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    Take Action Get Profits - Coaching from your Life to your Business

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    Take Action Get Profits with Michele Scism and her guest Belanie Dishong & Jennifer Martin

    Belanie Dishong - For over 17 years, Belanie Dishong has led thousands of individuals in experiential effectiveness workshops and courses resulting in greater performance, finding and living purpose.  It has become Belanie’s life work to help others achieve extraordinary things. Belanie is an entrepreneur, international public speaker, and an author who is a proven expert in training techniques that promote breakthroughs and accomplish sustainable life changes. Her amazing ability to connect people’s mind with their heart breaks through the barriers that inhibit living ones greatness. Belanie is known for her unique intuition and she impacts the lives of people of all ages, cultures, beliefs and backgrounds by helping them to improve the quality of their lives. She is also recognized for her work in restoring families, relationships, and personal effectiveness. 

    Jennifer Martin's work as a Zest Business Consultant, an EMyth Certified Business Coach, and Professional Speaker draws on her 25+ years of business experience helping organizations large and small make millions of dollars. She’s had solid history of success working with large companies in many different industries (Clear Channel Communications, Union Pacific Railroad, 7-Eleven Stores, CompUSA, etc.) as well as solopreneurs and small to medium sized businesses. She has owned and operated several businesses including a retail store, a restaurant and catering business, a publishing company, and a real estate investment and property management firm. 

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    Everything with Kathy B Source Radio Network Wednesday Night News with K.LaShea

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    LaMont Weat - International Recording Artist, Self Awareness Coach, Writer and Speaker 6:15pm

    LaMont Wheat is an international recording artist, self-awareness coach, writer, speaker, creator, humanitarian and President of LaMont Music and Founder of ELAI Agency, a collaborative creative social
    media marketing, branding and PR concept. LaMont Wheat is co-founder of East Texas Entrepreneurs Group and is committed to being in service through the sharing of knowledge and self awareness. 

    He is also Founder of East Texas Best, a business concept established to develop and expand consumer and business relationships in East Texas which launched RESTORE PROJECT, a national project which works with residents and city leaders to restore neglected neighborhood communities within cities across America.

    He began entrepreneurship at age 14 when he created and developed award winning LaMont’s Landscape Design. He played a major role in building the nation’s first and most successful preferred services
    provider network during corporate tenure at CompUSA in Dallas TX and his work experiences includes information technology consultative solutions marketing and sales, business development, healthcare &
    fitness management, media production, on camera hosting, entertainment performing and life awareness coaching. He is a two time POSI nominate songwriter and currently writes as part of ROBA Music Publishing in Hamburg Germany.

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    Poor customer service with quailty products

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    Today's episode will be featuring CompUSA Stores.  CompUSA Stores sell quality products yet offer poor customer service.  CompUSA is known for its low priced technology goods and offers an inhouse computer repair shop.
    However, when walk into their doors you are met with incompetency. The in-store sales staff are not fimilar with their product lines and the store setup hence, makes for a poor customer experience.
    Today we will have listeners call in with their horry stories about CompUSA.