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    Voices Carry for Animals #13

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    Jeff Coltenback was born and raised in a small town in Northern, NJ.  He always had a love of animals.  He was involved in athletics his whole life and was captain of his High School Football and Baseball teams.  He went on to play college football as a walk on and was poised to have a bright college football career.  He has been involved in dog training since the early 1990’s when he assisted in training his brother’s Pit Bull, Odin.  Odin was the reason Jeff fell in love with Pit Bulls.  Throughout the early and mid 1990’s Jeff was presented with many opportunities to help train and care for the dogs and pets of friends and family.  In the late 1990’s he began studying more seriously to learn all he could about training dogs.  As his dog training career began to materialize, so did his increasing love for Pit Bulls.  Even in the 1990s, Pit Bulls were misunderstood.  And, he felt the responsibility to change the public’s mind and negative view of his beloved breed.  

    Jeff has been a guest on a variety of radio shows, including various appearances on Martha Stewart Radio.  after many appearances, and at the encouraging of his wife, Jeff launched his own internet radio show in early 2013.  You can listen to Jeff's shows here:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jeffcoltenback.  The links to the episodes are below as well and you can listen to them right here.  The episodes are in chronological order with the most recent one first. 

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    Ask Sue n Jeff Coltenback Let you know SAVE MEMPHIS CONTINUES!!

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    Ask Sue welcomes Jeff Coltenback to the ASK SUE SHOW to let people know that SAVE MEMPHIS CONTINUES!!!!!

    We have had promises on the show and so has Jeff from BoH. We also had MIKE FITZPATRICK ON THE SHOW
    Lets get an update of where we are at, where do we go from here as I know like me the PUBLIC is furious and feel let down by BLOOMFIELD Board of Health!!!

    Can BOH be allowed to spend you the tax payers money so easily and then after all that just give a dog away??
    I will be asking the Board of Health to come on the show and say their side too

    Please call in to show your support 347 327 9694

    EMAIL and please have a look at the WEBSITE





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    Holistic Pet Care with Jeff Coltenback - Show #297

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    Animal naturopath candidate, Jeff Coltenback, joins us this week. We'll be talking with Jeff about his new DVD, Holistic Pet Care. He and his wife, Diana, are the founders of Paradise Pet, Inc. Jeff is certified in many natural healing modalities, animal nutrition, and training.

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    Season 2 - Show 3: Preparing pet owners for new baby

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    Since 2009, Jeff Coltenback has been conducting Pets and Babies classes for expecting parents at two major Hospitals in Northern NJ - St Barnabas and Valley Hospitals.  His classes have helped expecting parents and their pets with the transition of adding a new baby to the environment.  Join us tonight as Jeff illustrates some proactive measures that will surely help with this major life changing event.  Jeff's workshops usually last over 2 hours.  In one short hour, you will be better equipped to handle the challenges of being a new parent with pets.  The focus of the class is geared towards dogs with a good portion dedicated to cats as well...

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    Season 2 - Show 2 - Sochi Olympics stray situation

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    Tonight we will talking about the stray dog situation over in Sochi.  Jeff will be playing a recorded interview he did yesterday with a US Olympics official that has been over there and has first hand information on  the stray dog population.  Mike Jaquet will share his views on the situation and offer some insights from his perspective and the perspective of the olympic athletes. 


    Tune in tonight at 7pm ET for a quick one hour show...

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    Season 2; Show 1 - Pet Talk Radio with the Coltenbacks

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    Welcome back to Pet Talk Radio with the Coltenbacks.  Please join us for the first show of Season 2!!

    We are going to jump right into the season with some controversy.  We will be talking about the very controversial and emoitonal topic of animal abuse in the food industry.  Whether you're a meat eater or a Vegan, we encourage everyone to listen in.  Callers are welcome!!!


    Tune in tonight at 8pm ET as we kick off Season 2 talking about animal abuse in the food industry and what we can do to help! We will be joined tonight by fellow animal rescuer, Comedian and Vegan, Harris Bloom; as well personal trainer and health coach, Tracie Thompson.

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    Pet Talk Radio with the Coltenbacks - Show 21

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    Pet Talk Radio with the Coltenbacks  
    We're back after a 3 week layoff.  Tonight we will be recapping the goings on of Pitty Rescue and other ventures.  We will also be previewing winter preparation for your pets! 
    Due to a priot engasgement, toniight's show will only be one hour...

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    Show 19 - Pet Talk Radio with the Coltenbacks

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    Pet Talk Radio with the coltenbacks:
    Tonight we will be reviewing the Patick case and have a special guest caller discussing the verdict, sentencing and the outlook going forward.
    Jeff will also be addressing some Memphis questions that have surfaced since the Bloomfield town Council voted unanimously for Memphis's return to Bloomfield.
    And, of course, we will address all of your pet related health and behavior questions!

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    Show 20 - Pet Talk Radio with the Coltenbacks

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    Pet Talk Radio with the Coltenbacks
    - Update on the Memphis situation; resistance from the Board of Health Continues...
    - Dog fighting epidemic
    - Pet Care "appetizer" for the upcoming winter! Yes, can you believe it....WINTER... 

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