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    Modern Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture and Interior Accents for the home

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    Good Evening and Happy Wednesday!

    Join us tonight as we explore Modern Spanish Colonial Revival in Architecture and Interior Accents! Our love for the Spanish Casa give us a spiritual uplifting that relates to the earth (according to Linda Lieghpal, from her book Casa Bohemia). When we think of the Spanish home it takes us back to Old World Mexico and Spain. We get a sense of warmth and ambiance, along with a captivating sensual elegance, and character. Learn distinctive style elements from ceramics, to textiles, furniture and architecture. 

    See Ya There!

    10:30 pm pst

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    Author James Anderson discusses the Never-Open Desert Diner LIVE

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    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes novelist and poet James Anderson to the studio.  James Anderson is an American novelist, short story writer, and poet. He was born in Seattle, Washington and grew up in the Pacific Northwest and is a graduate of Reed College, where he received his BA in American Studies. His undergraduate thesis was the first critical work done on the Beat Poet Lew Welch. Anderson attended Pine Manor College in Boston, Massachusetts where he received his MFA in Creative Writing. The Never-Open Desert Diner is his first novel. Over the years his short fiction, poetry, essays, and reviews have appeared in many magazines, including The Bloomsbury Review, New Letters, Solstice Magazine, Northwest Review, Southern Humanities Review and others. His first publication, at age nineteen, was the poem 'Running It Down' in Poetry Northwest.   http://jamesandersonauthor.com/

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    The Know Show welcomes Gail Dawn -4/13/16- of Gail's Diner, in N.L.R. Arkansas

    in Spirituality

    This Wednesday, April 16, 2016, the Know Show is pleased to welcome back, Ms. Gail Dawn, a Personal Chef, and owner of Gail’s Diner in North Little Rock, AR., where down home food is served with a smile and love and a feeling that we remember from our mom’s kitchen, replicated at Gail’s Diner.

    Once again, our discussion will center around the beautiful little diner below that has become home for many Arkansans and others who are traversing I-30 from Fayetteville to L.R., and ultimately to Little Rock, or Memphis, Tennessee.  A military base is close by and soldiers are always at the diner for breakfast or lunch or a bite to take home for family.  Call in tonight to share your favorite diner story and the folks that visited there, famous, and infamous, of course.

    The food is not only tasty but beautiful in appearance and even special request such as yours truly who does not eat beef or pork and was served, at my request, a home-made huge biscuit with scrambled egg, slab turkey bacon, a tomato, and cheddar cheese for a minimal fee, even for the special request made. Gail recently hosted a National

    Radio Show, the Tom Joyner Morning Show with a phenomenal awareness generated from the Show for the Diner and the personalities that showed up for the opening were pleasantly surprised at the quality of food and the down home atmosphere that made people feel comfortable and for me, reminded me of being in my grandmothers kitchen with my siblings.We will also discuss Gail’s private customer base that uses her as a Personal Chef for large and small gatherings that include her Mission statement purpose of preparing delicious, healthy, nutritious and balanced meals at a great value, as you enjoy a great time with loved ones and co-workers, that does away with the stress and hassle of food preparation and cooking at home.


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    Lovecraft and Magick in Colonial America with Frater Phergoph

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    On Thursday March 17th, 2016 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will present a discussion and book reviews on Magick in Colonial America. Frater Thabion (Poke) will deal with H.P. Lovecraft's "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" a novel of necromantic alchemy set in Colonial Providence Rhode Island.Lovecraft's occult source material will be Poke's main focus. Our guest Frater Phergoph from The Valley Forge Encampment in Pennsylvania will discuss Daniel Harms "The Long Lost Friend" a new translation of a Pennsylvania Dutch grimoire from the Colonial period. This should be a fun evening for you East Coast witches and warlocks.


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    Understand Kemetic-Tradtional Lifestyle Part2

    in Spirituality

    View colonial issues of community through the eyes of Traditional/Indigenous Culture

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    The Haunting World of Bram Stoker on a BMW Motorcycle

    in Art

     When you hear the word “Transylvania,” what do you think about? Do you envision creaking doors, helpless maidens, howling wolves and flapping bats, caped noblemen with vicious fangs, thunder and lightning booming down on a desolate castle? Do you envision werewolves? Vampires? Bram Stoker? Dracula? Bela Lugois? Vlad the Impaler?

    The real Transylvania is a daylight fantasy filled with high altitude roads, lost-in-time villages and sun-drenched plains dotted with ancient churches and castle ruins.

    And, thanks to Claudia Palfi and Adventure Motorcycle Tours you can experience Transylvania and other unique destinations on the back of a BMW.

    Visit the Adventure Motorcycle Tours website

    Follow Adventure Motorcycle Tours on Facebook

    We'll also take an online road trip to Baltimore, Maryland to talk with George Kavourakis, owner of the Broadway Diner

    Be sure to visit Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys website

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    Guest: Andrew Meyer

    in Culture

    You need not go far to see Israel and Palestine is in the news, with the backdrop of freedom as a main theme. We will cover this very hot topic in this edition of Freedom For All. Jim and Jennifer welcome Andrew Meyer. Policy Analyst and Communications Manager at the Rachel Corrie Foundation, a Research Assistant at the Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures, and an incoming PhD student in Politics at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

    The Rachel Corrie Foundation is named after a young woman who was a 23-year-old American peace activist crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in March 2003 while undertaking nonviolent direct action to protect the home of a Palestinian family from demolition.

    Meyer's research interests include Settler Colonial theory, the history and historiography of the Palestine question, liberal Zionism in the United States, and political negotiation in the neoliberal present. He is a founding member of Olympia BDS and has traveled extensively throughout the West Bank and Gaza as a member of the International Solidarity Movement and the Maia Mural Brigade.

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    How do we really feel pt. 3 ( Was Homosexuality in Ancient Africa)?

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    Is this true? The very denying of indigenous homosexuality among African cultures plays into the hands of racism.
    Gays and lesbians existed in Africa long before the Europeans. To be honest, recent examples of African homophobia are not much different from the homophobia in the United States, but what makes them noticeable is the assertion that homosexuality belongs solely to other cultures.The leaders of these anti-gay campaigns seem to share a common belief that homosexuality is somehow un-African, a vestige of European colonialism.Much of the modern anti-gay rhetoric, however, is based on Christianity, which white Europeans introduced to Africa. If African homosexuality existed freely before the Europeans, then it seems that homophobia, not homosexuality, is what the Europeans actually brought to the continent.

    Thus, anti-gay rhetoric makes the African leaders less revolutionary, and more evolutionary, as they evolve into the same prejudiced culture of their oppressors.

    The truth is, after hundreds of years of racist colonial exploitation, white people have no credibility to challenge homophobia in black Africa. That's why black leaders in Africa and America must stand up on these issues. Or are we on the side of the Christian Conservatives? Black people in America, often cling to a sense of hyper machismo to protect their pride against the memory of former slavery, imagining themselves as warriors or "soldiers". Some of us do have this spirit, but we cannot deny the diversity of our people. Homosexuals are an ancient and natural minority in human populations and are not a threat. 

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    Robert Morris University Woman's Basketball Coach Sal Buscaglia

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    The Total Tutor Neil Haley and Coach Karen Hall will interview Robert Morris  University Woman's Basketball Coach Sal Buscaglia

    Robert Morris University women's basketball head coach Sal Buscaglia is entering his final season on the bench with the Colonials, 13 years after taking over and turning around the women’s basketball program. Since he has taken over, the women's basketball program has played in six national tournaments, won three Northeast Conference championships and earned playoff berths in 10 of his 12 seasons.

    In 2014-15, Buscaglia led the Colonials to the conference championship game for the second straight season. RMU finished the year 18-15 overall and took third in in the NEC standings with a record of 13-5. A trio of Colonials earned post-season honors highlighted by All-NEC First Team selection Anna Niki Stamolamprou who averaged 15.4 points and 5.6 rebounds per game. Freshmen Megan Smith and Mikalah Mulrain were named to the league’s All-Rookie Team.

    Buscaglia returned the Colonials to the top of the NEC mountain in 2013-14, winning the regular season championship and the tournament title. It was the fourth regular season championship and third tournament title in Buscaglia’s reign. The feat earned him NEC Coach of the Year, while RMU earned a plethora of post-season hardware.
    Artemis Spanou was named the NEC Player of the Year for the second season earning All-NEC honors for the fourth straight season after leading the league in rebounding once again. Under Buscaglia’s tutelage, Spanou blossomed into RMU’s all-time leader in points and rebounds and owns 10 RMU season or career records. Anna Niki Stamolamprou and Cassie Oursler were also named to the NEC All-Rookie Team, joining a long list of Colonial players to earn honors under Buscaglia.

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    The bible is based on one basic white-man lie about colonial spirit-God

    in Religion

    When did intelligence first emerge in the universe?

    Here’s a question that has a direct bearing on both the Drake Equation and the Fermi Paradox: When did life first emerge in the universe? More important to the SETI discussion, however, is determining the earliest point at which a radio-capable or Singularity era intelligence could have emerged. My initial suspicion is that the conditions required to support intelligent life have been established for quite some time now – a conclusion that will only reinforce the Fermi quandary rather than diminish it. A lot of hand waving goes on when people dismiss the Fermi Paradox. The fact that the universe isn’t already teeming with ETI’s and machine intelligences is more disturbing than most people realize. One such person is Ray Kurzweil who believes that we are the first (or among the very first) intelligences in the universe to approach the Singularity. I find this absurdly improbable, but it’s an hypothesis that I’m willing to entertain.