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    magar hour comet riders

    in Social Networking

    get ready to step over to the other sid eof rone
    the dark side of the magar
    tonight call in confess your sins to the dance of chazz dancers and expose those real moms
    347 215 7638

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    Brandon's Take #3: Landing a Spacecraft on a Comet

    in Comedy

    The news is old, but Brandon's take on it is not.

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    Same Ol' Mayweather / Spurs: The End of a Dynasty? : INtheZONE

    in Sports

    Did we spend five years of our lives waiting and anticipating the so-called "Fight of the Century"? Yes we did, and what did we receive instead, the same ol' Mayweather. Mr. Floyd Mayweather, Money Mayweather to you and yours, tormented boxing fans with another boring, dull, and anti-climatic performance. As for Manny Pacquiao, it didn't get much better. After an acceptable beginning, he faded like Haley's comet. The real fight was in the NBA, between the Clippers and the Spurs. A game 7 for the ages! Join IntheZone for a special edition podcast to recap one of the most anticipated Saturdays in sports history.

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    magar hour school of the full rone master class pt 33

    in Social Networking

     in this master magar session 

    expose those jendos
    if you can't do it alone chazz razz and his team of fullrone magars are  here to guide you on  your journey through the gates of magar to jockey for postion grist mill family style on that comet
    special guest alex schaefer and more who knows who cares?

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    The Cyclical Savior || WebPreach.com with Dan Roller

    in Christianity

    Joshua 24:15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

    Many people in the world today have what we call a backup plan an alternative option, a substitute plan to put into play if the original plan doesn't work out the way they thought it would. Having a back up plan is a good idea but when it comes to your eternal salvation, it's a matter of life and death. Many people of the world come from various cultures and different beliefs and religions. Most people in the world today just follow the leader and believe what they are told, they don't take the time to search out a matter and to seek out the truth.

    Proverbs 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

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    The Belief Corner w/Brett Brown (Hosted By Dr. Ebony Archer)

    in Entertainment

     16 year old Brett T. Brown is a profound author and illustrator whose imagination to create stories that channeled his talent of humor, illustration and real life scenarios right into his debut book, “Haley’s Comet” (220 Publishing).Although quite humorous, Brown creatively spread knowledge and motivation to teens through the character Haley as she tackles real-life events through fictional scenarios.Brown’s mission is to encourage teens to step out of the background and use their gifts to showcase their brilliance

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    Interview with Terry Fernihough & Melody Lovejoy

    in Music

    After spending his teens and most of his 20s playing in rock bands, Ontario's TERRY FERNIHOUGH made a decision to quit, and put his energy into what he really loved, which was writing songs. Terry explains that he was "too rock for country in the 80s, and too country for rock." Then everything changed. Some called it "New Country", some called it "Country Rock". Terry just called it good music. As time has moved forward, his tastes have broadened even further into more traditional country, folk, and even contemporary country, which has moved even farther away from its traditional base. He feels very fortunate to write with some of the most talented artists on the Canadian country music scene. These artists have been nominated for CCMA Awards, ECMAs, provincial country music awards in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario, and two of them are even Juno nominees. Terry will talk about songwriting and will share two of his songs recorded by Canadian country artists Donny Parenteau & Sarah Beth Keeley.

    MELODY LOVEJOY is a country recording artist and songwriter based in Edmonton, Alberta. Influenced by her love of rock driven music and her country roots, Melody’s voice combines the smoky overtones of a rock diva with the clear emotion of a country songstress to bring a punchy, yet emotionally connected performance. Melody has performed on stages as small as your living room and as large as the Jubilee Auditorium. Notable performances include the 2010 Grey Cup Huddle Town Stage, The Honda Indy Ultimate Street Party and the Taste of Edmonton. Her debut album is set to release soon with the lead single I'm Letting Go which will hit Canadian Country radio on September 16th!

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    Finding Hope in the Shadow of Depression

    in Women

    Been feeling down for a while? How do you know if just a temporary case of the blues or if you're in the grips of full-fledged depression?

    It has been said that in the U. S. alone, 20 million people suffer from symptoms related to depression and that two out of three of these people are women. In recent years, the rate of depression in children has even skyrocketed.

    What is behind this surge of emotional distress? Some say mental weakness, some say overexposure or overstimulation, some even say it's sin. No matter the proposed origin, there isn't often any hope offered to those who struggle with depression. 

    Today, our guest, Dr. Gary Lovejoy Ph.D., co-author of the book, Light in the Darkness: Finding Hope in the Shadow of Depression, is here to offer hope. He wants to dispel some of the myths about depression that are commonly accepted.

    Tune in and join our chat! 646-716-6910 or log in to our chatroom during the LIVE broadcast!



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    Turning Away - WebPreach.com with Dan Roller

    in Christianity

    Turning away from the truth is the response that many people have chosen today. 

    Millions have chosen to stay on that wide road that leads to destruction and many believers in Jesus Christ have changed their course and have departed from the faith for a religion that produces an emotional high and gives a synthetic satisfaction to the flesh. 

    I say synthetic because it is not real, it's only a short lived emotional high, just like alcohol or drugs and it will leave you empty and only searching for a stronger substitute to satisfy the soul. 

    The only substitute that can bring satisfaction is in the Lord Jesus Christ and when you choose to submit and follow Him there is no looking back.

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    GEI41: Asara Lovejoy gives us: The One Command

    in Entrepreneur

    Listen in as Asara Lovejoy reveals the secrets to the One Command and how it will change your life quicker than you can imagine!

    How total surrender can become your gateway to freedom
    How to get into the right Brain Wave State
    Which states of mind can change beliefs, and which cannot
    Tap into your Inner Power on Command!


    Asara Lovejoy has hit it big coming from down-and-out to generating over $3 million from her powerful idea – one that is so radical and new it is transforming every life it touches. The process in 6-easy steps reaches the greatest undiscovered power you have right within you with One Command and is transforming lives around the world.

    Going from down and out, to reaching over 400,000 folks with her message of your undiscovered secret intelligence in her best selling book, The One Command: Six Steps to Attract Wealth with the Power of Your Mind Asara

    says if I can do it so can you! Inspiring speaker, Internet marketer, and founder of The One Command© ExecutiveSuccess Coaching program, Asara Lovejoy is one of the most compelling voices to emerge from the self-help and human potential arenas in decades.

    Her programs are practiced on every continent and translated in German, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian. Those around the world quickly responded to the new revelation in consciousness that Asara shares. She says, “You are hard-wired for success right within your brain, biology and DNA and in 6-easy steps and One Command we show you how to access that power.”

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    in Motivation

    Let Beverly tell you a little about herself.

     Over a period of 42 years I worked for 2 fortune 100 companies as a Information Systems Troubleshooter, trainer, course developer and facilitator. In those capacities I trained thousands of individuals worldwide to become better individuals and to learn new skills. I have had my own consulting practice for over 5 years.

    Through my journey of learning, I had the privilege of being personally trained by Asara Lovejoy, the author of the book “The One Command®.”  

    You see, I asked for guidance and direction and the answers came. I can honestly tell you I use “The One Command®” in my consulting practice to bring about change and live a rich existence filled with adventure. 

    I am a Certified Hypnotist, Silva UltraMind ESP Instructor/Coach andThetaHealing® Practitioner which gives me multiple methods to help you realize your dreams and make the changes you deem appropriate.  All of them giving you the power of using your Theta Brain wave which puts you in “The Zone” of success. 

    I am here to help you gather the information you need, to learn and apply the necessary techniques to the challenges in your life, enabling you to realize real physical change in your mind and body giving you the ability to change the circumstances in your life.

    I provide private sessions, over the telephone or in person, and they are available by appointment only. She also do group sessions, Skype and teleconferences. This allows you can get the help you want no matter where you live or your economic situation.