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  • Commercial Real Estate Financing with Darryl Dahlen

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    From a post in the Facebook Group, Commercial Real Estate Network regarding a refinance of a 400 unit apartment complex, I learned about Darryl Dahlen & his company Global Solutions.

    FREE CRE Finance Worksheet http://bit.ly/CREPN-DarrylDahlenCREFinanceWS

    We will dive into various topics with Darryl regarding:
    Current Marketplace Opportunities for Investors:
    Areas of the country where undervalued opportunities still exist
    Rates of appreciation year over year
    Types of financing
    Purchase & Rehab
    Refinance / Cash Out
    Length of ownership operating required for consideration

    Global Solutions is an experienced commercial brokerage with years of experience that specializes in funding commercial real estate loans for domestic and international clients.

    Our business model is based on leveraging our strong lender relationships that have been formed over many years to bring our clients the best terms possible.

    Using a "square peg square hole" approach we use our 10 years of lending experience to match a loan with appropriate lender.

    We have an array of loan products which allows us to be extremely flexible and competitive. We can arrange financing using SBA, USDA, HUD, Fannie/Freddie, bank loans, CMBS lenders, bridge loans, and hard money or private money.

    While our focus in multifamily properties, we are well-versed in many asset classes and welcome any owner-occupied or non-owner occupied properties that are:

    Assisted Living
    Office flex
    Light Industrial
    Strip malls/Shopping Centers
    Stabilized Hotels

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    Commercial Real Estate Crowd Funding with Rob Finlay

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    Rob Finlay is a businessman who has devoted his career to nurturing entrepreneurship, identifying innovative solutions to everyday challenges, and giving back to the community through various charitable endeavors. Mr. Finlay is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of QuietStream. His business success is built on a foundation of experience and accomplishment on Wall Street, during which time he held positions with major firms, including Credit Suisse First Boston, Lehman Brothers and Deutsche Bank, where he specialized in capital markets and commercial real estate. In 2000, Mr. Finlay founded Commercial Defeasance, LLC, which remains the industry pioneer and leader in the defeasance of commercial real estate loans.  Responding to the ever increasing needs of his client base, Mr. Finlay expanded the size of his professional team and the scope of the support they would offer commercial real estate investors.  They added corporate entities that addressed investor management, underwriting, funding for commercial properties, legal document organization, data sharing among brokers, investment listings, turn-key commercial website design, and more.  In 2013, all of these support services were brought together under QuietStream Financial, allowing commercial real estate investors to engage one company which had the capabilities of responding to a host of investing needs.


    Outside of the boardroom, Mr. Finlay serves on many philanthropic boards.  He also has earned equal distinction both as a race car driver and as an accomplished pilot. Mr. Finlay is an alumnus of Southern New Hampshire University and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife Karin and their four children.

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    Cyber Crime in Commercial Real Estate with Jim Patterson

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    James R. Patterson is the Western Region Network Security & Privacy Specialist for AIG.  In this role Jim is focused on educating clients and insurance brokers on cyber exposures, losses that insureds are experiencing, and loss prevention methods.  Prior to assuming his current role, Jim served as Senior Underwriter in

    AIG’s San Francisco Region, specializing in cyber and technology coverages for AIG’s Professional Liability Division. Before joining AIG in 2009, Jim spent six years as an Account Executive with Bollinger Insurance in New York City specializing in Lawyers’ Professional Liability insurance.  Jim is a graduate of the University of Miami.

    FREE Cyber Resilience Plan: http://bit.ly/CREPN-CyberResiliencePlan

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    Commercial Real Estate Job Market

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    View the full show description and guest bios at our website.
    We just heard that the unemployment rate is now the lowest it’s been in many years. More jobs are being created and more are now available, but how does the national jobless report affect commercial real estate professionals? Are more jobs available and at what salary? Are these the jobs that you want? Do your skills and experience fit the jobs that are available? What jobs will be available in the future and will you need to learn new skills? Has the recession caused a “brain drain” in commercial real estate? These and other questions will be discussed with our panel of experts: Bob Poline of Poline Associates and Kent Elliot of RETS Associates.

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    Commercial Real Estate Today

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    A round-up of news, events and deals affecting the Commercial Real Estate Industry Every Monday morning at 10 AM Pacific. Get the latest news on who's is looking for space, who has space, property for sale, financing, news and discussions on issues facing the industry. Start you week right with the right information about the CRE industry.

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    Commercial Real Estate Today

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    A round-up of news, events and deals affecting the Commercial Real Estate Industry Every Monday morning at 10 AM Pacific. Get the latest news on who's is looking for space, who has space, property for sale, financing, news and discussions on issues facing the industry. Start you week right with the right information about the CRE industry.

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    Mobile Technology for Commercial Real Estate

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    Mobile computing is becoming more and more relavant to our lives and business.  I heard somewhere that there are more cell and smart phones per person than toilets.
    Mike Manning and Justin Hu are joining me to discuss:
    The status of commercial real estate and mobile computing; The advantages of mobile computing in your real estate business; What's on the horizon for mobile computing and commercial real estate; Cloud Computing, what it is and what it can do for you; More on Loopnet and Co-Star, including new Pro-Tools Mike Manning is Vice President of Marketing for LoopNet, where he heads the company’s email, online, and paid search engine marketing programs.  Mr. Manning has worked in Internet marketing and information services for over 15 years, holding marketing and general management roles with companies such as Houghton Mifflin, Hooked on Phonics and Datamonitor.  He has extensive experience in utilizing online channels for lead generation and customer engagement.
    Justin Hu is the Senior Director of Product Management at LoopNet, where he is responsible for organizing LoopNet’s product strategy and overseeing the product management and design functions. Justin joined LoopNet in 2005 and has been instrumental in implementing key LoopNet offerings, including Search, Listing Marketing, Mobile and Paid Subscriptions. Justin holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology & Society from UC Berkeley.

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    The Making of Commercial Real Estate News Online: Interview with Michael Beckerm

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    The brainchild of its founder, Michael Beckerman, The News Funnel aggregates real estate news, blogs, videos and other content for busy CRE professional. They gather trade news and information from trusted industry sources and then let users craft that information into a custom feed that is unique to their geographic market, industry segment and areas of interest.

    The News Funnel was created by Michael Beckerman, a 25-year veteran of the public relations industry and author of the RE Tech Bits Blog. Michael was previously the founder and CEO of Beckerman Public Relations, a firm he grew to one of the largest independent agencies in the country. He is now CEO of The News Funnel and is responsible for the site's overall vision and day-to-day operations. The original idea for The News Funnel stemmed from Michael's own experiences trying to stay current without being overwhelmed – he envisioned a more streamlined solution that would benefit both professionals and the PR agencies trying to reach this audience.

    While discussing The News Funnel itself, the focus of this show is on Michael.  We are going to discuss his background and experience and what led up to the inspiration and development of The News Funnel. 

    What did he learn from his experience in business and running a large, independent public relations firm?

    What has it taken to put together a successful and widely utilized online aggregator of news and information?

    How can real estate professionals stay on top of their profession and promote themselves by using The News Funnel?

    Finally, Michael will give us a sneak peak at what he sees for the future of the internet and how it will effect the business of commercial real estate.

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    Commercial Real Estate War Stories

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    With about 35 years of commercial real estate experience, you can imagine some of the war stories that I have to tell. Some of them sad, some funny, some exhilarating and some stupid or smart. I have represented landlord's, tenants, been a broker, tenant rep, etc. Listen in and be entertained or call in and tell us some of your stories.

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    Six Mistakes That Investment Real Estate Buyers Make (And How To Avoid Them)

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    David Fantin is a Real Estate Advisor, Entrepreneur and Investor, Commercial Real Estate Consultant, Acquisitions Expert, Broker Investor, entrepreneur, consultant, negotiator, radio show host, philanthropist, and athlete—

    David’s experience in all of these roles affords him the knowledge and fervor to provide commercial real estate partnership opportunities, as well as consulting guidance on commercial real estate acquisitions and brokerage representation in your real estate investment opportunities.

    As a real estate investor, David Fantin hold interests in companies that own 818 apartment units, commercial properties and residential investment real estate.

    INTERO REALTY ASSETS | REALTY INCOME SHARES: Through one of his affiliate companies, Intero Realty Assets, David provides investors partnership opportunities to potentially attain double digit returns and appreciation in commercial real estate investments, an alternative/addition to traditional investments like stocks and bonds. These professionally managed hard assets are ideally suited for the "hands off" investor.

    INTERO REALTY ADVISORS: For the active or "hands on” real estate investor/owner, Mr. Fantin provides consulting and broker representation on a national basis with over $500 million in real estate investment transactions have been brokered.

    Credentials include the following: 

    Texas Real Estate Broker

    Maryland Real Estate Broker

    Florida Real Estate Broker 

    Member - National Apartment Association 

    GLOBAL SPORTS FOUNDATION: In his role as philanthropist and in his 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, David has gained enormous respect for the necessity of preparing for the future and in helping others to do the same.

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    Fiscal Cliff's Effect on Commercial Real Estate

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    View this show on the CRE Radio website.
    Talk about timely!  This is the show where we discuss how the whole issue of the Fiscal Cliff will affect Commercial Real Estate.
    What will happen if Congress avoids the cliff and just kicks the can down the road?
    What will happen if Congress is unable to do anything by the end of the year?What will happen to the: 15-year depreciation of leasehold improvements Alternative minimum tax relief conservation easements 1031 like-kind exchanges New Markets Tax Credit Deductions for brownfield improvements Join us as we discuss these and other relevant issues with the distinguished Dr. Sam Chandan.