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  • 01:28

    The Christian Worldview & Earth Day Are They Compatible?

    in Christianity

    Well, if you didn't know it today is Earth Day. Today on EBC†RADIO Live we are asking the question; Is the Christian Worldview compatible with the practices of Earth Day? Should Christians holding a biblical worldview participate in Earth Day?

    We will also be doing a false teacher update as well. We will be looking at some things that T.D. Jakes recently stated on the Steve Harvey show.

    Join Rich & Charlie and let us know what you think by calling the show live at 646-564-9793 or call our Podcast HOTLINE 24/7 at 414-369-2242.

  • 01:58

    Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Are We Sexually Compatible?

    in Relationships

    Are we sexually compatible? This is a question with complex answers. If you're dating to marry, how do you find out without "testing the waters?" On the other hand, you're married and unsatisfied. She wants one thing and he wants another. Well, this is worth remembering - Sex and sexual compatibility isn't just about orgasms. It's about the connection and intimacy that comes with sex. It's less about frequency and much more about quality and communication. Sexual compatibility doesn't mean you have to want the same things. It means that you're complimentary! Listen in tonight as Dr. and Lady Newells weigh in on this delicate subject. Get your questions and comments ready!

  • 03:00

    Tech Talk on the SoftwareONE Radio Network - Hyper-Convergence and SDDC

    in Technology

    Hyper-Convergence is defined by the virtualization of compute, network, storage technologies thus allowing logical objects to reside on any compatible hardware regardless of location. The Software Defined Data Center focuses on the end user solution and the process of providing these solutions in a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. The modern data center is no longer restricted by brick and mortar walls.

    For years, IT has used abstraction to create a commoditization of our infrastructure.  Now there are formal names and products that take the commoditization to the next level. As hyper-convergence and the software defined data center begin the journey of maturing to the point where early adopters now have stories to tell, we can explore tool sets and best practices of expanding your data center beyond the four walls of your data centers.

    Tune in on February 3rd as we discuss this trend and all the software companies that are working to support the modern data center. And don't forget to call in to ask a question or make a comment on the air and get an Amazon Gift Card at (347) 637-1009 

    Only on the SoftwareONE Radio Network! 

  • 00:29

    New Release and Giveaway! THE GIFTING, Star Girl Bk 2, a Sensuous Sci-Fi Romance

    in Books

    Come join me on February 1st as I read an excerpt from my soon to be released sensuous sci-fi romance, THE GIFTING, Book 2 of the Star Girl Series.

    One lucky listener will win a copy!
    * * *

    Six months after Sah'Reena's arrival, a strange object crash lands on Earth. A device she's positive came from her home planet, Murrall. At the same time, NASA scientists discover a strange new body orbiting the sun exactly opposite of Earth. It's only when a Deathship appears close to the Johnson Space Center in Houston that she and Robin learn the truth: Murrall was caught up in the same anomaly as her space pod, and has been brought into this solar system.

    Now her life is once again in jeopardy as her planet wants her back to fulfill the original death sentence placed upon her. But when Robin travels back to Murrall to present himself as her true mate, and to ask them to spare her life, they witness the horrible devastation caused when the planet was ripped from its galaxy.

    Knowing it may be his only chance to save the woman he loves, Robin offers a possible solution to save both Sah'Reena and her dying world. But first, he has to prove to everyone that he and the woman he’s taken to wife are compatible by undergoing a proving ceremony.

    However, regardless of the outcome, one man is determined to see the powerful Gifted dead, no matter what the cost.

    Warning: Contains dangerous rock slides, paint balls, arrogant men in high positions of authority, alien food, see-through tents, skimpy uniforms, in-laws, and a transference of power that shocks both Robin and the woman he loves—a woman who may be the most dangerous creature in the universe.

  • 02:09

    Game Changers Radio – Show #220 | XBOX 360 Compatible Games & Bump or No Bump

    in Video Games

    Join us; Shopmaster and MadScientist06, as we host another exciting episode of Game Changers Radio. In our 220th show MadScientist will share his strategy for CFM drafts.  We'll continue to talk about XP-less CFM Experience and GamePrep 2.0.  We’ll play “Bump or No Bump” with the latest ratings, check out our pigskin pick’em, and talk NFL.

    You’ll hear all of that and more on the next jam packed Game Changers Radio which will be airing live Tuesday November 10th @ 9:00pm est.



    Call in with your Madden 16 question! (760) 454-1156.  Join the debate and call in!

    QOTN: Who deserves a bump this week in their Madden Ratings and should IR players be able to play online?


    1.  Wrap up of XP-less CFM and Game Prep 2.0

    2. MadSci's Madden CFM Draft Strategies


    3. Bump or No Bump

    4. Our Online CFM Update

    5. Pick’em Pigs

    6. Fantasy Football

  • 00:59

    Is He Worth It?

    in Relationships

    Where are the good men?

    Good men are everywhere, and they are looking for terrific women. So why are they hard to find? And why do so many women make life-altering mistakes by choosing the wrong men?

    The answer is distressingly simple. Good men don’t always know how to attract women, and women don’t always recognize good men. It’s as if there is a wall between the most compatible people.

    But don’t despair! Is He Worth It? holds time-tested wisdom for spotting good men who are searching for great relationships. You’ll learn…

    The three pillars of a good man. Great relationships begin with the best raw material. Men of character possess these basic traits.
    The twelve-point man inspection. Men who succeed in relationships have the right tools for lasting romance. This quiz will help you evaluate his relationship readiness.
    Ten self-deceptions that lead to costly relationship errors. Life is too short to suffer through bad relationships. Find out how to avoid common mistakes women make when choosing men.

    Written by a happily married man who is also a clinical psychologist, Is He Worth It? is a sweet celebration of romance, and it’s the perfect guide to finding love in these complex times.

    About the author:

    Shawn Smith is a clinical psychologist in Denver, Colorado and the author of four psychology books. He also writes a blog at ironshrink.com, where he answers important questions such as: Can dogs learn to read? Why do I feel amorous when I have a cold? Is my ex possessed? Shawn’s writing is light-hearted, impeccably researched, and always useful.

  • 01:18

    BE THE LIGHT ~ Awaken To Love with Omaji and Alania Starhawk

    in Spirituality

    Join Alania Starhawk as she welcomes the ever-radiant ♥ Omaji ♥  to share with us in a sacred way!!!   Omaji is the founder of Embracing The Infinite™ and is known for her compassionate work with Vibrational Alignment.    This powerful form of healing has the ability to harmonize lifetimes of energies that are not compatible with the Truth of you.  As these false energies and perceptions are transcended, the result is a greater sense of peace, freedom and connection to the ever-expanding LOVE that is you!!  

    In the Light of compassion and joy...we shall share, inspire, and lift the veils of illusion to remember the beauty that we are!!

    Let our hearts UNITE....and passionately AWAKEN to the ONE HEART of Love!! ♥



  • 00:32

    Socially Moral Compatible Relationships

    in Self Help

    Overcoming feelings of inadequacies (Characterized spiritual and moral deficiency)

    Overcoming indifferences (Characterized by Political apahty)

    Overcomming grievances (Characterized by social injustice)

    Overcoming descrepiences (Characterized by economic disparity)

  • 00:08

    Author Talk Presents W Parks Brigham - We belong together

    in Books

    Shelly Roberts and Joffrey Matheson have watched friends fall in love and take that giant step—marriage—promising to share their lives together. Now it’s their turn. They’ve been paired as the perfect couple, according to Allanville’s Matchmakers Committee. Yes, their friendship has developed and grown. Yes, they are compatible, enjoy each other’s company, and want the same things out of life. Most importantly, they’re both seeking a meaningful relationship. Family and friends are excited as they cheer them on. Everyone is anticipating and waiting for the big news. 
    Humph, that’s a joke! 
    Instead, they keep getting sickening, whining excuses; there are no sparks…no chemistry…we’re just friends…you know, a yummy peanut butter sandwich but with syrup instead of jelly. The million-dollar question, how can you develop a serious relationship when you’re still carrying a torch for someone from your past? Where they do that at? In the small town called Allanville?

  • 02:00

    Evening Erotica with Lady K Episode 2

    in Entertainment


    1. What is an Angry Dragon? Ladies, have you let a guy do this to you?

    2. Can a relationship last if you're not sexually compatible?

    3. Fellas, have you ever done a snowball?

    4. Is your friend's ex off limits?

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  • 01:49

    Dating Overseas: Risky or Rewarding?

    in Romance

    The Internet gives us access to things that were once out of our reach.  Including people.  Especially people.  We spend quite a bit of time via Facebook, Twitter, etc., corresponding with people who are many miles away.  It's a great option to have being able to communicate at a distance.  Especially when the people you're encountering locally are getting on your nerves.

    America's culture has taken a turn for the worse.  We're decades away from the days when people looked out for one another.  Now people are taught to take care of themselves and not care what others think/react.  That what makes dating in today's society so complicated.  Not only are you trying to find someone who is compatible to what you need, but you're also trying to find someone who gives two flips about other people.

    So, to avoid the nonchalant American culture that's prevalant in today's relationships, some people choose to find a significant other overseas.  Why?  

    Is it because they're so hopeful to reach the United States that they'll be completely appreciative and loyal?  Is it because they're raised to have a certain respect level for relationships?

    We'll discuss that, Trump vs. Clinton and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

    Show No. 555

    Scheduled for 75-90 mins.


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