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    The XO Show

    in Sports

    We start by talking MMA (we didn't plan this). 4:00 Is Ronda Rousey fair game? Next, Draft Day comparisons.7:00 We talk about how Kwvin Costner can star in every sports movie ever. 8:00  We talk about Adam Shaw, and the power of words. 20:00 We talk about internalizing your thoughts. 25:45 Harris Wichard joins us. 28:00 We talk Timberwoles. and Tom Thibedeau. 34:00 EVERYONE NEEDS A POINT GUARD. 36:00 A Charlie Ward mention. I will fight you all. 37:00 I profess my love for Jeff Van Gundy.39:00 The Nets. I know y'all don't care. I asked Harris who is a bigger team killer: Drake? Or Dwight Howard? 49:00 Liam Jenkins joins us to talk about the Eagles trade. 59:00 Vernon Hargraves, Love.1:00:02 Did the Eagles lose the trade? 1:00:07 Mike Carver joins us to talk about Islander hockey in the Barclays center! 1:10:30 we talk about replay. 1:14 We acknowledge that hockey moves so much faster than the NBA. 1:00:16 We ask Mike what should be punishable. And then we end it. Love y'all! 

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    This is Fargin War! Did NXT Fire Back at Lucha Underground?

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    Last week Lucha Underground had a stronger show than NXT. NXT did a review show from NXT TakeOver Dallas while Lucha Underground started a Trios Tournament and the undying Fenix challenged the Lucha Underground Champion, the monster Matanza. However NXT will not take this laying down, as the NXT brand fires back with Austin Aries and Shinsuke Nakamura in action. Lucha Underground responds with newcomer, Dragon Azteca Jr. teaming with Rey Mysterio and Prince Puma in the Trios Tournament. Tune in and share your thoughts on the "Wednesday Night War" 

  • Wed.- 4/20 @ 7PM(CST)The Night Owl Conservative Presents: A Tale of Two Heresies

    in Politics


    Fortunately, America still gravitates towards leaders with a great love and respect for family, values and principles according to the tenets of "conservatism." So when Beck announced his endorsement for GOP candidate, Ted Cruz,  a new line of dissension was drawn, highlighting theology and doctrine.
    Wednesday, April 20, at 7pm (CST), you're invited to learn and share information on the theology of these two men - Glenn Beck, a well-known tv/internet host and professed Mormon, and Ted Cruz, whose faith is based on the teachings of his father, an ordained minister. 
    The contrasts and comparisons of these two faiths are being presented to:
    1. inform and educate the audience about the partnership that has developed, and
    2. Discuss whether "Full Disclosure" should expected and/or "required" from our politicians, especially when their faith has the potential of redefining the principles and values of this country.

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    Zone Coverage: #Kobe's Last Hurrah

    in Sports

    Kobe Bean Bryant.  #8.  #24.  The Black Mamba.  Call him what you want, but now you can call him "Retired."  Tonight is the last game of his 20 year career with the Los Angeles Lakers.  The Show Legends will discuss his career and make the obligatory comparisons to other players of the past.  Mainly Michael Jordan.

    Manny Pacquiao appeared to have little problems with Timothy Bradley in last Saturday's Pay Per View fight.  The fight wasn't worth the money and boxing needs to address that.  However, as far as the Pacman goes, he looked good enough for people to speculate that he could take on a couple of more fights.  Will he truly retire?

    The NBA season ends tonight and the Playoffs start Saturday.  We'll take a brief overview of the upcoming postseason and what some of the teams, who didn't make the playoffs, need to do.

    These things and more as Zone Coverage returns to the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "Talk sports fom the couch!"

    Show No. 588

    Scheduled for 75-90 mins.


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    Tax Returns and Income

    in Legal

    Agent Burt and Agent Marshall will conduct a timely discussion on what a Tax Return is and the meaning of Income within the legal system.  Our discussion will continue to revolve around the Agency relationship that is operated through the Citizen-ship by the individual(person) which is operated by the AGENT(the human body and soul). 

    We discussed the meaning of the terms: income, gain, profit.  Made comparisons between Actors(agents) vs Producer(principal) in a movie production.  Talked about how the IRS is an accounting agency to determine the value of its possesions, both the legal name Entity and other things of value.  Illustrated that labor for consideration is not income.  Anything collected through the legal name Entity is the property of the principal of the Entity, but the human agent still must be paid for his time in something of value.

    We were joined by Agent Tom and Agent Dino, whom we thank for thier time and contribution to the show.

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    FU 2016: DSD House of Cards Episode

    in Politics Progressive

    Ok it is time for some serious fun here. We have been following the 2016 Presdential Election since last fall and it had been worthy of a TV show plot line. Yeah it is.....As Fans of the House of Cards we started last season looking at how the real world match up with the House of Cards. So with it being election season in the real world and on the show, and the saying is that art sometimes imitates life we are looking at the comparisons of the real election and the shows election. Oh this is going to be super fun! However we still have our Bern Treatment from our own Anoa Changa. Plus recaps of stories from around the South. So come be nosy and sip some tea on the porch with us IT's DOWN SOUTH AND DIRTY!! Don't forget to call in @ 657 383 0995 (limit call to 2mins please)!

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    Health Liberty DrDebND : Evil PER C6 & HEK-293

    in Health

    About the PER C6 Abortion and cell lines….


    Key excerpts from the above document: Dr. Van Der Eb, Crucel NV is speaking…

    “So I isolated retina from a fetus, from a healthy fetus as far as could be  seen, of 18 weeks old.  There was nothing special with a family history or the pregnancy was completely normal up to the 18 weeks, and it turned out to be a socially indicated abortus – abortus provocatus, and that was simply because the woman wanted to get rid of the fetus.” The father was not known not to the hospital anymore, what was written down was unknown father, and that was, in fact, the reason why the abortion was requested.”“And this is the final slide just showing you some comparisons between 293 and PER.C6.  Again, I remind you that both cell lines were made in my lab for different reasons.  The objective, as I indicated, is for 293–was basic research, and we have done many different transformation studies after that, not transformation studies, but gene expressions studies with human embryonic kidney cells in the years following that up to now, I would say. “PER C6 was made JUST FOR PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING OF ADENOVIRUS VECTORS  As to RCA free, PER.C6 are RCA Free.  


    Scripture: Hosea 4:6 KJV............My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

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    Batman vs Superman, Obviously!, More Daredevil-Return of Blade-The Grind@6pm EST

    in Politics Conservative

    It really isn't necessary for me to be my customary verbose self.  This is the Grindhouse podcast powered by Afronerd Radio machined fitted parts.  Check out the latest installment this Saturday at 6pm EST.  Your hosts (the "Uncanny" Daryll B., Claire Lanay, Capt. Kirk and yours truly, Dburt) will be discussing this week's hot topics: our impressions of this weekend's freshly baked release of Batman vs Superman; more on Netflix' Daredevil (spoilers are inevitable); picking up where we left off regarding comparisons between Iron Fist (by Netflix) and the upcoming Tarzan redux; a Blacknerdswithproblems piece waxes about Spiderman #2 (The Miles Morales comic) and how the character reacts at being "outed" as a hero of color due to a wardrobe malfunction; the IO9 website highlights the now legendary rejection letters of Harry Potter author (and ahem, billionairess), J.K. Rowling; and questions of diversity arrive just as the first publicity shot of Wonder Woman and her fellow Amazons make it to the cyberwebs. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

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    Boom Bust Boom docu film explains global financial woes for all! INTERVIEW

    in Business

    Today's Mr. Media Guests: Bill Jones (son of Terry) and Ben Timlett, documentary filmmakers, “Boom Bust Boom” (starring Terry Jones of "Monty Python's Flying Circus")

    BILL JONES podcast excerpt: "Ben and I just watched 'The Big Short' where they go, 'You're betting against the housing market? The housing market NEVER goes down! And I kept shouting at the screen, 'YEAH? 1929!!!"

    Key interview moments:

    • 5:45 Bill Jones talks about comparisons between his film, Boom Bust Boom, and The Big Short;

    • 13:45 Ben Timlett discusses the challenges in editing such a complicated subject, let alone breaking down the immense crapload of jargon inherent in any financial discussion ;

    • 20:00 The filmmakers tell the true story of how the met as little boys (hint: it involves "Monty Python's Flying Circus" original member Terry Jones and a virtual kidnapping).

    Subscribe to Mr. Media for FREE on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MrMediaRadio

    For more interviews like this one: http://www.MrMedia.com 

    What is Mr. Media® Interviews? The calm of Charlie Rose, the curiosity of Terry Gross and the unpredictability of Howard Stern! Since February 2007, more than 1,000 exclusive Hollywood, celebrity, pop culture video and audio comedy podcast interviews by Mr. Media®, a.k.a., Bob Andelman. 

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/andelman

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MrMediaRadio

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    The Superior Power in Black America with Darrell Freeman and Monique Freeman

    in Self Help

     March 24th, 2016 8-9 pm central standard time 9-10 eastern 12th episode: Second discussion on your vote 1st topic: Presidential Comparisons Democrat Vs Republican for the past 39 years The Superior Power in Black America show, Introduction; Good evening everyone welcome to the Superior Power in Black America Show, with host Darrell D. and Co-host Ms. Monique. I am very proud Ms. Monique she has recently completed two weeks of her intern for special ED she wants to make a difference in the lives of many special needs children she is well on her way.  We invite everyone to call in and be a part of our hot topics and conversation. You are welcome to call in on the number 347 989 0180. Again be our guest and call 347 989 0180 press 1 to add your voice to the conversation. We all have differences of opinions, here is the place where you can express yours. All that we ask is that you stay on topic. Our broadcast time have changed from 10:30 to 11:30 am on Thursday evening gs to 8.00 to 9.00 pm on Thursday nights. That is correct our broadcast timereat Things Happen When Great Minds Converge! The Foundation of this show is based on the s is now every Thursday night at 8-9 pm mark your calendars so that you may tune in and listen. Honorable Mention: We would like to thank “Queen Mio” for allowing us the platform to share with you “The Superior Power!” And we are very excited about our future endless opportunities together. Great Things Happen When Great Minds Converge! Book Promo; You can find The Superior Power in Black America online at LPlNoble and Google books where you can read approximately 58 pages free. You can also tweet with us on Twitter @landausmooth and visit out blog at “Life with Landau @Blogspot.com. Landau Smooth "PEACE"     

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    Are Procurement Professionals Stuck in the Stone Age?

    in Business

    Today Buyers Meeting Point welcomes two guests: Anya McKenna is the Marketing Manager for Market Dojo, an eSourcing provider based in the UK. Ed Cross is the co-founder of Odesma, a business advisory firm also based in the UK.

    Anya and Ed have recently published a couple of posts that take a bold and honest look at business technology in general, but with a particular focus on procurement technology. Part 1 and Part 2 of Are Procurement Professionals Stuck in the Stone Age? are available on the Secret Diary of Market Dojo blog.

    In this interview we discuss:

    Why there does not appear to be a huge demand amongst B2B customers to secure simpler easier systems. 
    Why we should start to expect that our SiaS - Software IS a Service - rather than an opportunity for providers to sell consulting services on top of licenses.
    The role that big analyst firms play in B2B technology comparisons, and whether big tech, emergent tech, analysts, and users can achieve alignment.
    The extent two which solutions like Uber, Amazon Business, Airbnb, and Procurious owe their success to sleek design elements and user experience versus incorporating the right set of functionality.