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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author K.S. Elliot

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    Fallen Acres: A Girl's Voyage Beyond Life Without Her Parents ~

      When You Face Your Greatest Fears, You Find Your Truest Self... The Elliotts are a typical American family: they look content and functional to outsiders, but really, they’re navigating difficult family dynamics. Two introverted parents with passionate feelings who have learned to master and subvert their anger find themselves confronted by a drama-fueled oldest daughter, and a self-absorbed middle daughter. The author, their youngest daughter, tries as hard as she can to be the perfect child—she doesn’t cause trouble, she stays away from angry scenes. But the repression that makes her passive and avoidant causes her reckless nature to come out in other ways…in a series of bad decisions that lead her, at the age of 40, to a place where she is determined to do the right thing for her parents during their late-life crisis. Her story is one of heartache, loss, lessons learned, truths uncovered. It’s about the ways in which God and fate intervene to show us what we’re made of. It’s a powerful testament to the need for compassion and realism with aging parents and end-of-life issues. But most of all, it’s a story of identity and redemption—and how one girl ran away from her hurtful family issues only to find that immersing herself back into her family’s world was the way to claim who she really was. Lyrical, honest, and vivid, Fallen Acres is a memoir both deeply relatable and profoundly valuable.

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    The College Hour

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    The College Hour / 8/29/2015

    Jerry Chiles and guests discuss NCAA College Football topics at 12pm ET/9am PT

    * Top Tight End Prospects for 2016 NFL Draft

    * Ryan Finley wins Boise State QB job

    * Kyle Allen wins Texas A&M QB job

    * Baker Mayfield wins Oklahoma Sooners QB job

    * Connor Mitch wins South Carolina Gamecocks QB job

    * Steve Sarkisian apologizes for behavior and language

    * Bryon Fields suffers torn ACL / Out for Duke Blue Devils

    * Illinois fires Tim Beckman

    * Shadrach Thornton suspended first 2-games at North Carolina State

    * Week #1 College Football Schedule and Odds

    * Jerry’s Pre-Season Top 10

    * Jerry’s Pre-Season College Football Playoff Teams

    To listen to the show, go over to www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or to listen or be part of the show, simply dial 646-378-1303

  • WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Best Selling Author John Mulhall

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      After losing control of his Jeep on a patch of black ice, David Grace lies helpless in the snow, watching his best friend die. He awakens in a remote hospital, snowed in, cut off from the rest of the world, and badly injured. David struggles to heal, but beneath the pain of his physical injuries, he faces the demons of his past, and begins to wonder if he's slowly losing his mind...or being haunted.

  • College Football Season Preview & Week 1 Predictions! The College Ball Show!

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    The College Ball Show Returns for a weekly podcast that features Debate, Recap, News, Preview, & Predictions for every week of the College Football Season all the way the National Title Game! Chris and Marshall begin the show by Previewing the Upcoming 2015 College Football Season! Plus, Debate & Predictions for Week 1 Top 25 teams and possible sleepers who could pull an upset. Will Ohio State Repeat? Is USC back or will Oregon stay on top of the Pac-12. The Big-12 will likely come down to the Baylor vs. TCU matchup at the end of the regular season. Who will come out of the deep SEC West?

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Kasey Riley

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       Sparks fly… The day that Stephanie and Doyle meet, circumstances fight against romance. She thinks him rude, crude, and bossy and while he loves her long legs, he thinks she seems snobbish and cold. However, he feels she has interesting possibilities and she thinks he is a sexy hunk. Danger unites… Surviving the arsonist set rangeland fire together ignites the passions each has been ignoring. The rugged high desert and mountains of Colorado set the scene for adventure, danger and fiery passions. Can they stay ahead of the arsonist and develop a solid relationship in the bright light of day? Trust… Growing trust in the face of adversity, just how strong is this new relationship. Can each of them get beyond past betrayals and pain? Will the final chapter be a wedding, or a fond farewell? Riverview is home to Stephanie and now to Doyle. The small Colorado town and its citizens reflect small ranch towns across the United States. The values and closeness of the residents who support each other when times are tough.

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    College Football Time

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    College football is right around the corner, are you ready?

  • Top 5 College Football Games of 2015

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    Freddy Wills is one of the top college football experts in the country.  He is featured on doznes of sites through the football season giving out his football betting advice.  This podcast is a very soft opener for the college football season where he gives out his top match ups of 2015 and keys to look for this betting season.  You can check out his full profile at www.sportsbetcapping.com/freddywills


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    The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory - Session 1

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    This session will acquaint students with significant conditions in the world of New Testament times and gives them an overview of the books and human authors of the New Testament.

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    SOLUTION TREE  presents College professor Amelia Gamel , author of "Help! My College Students can't Read", on the challenges of unready and unruly students at the university and college level

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    Are You College Bound Ready?

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    Regina Robinson, the founder of Suited 4 Success College Planning Services.  She is an educational coach, speaker and former high school educator her passion is to ensure our students are aware of the many opportunities available to them on the collegiate level. She has been working with high school students for over 10+ years in helping them to successfully transition from high school to post-secondary education. Every year she assist students in completing the college admissions process: college research, applications, essays, resume writing, scholarship research, as well as work with parents on completing the FAFSA. She speak at schools, churches, and organizations around the DMV area in an effort to ensure families have the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the college process. 

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    The Rank Top 5 Sports Talk Network 2015 College Football Preview Show

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    Join Rank Top 5 Sports Talk Network as we kick off our 2015 College Football Preview Show. Find out who will be the top college football teams and players in 2015. Special guests; Coach and Player Magazine Chris Franklin and staff writer Michael Mankoff will join the RT5 Studio to breakdown the upcoming 2015 season and unveil the Coach and Player's Magazine Top 25 College football teams.

    Chris is the Deputy Editor-in-Chief and writer for Coach & Player Magazine.  He is currently a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the Professional Football Writers of America.  Follow Chris on Twitter @chrisfranklincp

    You don't want to miss this show!! Follow us on twitter@ranktop5sports