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    Revolutionizing Mental Health Care

    in Self Help

    Join me as I chat with Cathy Harris, MSW regarding the latest on trauma informed training for heatlh and mental health providers. 
    Her website is www.traumarevolution.com 

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    Suzanne Marcus Fletcher interviews Josh White, Clinical Director of WinGate and Waypoints Wildnerness Therapy, one of the nations' premier wilderness therapy programs on treating Anxiety Disorder for troubled teens and young adults.  This is a rare program which offers hope and healing through nature to those struggling with comorbidity issues and addiction.  Join us for a rare discussion on the healing attributes of authentic wilderness therapy at www.blogtalkradio.com/thebodypolitic .  On October 24th @ Noon.

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    Exclusive Interview With A Man Suffering From Multiple Personality Disorder, Has 44 Personalities

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    On this episode, Podcast only version, We spoke to Chris. Chris suffers from a mental illness called Multiple Personality Disorder. This was a rare opportunity to take a look into the mind of someone suffering from this disease. At the beginning of the show, you will hear the Host attempt to get Chris on the line. He was ready and willing to be on the air, but as his personalities switched, he would hang up, cry, call back, laugh, etc. He suffers from panic attacks as well. You will hear tight breaths as he switches from one personality to the other. On this show, we counted 44 different personalities. The personalities that switch within this victim of MPD are: Coleus, Kim, Maria, Sylvia, Mr.Berstein, Eve, "2,000", George, Carrie, Francine, Carmella, Walt Disney, Christopher, Chris, Lafayette, "#25", Renee, Jackie, Jennifer, Mike, Tim, Sonya, Al Capone, Sylvester Stallone, Tyson, Dilda Bone, Mark, larry, Scott, Antoinette, Marcus, Vince, Flocastra, Marie, Elson, Jennie, Regina, Partick and Carline Daley. Known to Us As Possessed Chris from New York City
    Individuals diagnosed with DID MPD demonstrate a variety of symptoms. Multiple mannerisms, attitudes and beliefs which are not similar to each other
    Unexplainable headaches and other body pains
    Distortion or loss of subjective time
    Severe memory loss
    Flashbacks of abuse/trauma
    Sudden anger without a justified cause
    Frequent panic/anxiety attacks
    Unexplainable phobias
    Auditory of the personalities inside their mind

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    "Big Boys Do Cry," Men & Depression, Facing Darkness,

    in Spirituality

    Join host, Robert Williams as he shares his twenty-year bout with depression to help others. Depression is a hidden plague of hopelessness that demolishes marriages, careers, populate jail cells, and choke emergency rooms. Nevertheless, we must engage ourselves to speak about our secreted curse. Depression is treatable, but we must seek treatment, as a result, we must begin to “talk out loud.” Join the discussion, call-in (347) 324-5502 or join in our always-lively chat room. Today's Topics: Comorbidity and The Pastor: Bridge or Barrier to Mental Health Care?

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    The Marijuana Crisis- Treatment and Legislation

    in Politics

    There is growing concern that there is no real medical treatment avaialble for the masses of people seeking help. At the same time there are challenges to misinformation regarding it's usage and effects as a drug.
    Granting Agency: National Institutes of Health
    Purpose: This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) issued by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), National Institutes of Health, solicits new or competing renewal Research Project Grant (R01) applications from institutions/ organizations that propose to conduct preclinical and clinical research directed towards the identification, evaluation and development of safe and effective medications for the treatment of Cannabis Related Disorders (CRDs) and their medical and psychiatric consequences. They include the Cannabis Use Disorders (CUDs) such cannabis abuse and dependence, the Cannabis Induced Disorders (CIDs) such as intoxication, psychosis, and anxiety, as well as the comorbidity of these disorders with other medical and psychiatric disorders (e.g., depression). Cannabis use includes marijuana, hashish, and other tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) containing substances. NIDA is encouraging research in this area because there is a high prevalence of marijuana use in the general population accompanied with an increasing misperception that its use poses low health risk, there is limited research in this area, and there are no effective pharmacological treatments available for these disorders. GRANT ANNOUNCEMENT LINK: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PA-07-365.html#SectionII

    This series of programs are designed to offer tangible solutions to the critical issues that are challenging the quality of life in various populations. Each segment will begin with a clearly stated problem, along statistics about the problem before inviting participants to help develop workable solutions. We invite forward thinkers, entrepreneurs and solutions oriented talkers to engage in meaningful problem solving.

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    Episode #21: Substance Use and Abuse among Military Personnel

    in Military

    Substance use and abuse, including non-medical use of prescription drugs, is an issue of concern in the US Military. Michael E. Kilpatrick, MD, Director of Strategic Communications for the Military Health System in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, will discuss the programs to prevent substance abuse, to provide counselling and rehabilitation for those with problems and ongoing studies to better understand the extent and contributing factors for these issues. Timothy P. Condon, PhD, Deputy Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), will talk about a research initiative that NIDA has been leading on substance use and abuse among U.S. military personnel, veterans and their families. Issues regarding conducting research in military settings will be discussed.The appearance of advertising on this Web site, does not constitute endorsement by the (Department of Defense), of the products or services advertised on this site.DrugeAbuse.govScience of AddictionDrug Pubs -- Research Dissemination CenterNIDA Med -- Reseources for Medical and Health ProfessionalsResearch Report on Comorbidity: Addiction and Other Mental IllnessesSubstance Abuse Treatment Facility LocatorMilitary Health SystemRead transcript(pdf)