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    Graceland: Bradlee Dean on enemies of the state on CommDigiNews Hour

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    On Graceland with Jennifer Meadows and Curtice Mang welcomes Bradlee Deans, an ordained preacher, heavy metal drummer, and frequent college and high school speaker.

    The Obama administration continues to transgress the law and the rights of the American people. He continues to try to rule by arbitrary decree – see executive amnesty, for example. It picks and chooses which laws to obey and which to ignore.

    Obama freely admonishes Christians for centuries old transgressions, while he remains incapable of calling Islamic terrorism for what it is. It’s not that big of a deal, it’s that the media overstates the terror threat.

    Is the Obama administration an enemy of the Republic? We’ll discuss this and more with Bradlee Dean.

    Also on tap, if only ISIS fighters had jobs, it would be no trouble at all. At least that’s what the State Department thinks. And a federal judge temporarily halts Obama’s executive amnesty.

    Graceland airs live on Thursday’s at 6:30pm Eastern here on CommDigiNews.  The following chat is from that live show, starting with Critical Conversations with Lisa Ruth


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    CommDigiNews Hour - 2014 MidTerm Elections, Conservatism, Game of Thrones

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    CommDigiNews Hour for Friday, June 13, 2014, 6:30pm EDT begins the first of many conversations on the upcoming 2014 Midterm, the candidates, the issues, and why you should vote. Senior Editors Lisa Ruth and Jim Picht will start off this series with a lively conversation on the importance of the midterms, and a look at a few choice races. 

    Our second segment of the show will find Joseph F. Cotto talking with Paul Gottfried about the State of Conservatism. Cotto is currently at work on a book about American society.  Gottfried is Raffensperger Professor of Humanities Emeritus at Elizabethtown College and author.

    Our final segment has media specialist Gayle Falkenthal and entertainment editor Terry Ponicktalking about the upcoming Game of Thrones finale.

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    FREEDOM'S GATE: Gold Star Mother reveals the Ganjgal Ambush coverup

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    Gold Star Mother, Susan L. Price’s son Marine Gunnery Sergeant Aaron Kenefick was a Recon Marine and “Marine of the Year” twice in ten years. Sergeant Kenefick was also one of three marines who died in what is being called the Ganjgal Ambush.

    Price, who guests on Freedom's Gate with  host Kevin Fobbs insists that her son’s death and the deaths of the others were a result of a cover up.

    Also on the show, Rod Eccles, a national radio host, conservative writer and patriot will discuss how conservatives can take back the White House in 2016.

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    Ireland - land of myth, castles, moor and wind swept cliffs. Travel to Ireland with Bob Taylor and Jim Leggett, a world traveler, writers and photographer who held the position of chief photographer for the Scottish Tourist Board.

    Jim has traveled Ireland, both North and South, for the past thirty years and with Travel the World on CommDigiNews Podcasts, as Jim takes us on a journey to the land of green.

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    Freedom's Gate: What are the real solutions to Baltimore’s violence and rioting

    in Politics Conservative

    On Freedom's Gate Cliff Russell, a Detroit news anchor, political analyst, and current host of “Detroit Speaks with Cliff Russell” on AM 1200-99.9 FM WCHB will join Linda Lee Tarver, a Commissioner Michigan Civil Rights Commissioner, organizational psychologist and Director of Community Affairs & Election Integrity Liaison for the Office of Michigan Secretary of State on Standing to discuss not only what percipted the riots but what needs to be done to change the course of our cities. 

    They will discuss possible causes and solutions to the violence and anger that resulted in riotous outbreaks in Ferguson, MO., and the city of Baltimore.

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    CommDigiNews Mid-Week edition - Open Rebellion Radio / Congress' recess & Iraq

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    On Wednesday evening CommDigiNews mid-week / Open Rebellion Radio broadcast, host and writer Richard Cameron will be joined by Hugh Fike II, from Heritage Action For America's Sentinel organization.

    Our focus will be the Congressional agenda that will be debated when the House returns from the August recess – as well as how voters can have an impact on House members when they are back in their district offices.

    The show's second segment, we will welcome Lisa Ruth, Comm Digi News editor, writer and host of the CommDigiNews weekly Friday show, Critical Conversations, that will discuss the re-entry of America's armed forces into Iraq and the general foreign policy atmosphere globally.

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    FREEDOM'S GATE: Guest Michelle Manhart protecting America's flag

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    Last Friday Michelle Manhart an air force veteran saw protesters stepping on the American flag she took immediate action that resulted in her being detained by the Georgia, Valdosta State University police.

    The former air force sergeant was informed by a student that there were protesters on campus that had the flag on the ground and they were walking on it. Manhart saw that a group of protesters were desecrating the flag by using it as a floor matt.

    According to Manhart, she stressed, “I went over there to pick up the flag from the ground. I not concerned as much for the cause of the group’s protest, but felt very strongly that the flag did not deserve to be on the ground."

    Join Freedom;s Gate as Michelle discusses her arrest and upcoming protest in support of the American flag.

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    FREEDOM'S GATE: Defeating Hillary’s liberal election machine

    in Politics Conservative

    With no real democrat challengers on the horizon, Clinton can simply refuel her campaign retread speeches from the 2008 cycle and unleash her new image on the American voting public. Can and will conservatives rise to the occasion and prevent Hillary from attaining her much sought after planned presidential coronation?

    Are Americans going to be treated to a Barack Obama and Bill Clinton combined third term? Will America’s conservative religious values be allowed to wither and die? Fortunately there are several effective political weapons in the arsenal of conservatives to help slow Hillary’s roll.

    The Conservative Campaign Committee is one of potent weapons and the other is the Tea Party and its young leaders.

    Join Selena Owens Vice Chair of the Conservative Campaign Committee and Mariah Tiffany Boland a District Coordinator for Convention of States and Coordinator at Tea Teams USA to discuss how conservative candidates can win and take back the White House in 2016 on Standing at Freedom’s Gate.

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    Europe by train: Relive the past, discover the future

    in Travel

    Trains recall a golden age when a pair of rails were a pathway to discovery, parallel lines converging in the distance, momentarily unified in a time and place that is a carousel of sights and sounds.

    European trains are a procession of time and place; events leap off the pages of history, yet remain alive with the tempo of today. Here is an opportunity for access to a diversity of nationalities and perspectives that personify every journey to reach beyond guidebooks and bring your personal odyssey to life.

    Listen to Travel the World with Bob Taylor and Jacquie Kubin as we take off across Europe by Train

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    Travel the World: Visiting Belize and the rich Mayan culture

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    Tonight on the CommDiginews Hour Travel the World we continue our tour of Central America with a tour of Belize. Geographically situated South of Mexico with Guatemala to the West and South, Belize is the only country in Central America whose official language is English.

    The Mayan civilization dates to about 1500 BC and thrived until about 900 AD before it suddenly disappered; Modern day Belize is formerly known as British Honduras, gaining its independence in 1981. The influence of the British on the schools and the world feel of this tiny county combined with the depth of the Mayan culture creates a diverse community wiht many cultures, including a strong Amish influence.

    Today the Mayan way of life is still strong as Mayan's work to keep their historical places and culture survive. Descendants of the Maya still have a rich presence and  thrive primarily as farmers in the region, while many of the youth are found in tourism as docents at historical sites, the many pyramids that still exist, the largest being Lamanai in the Northeast of the country.

    Join us as we Travel the World, tonight to Central America and Belize.

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    FREEDOM'S GATE: RFRA - Gay discrimination or religious freedom?

    in Politics Conservative

    Why are the two mutually disagreeable - particularly in 2015? 

    Did Indiana and Arkansas’ Religious Freedom Restoration Acts permit discrimination against gays and lesbians, or were they a legitimate means to protect constitutional rights? According to Republican Governors Mike Pence and Asa Hutchinson, their states' respective laws did not discriminate against gay individuals, yet both compromise bills to accommodate gay rights activists.

    Some gay rights groups are now demanding that churches that do not support same-sex marriage be shut down. Has a new culture war been launched against Christianity? Is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act being used as a weapon to actually discriminate against Christians instead of protecting their religious freedom from liberal intolerance?