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    Tom Hopkins, Jay Levin, Mike Rafati, Robin R. Mallett

    in Business

    Tom Hopkins carries the standard as a master sales trainer and is recognized as the world’s leading authority on selling techniques and salesmanship. Over 5 million people on five continents have attended Tom’s high-energy live seminars. Tom personally conducts 30+ seminars each year traveling throughout the world. He is the author of 18 books, including How to Master the Art of Selling™. His latest book is titled, “When Buyers Say No”  

    Jay Levin life, relationship, business, career and leadership coaching who has developed a coaching process he calls Life Elevation for which he has hundreds of testimonials as to its effectiveness. He is also an award-winning  leader in the media world and was founder of the LA Weekly newspaper 

    Robin Mallett District Director, U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division Houston District Office 

    Mike Rafati helps conscious entrepreneurs and business professionals to follow their dreams and create the fulfilling life and business they desire. Mike has a passion for entrepreneurship and draws from his business and marketing experience. He is the founder of IncredibleCoach.com

    For more information go to MoneyForLunch.com.
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    Joe Goldberg Interview- Secret Wars: An Espionage Story

    in Books

    Joe Goldberg is a former CIA officer who worked for eight years in covert action, information collection, and analysis. During those years, he earned a Meritorious Unit Citation and three Performance Awards.

    His debut novel, Secret Wars: An Espionage Story is a suspenseful glimpse into the shadowy world of the CIA, where deceivers become the deceived and the consequences are life or death. It's a clandestine world where intricate networks of people fight a complex battle to keep the world safe from terrorism.

    When terrorists funded by the Libyan government strike airports in Rome and Vienna in 1985, the CIA enlists top propaganda expert Mike Garnett to help recruit a high-ranking Libyan official, Foreign Minister Abdallah Mukhtar, to work for the CIA. As violence escalates between the US military and terrorists based in Libya, Garnett utilizes CIA assets in Hollywood to produce a propaganda video designed to convince Mukhtar he was betrayed by his own regime. Garnett's plan works--but goes sideways when it motivates the Libyan official to do something Garnett didn't even consider.

    Sharp and insightful, Secret Wars: An Espionage Story is a thrilling tale of deception, betrayal, and patriotism--and Garnett soon learns they're not as black and white as they seem when he's forced to reevaluate the true nature of the business of deception.

    For fans of Tom Clancy, David Ignatius, and Frederick Forsyth, Secret Wars is a fictional thriller set against the backdrop of historical events. Meticulously researched, it pulls from the author's personal experiences as a member of the CIA.

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    Midday Smack Talk with Prostock Joe

    in Automotive

    OK Smack Talk Nation...today is Take 1 Tuesday...let's have a little fun with some hard choices in the grudge game...like who would you rather have as Captain of the Cockpit in a Huge Big Money Race...Tony Bynes or Tony Wright....or...DC Sniper or Willie Dog...etc...etc

    Who would you rather tune your car in a Huge Big Money Race...Mike Hill or Chris Tuten...or...Chris Kline or Choptop Eddie...

    Tune in today at noon...646.595.2258

  • Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris

    in News

    Co-hosts Richard Narog and Hezi Aris open the Tuesday, October  6, 2015th broadcast day at 10am Eastern Time in celebrating New York City's Polish Day Parade. Then, organically, we will travel where the road leads us.

    At 11am, Hezi takes a half-hour to catch up with international news and analysis.  candidate for New York State Supreme Court Judge, attends the program at 11am.

    Bill Nuckel, Republican designee for Yonkers Mayor joins us the day after the evening debate he and Mayor Mike Spano engaged at the Nepera Park-Grey Oaks Neighborhood Association. He will advise of the debate from his perspective and speak to other concerns.

    Your participation is shamelessly solicited; share your perspective; ask a question, be heard! Engage us during the two-hour radio time slot using our newly installed Chat Room or place your call to (347) 205-9201. You are only asked to please be respectful of all our guests and stay on topic.

    Listen live or on demand: http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/WestchesterOnTheLevel/

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    Episode 0049: Fear The Walking Dead Season 1 Finale

    in Television

    Seems you listeners prefer to hear podcasts that talk about the zombie apocalypse. So, here is a quick chat on the topic of the season finale for Season 1 of Fear The Walking Dead. What do you think on this topic? Feel free to call The Mike Behind The Mike Show at (929) 477-3402 and voice your opinion. We'd love to hear from you. Why do I keep saying WE when it's just me? I dunno. But call anyways. Maybe I'll go schizo on you and you can talk to multiple personalities? LOL!

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    Episode 0048: How To Get Your Non Prepping Family To Prep

    in Prepping

    In this podcast we discuss how to get non preppers on board with prepping. How do you get them to see the importance of having a stockpile of supplies in the event of a crisis? If you would like to voice your opinion on this topic, feel free to call (929) 477-3402. If you are an archived listener that listens to recorded episodes of The Mike Behind The Mike Show, call us on Saturday evenings at 10pm CST for the weekend recap show.

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    BSA Poddamnit #121

    in Sports

    The award winning podcast from TheBaseballStars.org returns! Kevin joins Mike to talk the BSA season. 

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    The Maya Akai Show (UNPLUGGED) Featuring Comedian Nikki Brayden (10-05-2015)

    in Radio

    Some of the Talk ON TAP:   

    Drug charges filed after dozens of heroin overdose cases reported, South Carolina flood: Door-to-door searches, swamped roads, 994 mass shootings in 1,004 days: this is what America's gun crisis looks like, Dunkin Donuts Employee Writes '#Blacklivesmatter' on Police Officer's Coffee Cup, Photo of White Man, Friends Posting Racist Comments About Black Co-Worker’s Child Goes Viral, Revisionism Is Real: Texas Textbooks Lie About Slavery,  & 50 Cent Blames ‘Empire’ Ratings Drop on Too Much ‘Gay Stuff’


    Chat via the BTR Chatroom
    Call/Comment @ 310.807.5211
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    Facebook/Twitter: @TheMayaAkaiShow @NikkiBrayden  Instagram: @MayaAkai @TheNikkiBrayden


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    Monday Night Rant - STEVIE MACK RADIO 10 05 15

    in Comedy

    #StevieMackRadio –  Monday Night Rant  10 05 15

    Mon -Thu 10pm (PST)

    Call in 646.716.6113

    Stevie Mack (Writer/Host) takes the news, current events and pop culture, flip it up, slap it and rub it down with an urban edgy twist! Listen in as political pundits Montel Jackson, Bygh Myke and Rev. Al match wits with Stevie Mack on the "Topic of the Night"

    Visit  http://www.steviemack.com

    Follow  http://www.twitter.com/ComicStevieMack

  • NFL Week 4 Recap & MLB Postseason

    in Sports

    Tonight we will recap some of the big games from the NFL in Week 4 of the NFL season with a specail focus on Jets-Dolphins in London; Giants-Bills; and the state of the NFL at the quarter poll. Plus some thoughts on the Dolphins coaching situation. Time allowed, we will also begin to preview the MLB postseason. 

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                    Hershel Myers Jr comes from good stock.  You can tell by his text messages and his correspondence, he’s a good guy.  He’s a family guy, and a man of God.  Was in and out on the Ferguson Missouri Mike Brown ordeal, he’s from the St Louis area, and was an integral part of THE BASEMENT.  Interviews with celebrities and music on the soul side.  Hershel is ready to throw down on the one.  347-205-9366. Let’s get the party started.  All in?