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    Concealed Carry - Instructor Frank Sharpe Jr and Attorney Joseph Silvoso III

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    Join Nicky Dare, host of "NUG" Talk, discussion of anything and everything about guns.

    Training is essential in the firearms community. Concealed Carry training has become ever more in demand as firearms restrictions increase. 


    Guest:  Frank Sharpe, Jr has been a Firearms Instructor for 15-years. Since 2001 as an apprentice/Affiliate Instructor with John & Vicki Farnam, and since 2011 as the owner and Lead Instructor of Fortress Defense Consultants. Mr. Sharpe spends his time teaching people how to shoot people, and as a student of the Art. Frank Sharpe may be contacted directly at frank@fortressdefense.com.

    Returning Guest: Joseph Silvoso, III of Michel and Associates, P.C. in Long Beach, CA. Attorney in Firearms, Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense. He has represented numerous individuals charged with criminal violations, successfully defended clients in all manner of state charges ranging from infractions to multi-count felony indictments with sentencing enhancements. He has counseled hundreds over the years of state & federal firearms laws, represented firearms dealers in proceedings with the Bureau of ATF and Explosives & the CA Department of Justice.  www.Michellawyers.com

    FREE Legal updates posted regularly: www.CalGunLaws.com

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    Open and Concealed Carry with Patrick Noonan

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    Open and Concealed Carry with Patrick Noonan WELCOME BACK PATRICK and WELCOME Robin AND Patrick’s mom who are here visiting. Patrick was SUPPOSED to put in the show description. SO as the title says, Patrick will be covering Open and Concealed carry.

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    Concealed Carry and Personal Defense!

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    Whether at the grocery store, the ATM, or the mall, YOU could be faced with a sudden and immediate threat to your life and property.  Do you know how to handle such a situation?  Do you know the legal aspects of self-defense?  Are you prepared to defend your life, your loved-ones, or your property?

    For answers to these important questions and others, listen and call-in on Saturday, October 20th, from 7-10PM eastern as veteran firearms instructor Joe Nizzari opens up the phone lines to address the importance of proper Mental Awareness, proper Concealed Carry techniques and schools of thought, as well as tips on firearm/caliber selection and the importance of real-world training, and practice.

    If you value your life, you won't want to miss this show!

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    ATF: Concealed Carry and Self Defense

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    Practical talk on self defense.  What do you carry?  Why do you carry it?  When do you use it?  We're gonna hit everything from legal issues... to getting your mind right... to situational awareness.
    Most of these shows are fun.  This one is more than fun.

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    Podcast 339 DC concealed carry laws and Ebola Outbreaks

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    Equip2Endure Podcast is brought to you by:

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    dealers usa made blade, edge works, Arizona custom knife

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    In The News:

    Bear Grylls has a new survival show out called “Running Wild with Bear Grylls”  http://www.nbc.com/running-wild-with-bear-grylls

    DC concealed carry laws found to be unconstitutional  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jul/28/dc-police-chief-orders-officers-not-arrest-legal-g/

    Ebola Outbreaks: Two Americans Now Infected



    Survival Discussion:

    Cordage, the common choices have lots of stretch......Is that really what you want in a emergency cordage?


    Gear Picks/Spotlight:

    Marty McFly, eat your heart out!


    I need a Job where this is part of my Uniform!


    Because Robby has been on a Water Kit, very awesome new tec!


    Mohegan take down recurve bow





    Nalgene Coffee Press...... http://canyoncoffee.us/press-bot/!!!!!!!!!!!


    Lowe feel good story?



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    Episode 1 - Introduction to OCT Radio

    in Politics

    For our inaugural episode, we will discuss the purpose and intent behind OCT Radio, to wit:

    1) Discuss gun rights issues and stories of the week.

    2) Highlight open carry events throughout Texas and, eventually, the country.

    3) Interview key players and organizations dedicated to this fundamental right.

    4) Explain and encourage open carry.

    5) Fight for ALL gun rights, specifically in Texas.

    6) Update listeners on legislation making its way through the Texas and federal legislatures to keep them better informed.

    7) Directly respond to manufactured "controversies" ginned up by the anti-gun astroturfers to head off false narratives in the Bloomberg-funded media.

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    Voices Carry for Animals # 23

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    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

    Guests will be: Danny Mason  Co-Host on (CWAPB) Conversations with a Pit Bull on  Foster Corder - Host on CWAPB & Fosters Animal World

    The Dog House Rescue Foundation is coordinating a trip to Tijuana, Mexico with Shorty Rossi ( Pit boss ) and lots of  volunteers who will work with veterinarians in Tijuana to catch  homeless dogs, and spay/neuter and vaccinate , medicate , groom , do dental on 150 street dogs from the poorest parts of TJ Mexico . 

    These dogs also need medications to protect them from fleas, ticks, and heartworm. And if possible, we would like to help treat animals with more chronic medical problems like non-contagious demodectic mange and flea dermititis. With enough money, the Dog House Rescue Foundation can help fund foster homes for the dogs who need them while undergoing medical treatment. 

    This is a grassroots movement being put together entirely on donations. There is a limit on how much dog food we can bring over the border, so cash donations will help us more than food donations, as we will need to purchase the dog food in Tijuana. The spay/neuter surgeries are costing us only $15 per dog, so every donation, no matter how small, can help! The more funds we receive, the more dogs will be treated. The trip might  be documented by a film producer, and we will post updates on our Facebook page (soon to be posted). Donors will be able to see the dogs that their money is helping directly. 

    Operation Love Mary Lea is named after our primary sponsor, a generous and caring individual without whom, this project would not be possible. We hope to raise enough funds to take the opportunity she has given us, and make it as effective as possible for these dogs in need. Please join us in helping the desperate dogs of Tijuana!
    Thank you, The Dog House Rescue Foundation


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    Voices Carry for Animals # 22

    in Pets

    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

    Guests will be Marla Stormwolf  Founder of  STOPCRUSH.org,  Anthony Damiano  Co-Founder,  Rae Castino Team Member.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DZkD8_aXv8  Global Unity Against Animal Cruelty Video.

    "This message is from the team at stopcrush.org. Considering that most animals do not have the capacity to voice their distress in human language, we thought that this message, on their behalf, would be appropriate to send out to citizens all over the world.

    For those who do not realize, animal crush video does indeed, exist. The videos generally feature, but do not limit themselves to, small live animals, such as kittens, puppies, mice and bunnies being slowly tortured in the most horrific ways imaginable.
    They are burned alive, cut with pruning sheers, nailed to the floor, skinned alive, beaten, stabbed and most often, they have their limbs crushed and broken, just to invoke more screams of agony.The majority of these videos share a common theme, the animals are incrementally crushed by scantily clad women in high heels. Those who purchase these videos, view them for sexual gratification. Basically speaking, the animal crush interest is an atypical sexual arousal toward the the horrific torture and distress of another life-form. The sick, twisted, prurient animal crush industry has become increasingly popular all over the world. It will continue to escalate the degradation of our society if nothing is done to curtail the sadistic underground industry.

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    OTR Trucking and the Right to Carry

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    As professional truck drivers make their way across the country, their job calls for them to work in every high crime area in the United States. Major cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, Baltimore, Oakland, the boroughs of New York City and everywhere in-between, truckers can find themselves in serious and dangerous situations.

    With the trucking industry operating 24/7 with scheduled pickups and deliveries at any given time of the day or night, these men and women of the highway face many areas of criminal activity and can often be the targeted victim as well. Even though there is no Federal Law that prohibits truck drivers from the legal right to carry a firearm for protection, individual motor carrier rules may do so.

    In 2012, Detroit city alone was home to 386 murders and 15,009 violent crimes as this is one of many major freight hubs where truckers must conduct business to keep America moving. Furthermore, rise in crime has fast been expanding outside of the typical major city areas such as states in the South and Midwest.

    The reality of trucking is that it can be a dangerous job and the inability for the driver to carry protection due to company rules and regulations can only add to the situation. Even with a legal state permit, drivers can find themselves in trouble if the transporting of the firearm is not in accordance with Federal Law 18 U.S. Code § 926A.

    Also, not every State recognizes an individual's State CCW. For example, only 34 states currently recognize a concealed weapon permit from the state of Florida; another aspect that could cause trouble for the driver entering such a state as New Jersey. It varies from state to state even more, as for example, only 18 states will recognize a permit from the state of Illinois.

    Where do truckers stand on their ability to carry for their own personal protection?  Call-in number: 347-826-9170

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    Voices Carry for Animals # 21

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    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

    Guest: Amanda Denes..........Find Burton and Zuzu  West End Harford.

    My dogs are missing after my home was burglarized in the West End of Hartford. Please help find them-They are my whole world Call 973-865-4004973-865-4004 with tips... Please help! My home in the West End of Hartford was burglarized on February 27th, 2014, while I was at work. My dogs were lost in the process and I don't know if they were taken or ran away. Please help spread the word. You can reach me at 973-865-4004973-865-4004 with information. Their names are Burton and Zuzu and they are very friendly. They have collars on and are micro-chipped. Please share widely--they are my whole world. Thank you for all your help!...

      Thank you for all your generosity in helping to find my beloved Burton and Zuzu, who went missing after my home was broken into on February 27, 2014. My pups are my whole world, and I am doing everything imaginable to find my babies and get them home!  The search for B&Z has not been easy, and we could use some help covering some costs. We had a separate reward fund, but we could use help covering new costs, such as hiring expert video analysts to look at the surveillance video footage and the fees for placing ads in newspapers. All donations will go toward our efforts to get B&Z home, and any leftover money that remains when B&Z are found will be donated to pet rescue organizations.Thank you again for all your support and love in finding my fur babies--I know one day soon we'll get them home!

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    Voices Carry for Animals # 20

    in Pets

    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer (the Biggest Crybaby in Brazil???)

    Guest will be Jay Apicella- President and Director of  Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc

               Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. was organized in 1988 for the purpose of building and maintaining a shelter for homeless dogs and cats on the Treasure Coast. Our shelter is founded on the principle of trying to find good, adoptable and loving homes for the animals and help stop the killing of over 75,000 abandoned animals in southern Florida. With the increase of Florida’s population so too has come an increase of unwanted animals. Any healthy pet not adopted will have a safe and permanent home at our facility for the duration of its natural life.                           

    No animal at Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. will ever be sold for research, entertainment, or exploitation. We strive to end animal abuse and neglect. This charity is not connected with any other animal society. It is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt project totally dependent on donations and endowments. Officers and members are unpaid volunteers. All gifts are used locally and are greatly appreciated. Want to volunteer?. The shelter will then contact you via email or phone within the next week to schedule a volunteer orientation and get you involved with one of the more rewarding forms of service, helping, caring for and loving animals.  

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