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    Warning On Latest In Common Core Fight

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    Hear updates on the new battle lines in the fight for our schools, teachers and children under Common Core.  See what ideas are being formulated on both sides.  Also hear about upcoming conferences and be encouraged as God is on our side.  Hear from the latest on ESEA re-authorization and what states are trying to do to push and combat for the control of America's future.  Time to get more informed.

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    The Corruption of education through “common core”

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    Common Core should be renamed the “Lowest Common Denominator.” He suggests that American schools have been scientifically designed to prevent over-education, thus “ensuring workers who will never be tempted to better their stations in life.”

    Common Core was not developed by the states but rather by the "COMMON CORE REGIME" along with Obama's stimulus $$ and pushed by the duped Republican governors and business groups.

    The push by a DC-based nonprofit called Achieve, Inc., which is the Education division of   Rupert Murdoch‘s News Corp., under the auspices of the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) in 2007. Neither NGA nor CCSSO (which are merely trade associations with private  membership lists) had a grant of legislative authority from the states to   develop national standards. In fact, Common Core was written by the same   progressive education reformers who have been trying to impose a national curriculum for decades. This time, they were savvy enough to invoke the “cover”of NGA so they could paint Common Core as a “state-led” effort. To the extent states had any input, it was limited to offering suggestions that may or may not have been accepted by the people in control.


     GATES FOUNDATION underwrote( paid for)  & promoted the COMMON CORE curriculum scheme along with Jeb Bush's 2 foundations.

    RUPERT MURDOCH's News Corp built the database infrastructure In BLOOM evolving out of the above partnership this was created to operate the database.

    The U.S. Department of Education (USED) did not create the Standards, but it was deeply involved in the effort to gather together the various trade associations and private foundations to do the work that USED wanted done.


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    Common Core/State Standardized Tests And Your Children

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    Welcome to a special Friday edition of "The Search For Verity Radio Program"! Tonight we will be talking about education and the ramifications that come along with programs like Common Core. Through programs like this, entangled with other government sanctioned programs like "No Child Left Behind" that have seen an influx of state standardized testing, are our children reaping the rewards of what education has to offer or, are they being stretched beyond the limits of success? Leading up to the recent PARCC State Standardized Testing in Ohio, there has been a large movement of parents that have had their children opted out of the testing. What is the reason for this? Is it a political ideology at play, or do they genuinely see their kids suffering under these guidelines? There has also been a concern of what these tests are doing to teachers because they tend to be assessed by how the children do on just one or two state tests. Is this fair to them?

    All of this and much more. Please call in to be a part of the show!

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    Alice Linahan And The Latest With Common Core

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    Hear latest in the fight against Common Core with the nation's premiere user of social media. .Alice Linahan of Texas..Hear about this maze of bureaucratic control called Common Core Standards Initiative.

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    Common Core Conundrum Clarified

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    Don’t be fooled by grandiose claims in support of the Common Core State Standards Initiative that incentivizes  states  to "Race to the Top" by choosing uniform Language Arts and Mathematics standards that students are expected to achieve at the close of each school year (K-12). Research Mom Sharon Hanek raises red flags about this scheme that “facilitates,” rather than “educates.” How so? By delivering highly politicized, strictly utilitarian miss-education that undermines the religious value system your family holds dear—this, by systematically altering how your child thinks. Who’s behind the initiative, what’s in it for them, and at what cost to our children? Tune in for answers!

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    Is COMMON really the CORE standard for Americans? And what is Conservatism?

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    Join Sisters4Feedom for the three C's this week: What is conservatism, and/or do you consider yourself a conservative?  Regardless of political ideology, most Americans have a common desire for all children to have access to a high quality education. Don't forget that we consider you an extended family member, so you are invited to participate by calling the show, and by connecting with us in the chat room.  Call in number is 347-850-8231- live at 6:30 PM Eastern, 5:30 PM Central, 4:30 PM Mountain, 3:30 PM Pacific. Additionally, you can help us to share the show with your Facebook network.  Simply go to BlogTalkRadio.com and click on the “Connect using Facebook” button at the top of the page and follow the prompts. Stop by and leave a comment or suggestion at our Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sisters4Freedom-Radio/580796928688543  #Heels2TheGround #Sisters4Freedom 


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    A Look At Common Core Through Eyes of Mental Health Expert-Joan Landes

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    Hear perspective on what is going on inside the minds of children and families suffering through common core.  Isn't it time we got rid of it?  Why has it now come to where parents are not welcome to help in schools and books are no longer sent home.  What is there to hide?  Why is it that the best helper for the child--his/her parents are now being made to feel very inadequate and unable to see their children through school?

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    Common Core or One Core solution?

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    The one major component of learning is the actual ability to learn.  So what is that common core "thing" that does that?

    Its not a method, its not a style nor is it another way of looking at a problem.   Lets take a look at what is required to bring excellence back to America! 

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    Dr. Sandra Stotsky on Common Core

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    Hear an interview from an incredible woman, Dr. Sandra Stotsky, as she shares truths about Common Core.  She helped with the best ELA. This week we will re-air past broadcasts..this is worth learning from

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    It's coming your way no matter what you call it. The Manager of Instructional Consulting at Mind Research Institute, Erich Zeller and his guest , Huntington Beach California Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Shepard. Considering the weather here in Maine, I may be making a personal visit soon.

    This link was mentioned on the show: http://www.wested.org/resources/stmathevaluation2014/


    www.mindresearch.org  @mind_research

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    Exposing Common Core

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    The Common Core State Standards Initiative is currently being implemented in United States school systems for K-12 students. These standards mainly affect English and mathematics standards, but will greatly influence how children are able to think about the world. The initiative is largely funded by the Bill Gates Foundation and sponsored by the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers.

    Audio is taken from:

    Ben Swann Exposes Common Core Standards
    Michael Watson - Shocking Confession of a Mississippi State Senator
    TRUTHstreammedia - Proof Common Core is Killing Common Sense
    Julie Borowski - The Truth About Common Core
    Daily Slave - The Insane Jews That Created Common Core
    Dr. David Pook - Common Core to Fight White Privilege
    The Blaze - Exposing Common Core
    Building The Machine - The Common Core Documentary

    Presented by Kyle Hunt.

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