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    Dream Catchers - Turning pain into Passion - LesPaul Morgan

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    As I pondered creating the topics for Tonight’s episode of Dream Catchers when all of a sudden I was hit with a powerful very bad upset stomach to the point I nearly went to the hospital as I began to feel very ill from early Morning and it is still bad but finally beginning to get a little better.

    I got so ill on my way to lead our local chapter of Dream Catchers that I had to totally cancel that meeting and go home.

    I don’t usually allow bad situations to get me down but today and tonight proved to be very challenging to my health and yet here I am creating a topic list and preparing to do a 3 hour show using my passion for advocating for positive real changes for people with disabilities as well as learning to accept that some time I just have to stop, crash, and hit the reset button and go back jack and do it again and start over but never allow myself to surrender but instead spoke with Friends and loved ones to get the support I needed!

    1.  Accepting and learning to love who we are after a disability

    2.  Turning pain into acceptance and Empowerment

    3. We are a global Community lets work together

    4.  improving my outlook on life are now

    5.  Learning how to help each other helps us

    7.  Creating new life goals

    8.  Understanding what Independent Living movement can do to motivate TBI and other disability survivors to live a better life




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    Hot Topics Wednesday

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    Hot Topics Wednesday gives you the latest in entertainment, comunity and world news.  Find out what your fovorite entertainer is doing, or what is up in your community and what's going on in the governemnet.  All right here on Hot Topics Wednesday.

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    Learning Self! Who Are We? And Where Do We Come From?

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    Education On Truth And Understanding. Discussing Issues In Our Comunity And Building Culture. Knowledge Is Key! Each One Teach One.

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    around the conytroller eps2

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     i invited some guest on the show to debate things that going on in the gaming comunity at large these guest are made up from my inter circle of friends so its me ,von roberts& anthony risker talking about assassins creed call of duty lag problems and v,r prices and suport for them. this show is dedicated to officer bushman he not doing well

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    Civic Engagement - How, Why, and the Benefit$$

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    Is it worth getting actively involved in your comunity?  Only if you do it right.  And this show Host Bart Jackson brings on Civic Engagement advocate and coach Jacque Howard to explain how to  reach out to your neighbors and reap a realm of benefits you've probably never considered.  The person who is esteemed well by his neighbors is a rich person indeed.  So it is with your company.  Jacque and Bart lay out the smorasbord of options ranging from arts and charitable patronage, to a united corporate effort that fosters literacy or cleans up the local environment.  They will guide you in selection and getting started on a beneficial program, with the most fulfillment attitudes.  Tune in and learn how you may enrich your self in so many ways by sharing the power of your business.   

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    The Maya Akai Show (UNPLUGGED) Featuring Comedian Nikki Brayden (11-11-2015)

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    Some of the Talk ON Tap:

    WHAT'S TRENDING:  Alabama police charge 8-year-old with murder in death of 1-year-old, 3 men arrested in white supremacist plot in Virginia targeting blacks, Jews, Thoughts on Tyshawn Lee and comunity call to action

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Mizzou police arrest suspect for death threats that spread fear on racially roiled campus

    SAY WHAT????: Target catches heat for 'Obsessive Christmas Disorder' sweater, 8-year-old Ohio girl caught with marijuana in elementary school bathroom

    WHAT WOULD NIKKI SAY???: Nikki goes toe to toes with Dear Abby giving wayward souls advice

    CELEBRITY TALK & THE SIDEeye: ‘American Girl’ Magazine Boycotted for Highlighting ‘Sins’,Oprah Defends the Kardashians: "I Can't Believe How Hard They Work"

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    Call/Comment @ 310.807.5211

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    Facebook/Twitter: @TheMayaAkaiShow @NikkiBrayden
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    Horing Maria Iliou is your Director Manager, your co- host and your host Jess Davis for Autistic Broadcasting News on Sunday's. Our Autistic Advocates: Jess Davis , Maria Iliou and Our Advocate: Sharon Davis ...Sharing the News of the Day

    Maria Iliou is your Director Manager, Your Host for Autistic Theatre Music Author Caf'e on Sunday's. Honoring ANCA for everything they do for our Autistic Family Comunity, ANCA INAPAWF _Interactive Workshops, Autism Convention in VAN, BC on October 1-6-2015


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    "MUSLIMAH REALITY" hosted by Kalimah Abdul-Rashid & Sameerah El-Siraaj

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    "MUSLIMAH REALITY" hosted by Kalimah Abdul-Rashid & Sameerah El-Siraaj, is real issues, real talk, real topics with guets fronm every corner of the comunity. What's your reality?

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    Withrow too late to abstain

    Supervisor Terry Withrow is too late to abstain on the vote to support the downtown Modesto community benefit district.

    He has already voted by investing $1000 in the NEW CITY CLUB, which is a group that organized and created the community benefit district.

    The new city club will have its own boundaries, its own police force, it’s own rules and regulations, and will eventually have access to $1 million a year, in assessments on property owners.

    After the district is approved and taxes are collected Withrow’s $1000 contribution will be returned.

    Other club members will also have their money returned by taxpayers in the district.

    Although the County and the city do not pay taxes on our buildings, they have agreed that they will voluntarily give tax payers money to the new city club.

    Public properties will also be allowed to vote for the new city club, giving those in favor of the new city, a 15% head start in the vote.

    Property owners are being asked to vote a second ballot because of a “technical error” with the first ballot.

    We don’t know what was wrong with the first ballot,, we do know that Chamber of Commerce Pres. Dave Gianelli is making phone calls seeking support for the new city.

    Finally, deputy city manager Brent Sinclair was asked for a list of the members of the new city club and their contribution. (INVESTMENTS)

    Sinclair claimed that he needed 14 days to provide that information.

  • New Africa Street Enterprise

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    Comunity Building Love Peace Unity  & Havin Fun Hip Hop Culture Conference Call Topics Street Knowledge and Street Enterprise Trade and Business