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    Bennett Collen from Cognate

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Bennett Collen from Cognate. Cognate is a new trademark listing and management concept. Businesses can document their Trademark rights without the government. For more information please visit their website at https://cognate.com/

    For more information about the Friends of Kevin Networking Group and to see a list of upcoming events please visit their webiste at http://friendsofkevin.com 

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    FREE READINGS! Astrology and February Moon Manifesting Cycles!

    in Spirituality

    Cynde Meyer will interview Jennifer Masters, who will share the February Astrology and Moon Manifesting Cycles. Cynde and Jennifer will offer free Mini-Spiritual Readings Live During the Show. 

    Call 347-857-4447 for your FREE MINI-READING  with Cynde and Jennifer!

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    American Freedom Watch Radio - Straight Money Analysis with Joseph Meyer

    in Politics

    Welcome to American Freedom Watch Radio with Karen Schoen and John Estabrooks

    Joseph Meyer - Financial Analyst.  Straight Money Analysis, NL What can you do?  "In the field of financial services, there are few who can compare with the level of professional experience of Joseph Meyer.  For nearly four decades, he has been personally and professionally involved with the U.S. financial industry. He has literally helped thousands of people find their ways through the maze of questions that can arise in an ever-changing financial environment."  Visit http://straightmoneyanalysis.com    Send email to JMeyerOMM@aol.com


    Knowledge is Power - Truth - Education, Conversation, Action

    Take Action and Make a Difference

    Like us: facebook.com/Americanfreedomwatchradio and agenda21enders

    Twitter: @agenda21enders

    karenschoen .com

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    Cynde Meyer Offers FREE Readings, Feng Shui and Real Estate Advice

    in Spirituality

    January 26: Cynde Meyer, Spiritual Psychic, Real Estate Agent, Feng Shui Consultant and Publisher of Spirit Seeker Magazine, will offer Free Readings, Feng Shui Advice, and Tips for Selling or Buying your perfect home! www.cyndemeyer.com www.spiritseeker.com

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    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Money But Were Afraid To Ask

    in Politics Conservative

    Sheila is joined today by famed economists, Ross Powell and Joseph Meyer  – Everything you ever wanted to ask about finance, economics and investments but were afraid to ask.

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    Soul Therapy & Soul Healing - Dr. Marga Birmingham-Author & Spiritual Counselor

    in Spirituality


    Dr. Marga – Margarete S. Birmingham, Ph.D. – was born in Brazil and has worked as a spiritual counseler for over four decades. She lived in Hawaii for 18 years and currently lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her two wonderful special-need dogs. She offers Spiritual Counseling (Soul Therapy), Shamanic Healing with focus on Soul Retrieval, Past Lives Therapy, Positive Affirmations Therapy, Visualization Therapy, Meditation, Inner Growth Groups, Energy Cleansing and Chakra Balancing. She holds a doctorate degree in Energy Medicine and Science of Intuition and has shared her work internationally for over two decades. She is the author of “Positive Affirmations to Heal Your Pets and Other Animals”, and is writing her second book entitled “Dr. Marga’s Animal Healing System”. http://www.drmarga.org/
    Dr. Marga will discuss *The relationship between our individual soul healing and the Earth’s healing. *The need for human awareness expansion or development toward Life Reverence and our relationship with all the kingdoms of Earth, especially with the animals. *The need for Animal Healing and Protection. The need for awareness and loving action toward the Animal Kingdom reality on Earth. 

    Radio Show Host Cynde Meyer is the founder and publisher of Spirit Seeker Magazine. She works as a Real Estate agent, Feng Shui consultant, and gifted intuitive  who helps her clients sell and buy their perfect homes. She is a life coach and Intuitive, helping her clients create a life of beauty and joy.   www.cyndemeyer.com www.spiritseeker.com


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    Tech Talk with Kingsley in the Classroom January 20, 2016 at 2:00 pm

    in Education

    January 20th at 2:00 pm - TECH-TALK with Kingsley Meyer, Duane Rigsby and Mike Thompson discuss technology and use of social media in the class room.  What every parent and student needs to be aware of on this important topic.

    Kingsley Meyer                                         Mike Thompson                                Duane Rigsby    


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    Communications manager of FFA, Kristy Meyer on the upcoming FFA week celebrations, as part of CTE month..and the why of agricultural science for your students careers.

    Presented by iCEVONLINE.COM

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    Franchise Interviews Meets with Laura Novak Meyer of Little Nest Portraits

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    Her fresh sensibility and talent for putting clients at ease led to a successful business and ample recognition in the media and within the photography industry. But all of the success left her lacking. As much as she loved photographing clients, she had other passions that she couldn't address as a solo entrepreneur, including mentoring new talent and fostering creative community.

    She also saw a missing element in the photography marketplace. Social photography was breaking new boundaries, thanks to real-time sharing via Pinterest, tumblr and Instagram. But for families with children who wanted high quality, modern, unique imagery, the options were limited to either mass-market chain studios that prized volume over ambiance, or extremely expensive custom photo sessions only available to a small percentage of families.


    A boutique photography studio that offered stellar imagery in a relaxed atmosphere, where families could slow down and enjoy the experience.  A committed team of artists with the common goal of capturing clients' stories in a collaborative, creative atmosphere. An artistic philosophy that blended classic portraiture technique with spontaneity and emotion. On these premises, Little Nest was born. Little Nest Portraits has expanded into a national brand, while always keeping those core values at heart.

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    In The Streets with Beverley Smith: Y'allQueda (Episode 52a)

    in Spirituality

    The latest from Oregon on the armed, right-wing militia that has taken over a federal building and is threatening to meet any and all resistance with gunfire. The local authorities are handling them with careful, kid gloves -- a sharp contrast to how unarmed, peaceful Black marchers in Ferguson and nationwide have been treated. The Tamir Rice non-indictment. 12 year old Ciara Meyer, a Caucasian girl, was killed by police evicting her family from their home. It remains to be seen if people will tie themselves into knots, explaining and justifying her shooting, just like they've done to Tamir Rice. Or if she will receive swift justice.  Eric Garner's killer, the cop who choked him to death, will not be charged, but guess which police officer will be charged instead.  The US Supreme Court weighs in on Florida's death penalty laws. Former Lousiana Gov Bobby Jindal is out, and over 100,000 Lousiana residents rejoice because they can finally have healthcare. The state of Michigan knew the water in Flint was poisoned, but they served it to the largely Black community, hid evidence, botched testing, and continue to send the residents water bills.  And more.

    Originally scheduled for last Tues but cancelled due to technical difficulties, this prerecorded episode will air on Thursday, January 14, 6pm Pacific

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    Emmanuel Dagher Author of EASY BREEZY PROSPERITY

    in Spirituality

    Emmanuel Dagher’s new book, EASY BREEZY PROSPERITY, will help support you in reaching your financial goals for 2016. Emmanuel’s book is a go-to guide that nurtures you out of lack and into a more prosperous and fulfilling reality. In EASY BREEZY PROSPERITY, Emmanuel Dagher, a popular social media personality, healer and best-selling author, reveals with authenticity and heart the 5 core foundations for manifesting a more joyful and abundant life. www.emmanueldagher.com 

    Emmanuel has the ability to fully connect and engage with people from all backgrounds and walks of life, making whomever he comes into contact with feel like they've been life long friends. One of Emmanuel's greatest gifts he offers to humanity is the amount of compassion he is able to generate, sustain and share through his heart and presence. This ability has escalated him to become recognized internationally as a Humanitarian, Transformation Specialist, Healer, Teacher, and Author.  

    Radio Show Host Cynde Meyer is the founder and publisher of Spirit Seeker Magazine. She is a gifted intuitive, real estate agent, and Feng Shui consultant who helps people create  meaning and joy in their inner and outer worlds, for their soul evolution.  www.cyndemeyer.com www.spiritseeker.com