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    Compassionate Capitalist: Saving Taxes as an Angel Investor.

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    Karen Rands, Hosts the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show.  Topics are relevant to investors and entrepreneurs that are passionate about bringing innovation to the market and creating wealth.

    At long last the Federal and State Governments have realized that most job creation comes from small to medium companies that bring innovation to the market and grow into bigger companies.   And, that the primary source of capital to start and grow those businesses are private investors...not the local bank.   To provide an incentive to the very wealthy to "give back" to their local enconomy by investing in local businesses that can create jobs through bringing innovation to the market---ie Compassionate Capitalism --- they have created tax credit and tax incentives.  

    This segment will review the various options that investors have to reduce their tax basis by investing in companies that have not yet gone public.   Investing in companes with tax credits associated with them has two wins...reduced taxes during the investment, and big return at the point of sale of the equity to a public market or another company.

    Are you an investor that is tired of the volatility and unpredictability of the stock market? Are you frustrated that you have little influence to affect the management or operation of that public company? Have you realized that the public stock market is actually pretty risky and the overall return on investment isn't that great?  Then learning how to invest in private companies, purchasing shares in a company before it goes public, while the valuation is still low, could be the wealth creation strategy for you.   Tune in to learn how to join the world of compassionate capitalism.

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    Compassionate Capitalist: Sell your company for Max Profit

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    On this Compassionate Capitalist radio show episode, we shift from talking about successfully starting a company to successfully exiting a company.  Very few companies actually "go public".  Most exits for the founders and the investors come from selling the company to a private equity firm or a strategic buyer.   Our noted guest for this show is Huxley Nixon, author of the M&A Marketplace and industry blogger at SellYourCompany.org
    During this segment, Huxley will share insight gained from decades of working as an investment banker, broker, and merger & acquisition (M&A) specialist. 
    Whether an entrepreneur or an investor, you'll want to hear these gold nuggets so you can maximize the value of your exit when selling the company:
    What destroys your EXIT Value but you CANNOT control it? Financial Buyers can be Better for you company than Strategic Buyers - Why? Does the expiration of the Bush Era Tax Cuts materially impact what I get to keep if I sell in 2013 or later vs this year? Huxley Nixon, founder of Concord Hill Capital, is a seasoned executive with over twenty-eight years in financial services. Concord Hill Capital, founded in 1989 is a successful boutique Investment Banking firm in Atlanta, GA targeting early stage and middle market companies.  In May 2008, Nixon launched “M&A MARKETPLACE by cHcsm ”. 
    Karen Rands, has been working with entrepreneurs and investors for over a decade, creating environments for them to connect and thrive.  Join us on Facebook to Run with the B.I.G Dogs.

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    Compassionate Capitalist - Angel Investing when you don't have Cash

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    Often we hear investors say "That company has real potential.  I wish I had the cash to invest. My money is tied up in....".

    If they are high net worth and have been making the income that would qualify them as an angel investor, they likely have built up a portfolio that is worth over a million dollars.   The problem is that the portfolio is likely tied up in investment products that are not liquid or are somewhat illiquid because selling that product would decrease their return on that investment, incur a negative tax event, or a penalty for early withdrawel.   Furthermore, their financial advisors are discouraged by FINRA and the Broker that holds their license from discussing early stage private equity investments as part of a portfolio diversification strategy for wealth creation. So naturally, they wouldn't talk to that motivated investor about other means to make the private investment. 

    We will do just that in this broadcast.

    Karen Rands, Host of the Compassionate Capitalist show, will explore two ways to make investments into private companies when an investor doesn't have cash on hand but has ample accumulated wealth.

    1.  Self- Directed IRA

    2.  Portfolio Margin Loan

    To get more info on this topic, visit the My Virtual Angel World Blog: http://bit.ly/MVAW-cash

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    To connect with Karen, visit: http://launchfn.com/contact.html

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    Compassionate Capitalist: Tax Incentives for Angel Investor

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    Karen Rands, the Compassionate Capitalist, will talk about the federal and state tax incentives being offered to angel investors to invest capital into early stage and startup private companies.   She will also cover at a high level those tax incentive programs that entrepreneurs can use to offset expenses, increase profit, and also provide returns to investors.

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    Compassionate Capitalist: Invest Local for Global Impact - Microeconomics

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    Depending on your age and you field of work, it may have been many years since you heard the term "microeconomics".  Whether you heard the term recently or not, doesn't matter because you live and breath microeconomics every day.   Heard of the trendy concept of "shop local" or "Small Business Saturday"?   This segment of the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show will explore two sides of the "microeconomic" coin.   Sourcing of Capital and Sourcing of Customers...within the local community. 

    By definition, microeconomics is a branch of economics that studies the behavior of individuals and small impacting players in making decisions on the allocation of limited resources.  For the purpose of this show, the limited resource is money.  Whether that money is the investment capital of an angel investor, an SBA backed Micro-Loan or the money used by a customer to buy products and services in their local community.   In both cases, they help fuel the growth of the local company so that they can in turn buy equipment, inventory, services, resources from either within their community or beyond those community virtual walls to even global providers.  By helping companies succeed locally, they success has a ripple effect that leads to a global impact. 

    This is part of an ongoing education program for high net worth men and women interested in becoming angel investors and learning how to maximize the potential return on investment as they build generational wealth.  The National Network of Angel Investors


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    Compassionate Capitalist - HUB Atlanta for Entrepreneurs

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    Karen Rands, the Compassionate Capitalist, is excited to be a mentor at The Hub Atlanta and be a part of all the creative programs they have  developed to help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. The Hub Atlanta is at the HUB of entrrepreneurism in Atlanta!
    The Hub Atlanta is part of a network of 27 Hubs around the world that help socially conscious, innovative and aspiring entrepreneurs succeed by offering affordable collaborative work environments.   Michelle Morgan, owner operator of The Hub Atlanta will join this segment to talk about their innovative programs such as The Burning Plan, Exec Connection, Mentoring Services, and now the Village Capital incubator program.
    Atlanta was recently named one of the best places to start a business, and The Hub is ensuring they are an active participant in the success of Atlanta's entrepreneur market.
    For more info about The Hub Atlanta, CLICK HERE

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    Compassionate Capitalist - General Solicitation - Crowd Funding - Myth Buster

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    Entrepreneur beware - Equity Crowd Funding under Title III of the 2012 Jobs Act is still not authorized by the SEC.   The SEC is still taking comments from the public regarding how the Jobs Act Title III Crowd Funding should be structured with a comment submitted by Senator Merkley as recent as April 29, 2014.   However, we see companies claiming to be conducting a "crowd funding campaign" all over the place.  This is very dangerous.   They do not think they are breaking securities regulations or conducting fraud, but without the proper legal guidance and communication with the SEC, they very well may be.  Ignorance, unfortunately, is not an excuse the SEC accepts when they decide to pursue legal action against a company or a CEO.   Simply taking money from Accredited Investors to obtain start up financing is not enough if you do not have the proper paperwork in place.... wasn't the case before the Jobs Act and isn't the case now. 

    Tune in for this half hour segment to hear Karen's latest research on the matter and real life application of what can be done today to raise capital through General Solicitation. 

    NOTE:  There are two types of crowd funding - rewards and equity.  Rewards crowd funding has been legal and remains a legal way to attract capital to launch or grow a business.   However, equity Crowd Funding must follow specific rules that went into effect in September 2013, specific to the Title II of the Jobs Act regarding Crowd Funding. 

    To contact Karen and request a meeting - to discuss raising capital, investing in start up companies, or creating a joint venture to help enterpreneurs and investors connect, please visit http://launchfn.com/contact.html and complete the form.  A link to Karen's Calendar will be sent to you. 

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    Compassionate Capitalist -Protect your Company & your wealth

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    America is fertile ground for entrepreneurs to take innovative ideas from concept to reality.  Often they create wealth and with that comes the danger of becoming a target for lawsuits. America is a litigious society.  Disgruntled share holders, former employees, and disatisfied customers have potential to seek compensation through a lawsuit that could impact the value of the company, your personal wealth and the intellectual property you think is beyond reach.  Insurance is simply not enough if you haven't taken specific measures to protect those assets.

    Our special guest is Kevin Day, founder of Day & Associates, one of the top three law firms in estate planning focused on Asset Protection law and complex high net-worth issues.  Kevin Day is a well respected speaker at business tax planning, estate planning & investment planning conferences throughout the United States and Canada.

    On this show you will hear how you can isolate your wealth from potential liabilities, using Domestic Lawsuit Proof trusts, Offshore trusts, & Privacy Companies. Certainly those with high net worth, already know that they need Asset Protection.  Their wealth alone makes them a target to malicious lawsuits, so they seek experts like Day & Associates out.  Small entrepreneurs and investors, can also put lawsuit protection strategies in place without an offshore trust & with limited expense.
    View Web site www.day-law.com for more info
    Run with the B.I.G. Dogs - http://facebook.com/BusinessInvestorGrow
    LAUNCHfn's Capital Connection Site: http://launchfn.com/registration.html

  • Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show - Why Does a High Net Worth person Invest

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    This segment of the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show will explore the factors that motivate a High Net Worth person to invest in a private company.   During this half your show, you will learn about the emotional and psychological triggers that can cause an investor to invest by purchasing a portion of a private company or to reject the opportunity. 

    Entrepreneurs will benefit by understanding what the motivations are and therefore what they need to do or change to increase their odds of attracting investment. 

    Investors will benefit by understanding their emotional triggers and balancing those motivators with objective critieria to help decrease the likelihood of making too risky of an investment. 

    Karen Rands has worked with entrepreneurs regarding attracting capital for over a decade.  She has spent countless hours with investors discussing what caused them to invest and what did they learn from the investments that made money and those that did not.  She will share some of those insights during this show. 

    To connect with Karen and to sign up for valuable insights and information specific to entrepreneurs and investors, you can contact here at LAUNCHfn.com 

    You may also enjoy her blogs:


    Join her on https://twitter.com/karen_rands

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    Compassionate Capitalist: Direct Public Offering - Same Song, Different Tune

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    As part of our ongoing effort to educate the investors and entrepreneurs alike that may be new to game of selling/buying equity for cash, this episode of the Compassionate Capitalist show will review the history of Direct Public Offerings.   DPOs are exactly as they sound.   They have been around for generations but were rarely used as a vehicle for private companies to raise capital directly from the public.  Primarily because of the regulations and controls placed on Broker Dealers that would have handled such a transaction.

    With the advent of "Crowd Funding" and the release of the restrictions on "General Solicitation", the term "Direct Public Offering" is the new Black, so to speak.   It is gaining momentum as a recycled term and it is important for you to understand  the differences and nuances between Reg D 506c, Reg A, and DPO under the Reg D 504.

    Karen Rands will share her research into this topic and equip her listeners with the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding issuing an equity offering and participating in investing in an equity offering. 

    Compassionate Capitalist are men and women that invest time, money, resources into helping entrepreneurs bring innovation to the market and create jobs, ultimately creating wealth for themselves, the founders and other share holders. 

    To learn more about The National Network of Angel Investors go to http://nationalnetworkofangelinvestors.com

    To connect with Karen Rands, go to http://launchfn.com/contact.html

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    Compassionate Capitalist Show - Critical to Protect Accredited Investor Status

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    This Compassionate Capitalist segment will focus on the most recent threat to limiting emerging growth and start up companies ability to effectively raise capital from private investors. The SEC is considering a proposal to increase the threshold for what is considered an Angel Investor.  After so much effort has gone into increasing the ease at which an entrepreneur can find and attract sophisticated investors to their opportunity with the Jobs Act initiatives, any such increase will change the very foundation of angel investing in to early stage and start up companies.  

    Tune into this show to learn about the issue and what you can do to prevent it from happening. 

    Karen Rands will have a special guest, Marianne Hudson from the Angel Capital Association.  The Angel Capital Association is the leading professional and trade association supporting the success of angel investors in high-growth, early-stage ventures.

    Do you believe in preserving the health of early-stage companies and their role in job creation? Then join with the National Network of Angel Investors as we join other angel investor organizations, thousands of individual angels, entrepreneurs and service providers in the Angel Capital Association campaign to "Protect Angel Funding".   

    One Simple Objective: Protect angel startup funding and the startup economy by urging regulators to preserve financial thresholds in the current accredited investor definition. 

    Go to this page to listen to the full webinar: http://www.angelcapitalassociation.org/events/webinars/  Select : Protect Angel Startup Funding: Important Public Policy Update

    Go to this page to get links to directly connect you to the regulators so your voice can be heard. http://www.angelcapitalassociation.org/aca-public-policy-protect-angel-funding/