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    Community Building! It's an Art!

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    *Due to unforseen circumstances, Monday's show is being rescheduled to Wednesday 10/23/13
    On Wednesday morning, 10/23/13, at 7am we will be discussing the fine Art of Community Building with special guest, Menes Yahudah. Menes is a percussionist, teacher, and Director/Founder of Urbanfoli Arts. We will discuss what it takes to build a healthy community, what art has to do with it, and what we can all do to get involved. Let's Be About It! JOIN THE CONVERSATION! 347-215-9773

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    Observing the Roles of African Men in Community Building and Developing Healthy

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    There is an overarching stereotype about the absence of African men in family and community development. Some claim that African "Black" males have failed to protect their communities while some say African leaders are the ones failing to protect their societies.  Is there some validity is this stereotype?

    However, history portrays Africa as an organized society where males prided themselves in protecting their communities. This character trait dates as far back as pre-colonial days were men were more socio-politically visible than women and in some societies; even though they deferred some of the sociopolitical roles to women. In those societies, women were allowed to make decisions pertaining to women affairs, but in general, men played various roles as councilmen, elders, and as a matter of fact, as those responsible for guarding the living from the forces of evil.

    How do character traits of today's men differ from those of our ancestors? What have we forgotten to remember? Is it good to remember and continue to observe the cultural legacy and behavioral commitments of the ancestors? Is it possible to combine the Afrocentric governance with those of our ancestors? From the look of things, corrupt governments, killings, etc., it appears black leaders have moved too far from the good traditional practices of their ancestors. If this is the case, then who protects black communities? Should those good traditional protective roles be abandoned? Will electoral processes work in black communities, particularly, in Africa? Where do we go from here?

    . The program is co-directed and co-produced by African Views.


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    Award-Winning Online Community Building Strategies

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    Today, software companies such as SAP and Taleo, business information providers such as LexisNexis and consulting firms such as Palladium Group have moved much of their customer interactions to online communities they have built for their customers. While they are still in their early stages, these online communities are providing these enterprises with a competitive advantage: the ability to get much closer and become more valuable to customers every day, around the clock.
    That’s why LinkedIn marketing expert Kristina Jaramillo invited Vanessa DiMauro. founder and CEO of Leader Networks – a research and strategy consulting company that helps organizations succeed in social business and B2B online community building – to  join her on the B2B Marketing Insider’s Radio Show. 
    Vanessa’s bringing to our guests knowledge and expertise from over 15 years experience in social business leadership positions at Cambridge Technology Partners, Computerworld, Bitstream and TERC.
    You’ll learn how  she has founded and ran numerous online communities, and has developed award winning social business strategies for some of the largest and most influential companies in the world.
    Listen to this radio show interview with Vanessa DiMauro - then check out our other community building interviews at http://www.b2bmarketingradioshow.com

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    Building Fortunes intro to The Community & Building Your Bussiness

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    Welcome to Building Fortunes Radio. We assist entrepreneurs in building their 

    business through the support of Internet Radio. Join Peter Mingils and special guests. Our  marketing channels include email, web, text, and phone.... more

    by Building Fortunes
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    last Friday

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    Building Fortunes intro to The Community & Building Your Bussiness - Feb 10,2014

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    Welcome to Building Fortunes Radio. We assist entrepreneurs in building their business through the support of Internet Radio. Join Peter Mingils and special guests. Our marketing channels include email, web, text, and phone.... more by Building Fortunes in Business last Friday

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    Let's talk about Community Building

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    Tonight's Guest is our very own Johnny Love. We will discuss various issues in the community and try to come with ideas in order to bridge the gap in generations. This young man is excellent in building great relationships and believes in following-up with anyone he comes across. Tune in and allow him to inspire you to do more for your community. FB profile - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005223401021

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    How To Form A Green Team......

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    Today on "It's My House" we shall be speaking with the "Green Team" of New Vision Renewable Energy which is located in the great state of West Virginia.  They will be discussing how communities can organize their own "Green Team" and various projects that can meet the needs of that specific community.

    Topics covered will include "home steading",  "home power stations", "solar home power stations", and the importance of community.

    Feel free to call in and ask any quesitons or give us your comments.

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    Justice: A Path to Happiness, featuring Kokomon Clottey

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    Tune in and turn on to A Happiness Index with Aeeshah Clottey and her guest, Kokomon Clottey.  What does justice have to do with happiness?  As we explore why we thirst for happiness, we will also be asking serious questions about justice and our quest for happiness.  Plato says that "Justice is Happiness." Why aren't we happy?  How does justice support our intention to be happy?  Can a person be happy and unjust?  What doe it mean to be just?  If we seek justice, will we find happiness ? This show is designed to encourage critical thinking about happiness and how it relates to justice.   We will listen to music created by Kokomon and learn together what it means to be truly happy and its connection to justice.  Tune in to "A Happiness  Index" and explore with us, joy, justice and happiness!


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    Community Radio . Building Strong Communities ... One Person at a Time!

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    Community Radio ... The Strength of a Community comes from the Strength of it's People ...
    Building Strong Communities One Person At A Time! . Join us each Thursday Night at 8:00 pm Eastern Time

    Your host ... Katrina Blankenship
    World Reknown Talk Show Host talks to neighbours from all walks of life ... to share their life, their joys, their trials, their triumphs so that we may learn and grow together ... to build a STRONG Community no matter where we live!

    Listen at 8:00 pm tonight! . Email ... katrina@katrina.com any time!

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    Building Fortunes Radio - Peter Mingils

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    Network Marketing Lead Peter Mingils to develop PM Marketing and NetworkLeads.

    Every Sunday, he explains Building Fortunes Radio to past, present, and future customers.
    You can probably find everything you need to build your home based business here.
    Leads, Training, Tools, Systems, Customer Service is what we provide.

     http://www.networkleads.com for leads and systems

    http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com forour promotional materials

    http://www.youtube.com/networkleadstv Our You Tube Channel

    http://www.youmongus.com What's really Big

    http://www.youmongusads.com our Classified ads site(one of dozens of sites)


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