The San antonio Spurs, future draft picks, Concusions and pee wee football. The clutch gene, Dee Williams, flying beer, name dropping, lucha wrestling in San Antonio, Rivercenter Comedy Club, Victory Pro Wrestling, Rudy Boy Gonzalez getting threatened with a chancla,indy wrestling

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    Athletic Performance and Concussion Prevention

    in Fitness

    This Podcast speaks on two major concerns concussion prevention and athletic performance. concussions are a very big concerns for alot of people from the athlete, parents, and coach's. We will never eliminate concussions but it is in power to limit the amount of concussions that do happen.

    Athletic performance and concussion prevention do relate we will never be able to put the full athletic product on the field if athlete's are always gaining concussions. Athletic performance is built when we place a need to prevent injuries then looking at the amount of power each athlete is able to produce.

    In this podcast you will find some simple solutions on preventing concussions from the upcoming season. Remeber that prevention starts before the season starts.

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    Shutdown Crazy v. Default Stupid

    in Politics Progressive

    How loony and delusional can you get? We're getting a flavor, as the GOP in the House careers betweeb a government shutdown today or a default in October. The smartest pundits have clear concusions, like Ezra Klein seeing the shutdown s a relief valve doing far less damage, and Robert Reich noting that legislators have no constiutional authority to defund laws a minorityi don't like. 
    By showtime, we'll know more about which crisis GOP insurgents will choose. Either way, their party is losing big on this mid-term and long-term. 

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    Cierra Interviews Dr. Amos Ladoucer

    in Current Events

    Cierra interviews Dr.  Ladoucer, a Neurosurgery Resident for Safety Awareness Month, speaking on concussions and much more. Join the conversation Saturday at 10am www.blogtalkradio.com/cierrascorner tune in to get the number to call in.

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    The Red Zone Show welcomes All Pro Kicker Mike Hollis!!!

    in Sports

    Mike Hollis, retired NFL kicker of 9 years. Mike played for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, and New York Giants. He represented the AFC in the 1998 Pro Bowl in Hawaii and presently ranks in the top 20 in overall field goal accuracy in NFL history. Mike has worked with 5 different Pro Bowl punters during his NFL career, learning from and coaching each of them. Mike Hollis will drop in and talk about the kicking game and his Pro Form Kicking Camp.

    Dr. Martin will also drop in and talk about the hottest topic in football right now...concusions. She will talk about what cause them and the signs of a player that may have suffered from one. She will also tell us how to care for a player that has one and the proper steps for treatment. Please tune in for a great show.

    Coach Hayes
    (Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)