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    The Collectivist Conspiracy and The Cycle of Tyranny

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    Susanne is a very accomplished columnist who covers a wide variety is issues with respect to the "NWO" control grid and what's going on around the country both politically and legally.


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    Election 2014: The People Say NO to Obama’s America!

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    Republicans have gained majority control of the Senate while maintaining majority position in the House.  In fact, Republicans now have the largest majority of the house in 65 years!

    The people have spoken.  The message is clear.  They are tired of Obama acting as a tyrant.  They are tired of NSA spying, American funded terrorists in Syria and Iraq, anti-gun measures, the cover up of Fast & Furious, the IRS being used as a weapon against political enemies, collectivist propaganda where Hillary Clinton tells citizens that businesses don’t create jobs, and, the list goes on.

    The American people have awoken and have decided they do not want their Republic destroyed.  There is hope for our nation, yet the hard work has only begun.

    God bless the United States of America.

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    Goodbye Constitutuion Freedom America

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    You will recognize much about who we are as Americans today from reading Don Jans' fictional account of America as having become an informal Marxist state.  Jans' main character in this cautionary tale is out of step with the collectivist, amoral and gray atmosphere in which he lives.

    Don Jans is the author of My Grandchildren's America, a public speaker and expert on Marxism.


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    Charlotte Iserbyt: Common Core & The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America

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    Is the controversial American school reform known as #Commoncore simply the latest iteration in corporate America's design to make Americans more ignorant and compliant?

    What is the real function of our public education system and how has it been co-opted by large corporations and politicians to produce the kinds of people they need in order to maintain the status quo?  Are parents losing the battle to educate their own children?

    Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt is an educational insider, a policy influencer who served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first term of U.S. President Ronald Reagan.    

    Iserbyt is best known for writing the book #The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America an eye-opening revelation of the changes gradually brought into the American public education system designed to eliminate parental, religious, and other influences, and mold the child into amember of the proletariat in preparation for the socialist-collectivist world of the future.

    Iserbyt maintains that all so-called school reforms originate from a master plan formulared by Andrew Carnegie's Foundation for the Advancement of Education and Rockefeller's General Education Board. 

    According to Iserbyt, Common Core is simply the latest version of these corporate driven initiatives aimed at influencing and shaping society rather than encouraging intellectual curiousity, creativity, and true learning.

    Iserbyt's findings, while they remain controversial, still provide lots of food for thought as we examine the role of public education in American society and how best to educate our children.

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    Since 9/11, police departments around the country have purchased military surplus, outfitting themselves with hardware like LRAD sound weapons, armed military vehicles, rubber bullets and tear gas,short-barreled AR variant rifles, kevlar helmets, night vision goggles, and more.

    Should they be thusly outfitted? Is this an abuse of power? At least one Congressman is calling for martial law.

    After the rioting that's been taking place in Ferguson Missouri over the killing of an unarmed teen, Sen. Rand Paul is calling for demilitarization of the police. He's not alone. Military exercises in America's cities.

    What do you think?




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    The Revolutionary Cuz Show July 4th Special

    in Entertainment

    Join me on the Revolutionary Cuz show with my Independence Day Special . Call in Chop it up with ya boy as I discuss current trending topics and what Independence Day means to you . What Traditional American ritual are you following this Independence Day. You Collectivist You

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    Dave Bego--Fighting The Unions And Winning 30.May.14

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    Dave Bego believes that unions in the United States have cost us all dearly. They're secretly funding the campaigns to increase the minimum wage and to grant amnesty to illegal aliens. They amass vast fortunes and really don't care about their members. Rather, they're all about furthering the collectivist agenda. Fortunately, they've lost major battles in Michigan and Indiana, with other battles on the way. Dave knows because he's on the front lines. 

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Evan Sayet

    in Politics Conservative

    Cliven Bundy’s words were that of another generation, but were spoken truthfully. He said nothing more than what others — including Star Parker and Lloyd Marcus have already said — perhaps more artfully — but with the same meaning: that the Black community has been used as pawns by the likes of the federal government, and race mongers like Sharptongue and Jessie Jackson, LBJ, and now Obama, Holder, and their ilk.

    Joining us tonight --- EVAN SAYET, accomplished comedian, author, and political commentator now writing for Breitbart.com and blessing us with his political poetry. We'll talk about his new gig with breitbart, the reaction his poem is getting, his clever campaign to help us all "be the media", his take on the Bundy comment and subsequent reax from Beck/Hannity et al. Evan will explain why Jew hatred is endemic to the Left, and why Jews continue to vote for them anyway.











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    Politics Done Right - Koch Brothers Respond To Harry Reid Exposure

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    This week’s show

    Koch Brothers Respond To Harry Reid Exposure

    This week was a bad week for our democracy. The Supreme Court removed the aggregate limitof dollars that anyone can spend in any election cycle. Only around 646 people reached that limit in the 2011-2012 election cycle. In other words, the Supreme Court ruled that those 646 people’s right of free speech was denied.

    This makes the smoking out of wealthy donors that are corrupting the body politic that more important. Senator Harry Reid has begun the process by calling out the Koch Brothers on the floor of the Senate. That seemed to have hurt Charles Koch’s feelings. He penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal in which he referred to those who do not see the world as a plutocrat’s domain as collectivists. Let’s talk about that.

    Visit the blog post here.

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    Eek, its Zeke!

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    Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the authors of Obamacare is arrogant, belligerent and wrong most of the time.  He also has the notion that the practice of medicine should be devoted to the “greater good” as opposed to the wellbeing of the individual patient.  He believes the Hippocratic Oath is the greatest obstacle to practicing medicine his way.


    Obamacare is Zeke’s vehicle for overcoming the antiquated notion that doctors are supposed to cure patients.  Not surprisingly, it’s falling flat on its collectivist face, notwithstanding Nancy Pelosi’s insistence that it provides “affordable” care.  It’s not affordable and provides little in the way of care.


    This is the law of the lied—and never had much to do with real care, rather control of that sector of the private economy.


    Jane Hughes, MD, FACS is an ophthalmologist in San Antonio, Texas in private practice as well as a Clinical Professor in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University Of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.  She is a health care policy expert with frequent radio and TV appearances.  Dr. Hughes authored the 11 Point Plan for Patient Centered, Physician Guided Free Market Driven Reform, and a Consultant for Responsible Reform and on the Panel for the Dallas Healthcare Summit.

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    The Agenda with Mikkel Clair Nissen

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    By Manipulism and the Weapon of Guilt

    In contrast to viewing or treating one’s fellow countrymen no differently than any other human being on earth, regardless of standing, race, or nationality—in my view the description of a true humanist—nationalism, where one is devoted to the country’s people, race, bloodline, and land, which in this case the Danes have lived on for millenniums, is therefore an awfully powerful collective force. Besides being an absolute slayer of prejudice and racism—caused by chauvinistic feelings of being superior to other races, nationalities, and nations—nationalism is an absolute necessity for success in accomplishing collectivism. No more so than the way we aid people in third-world countries, should people in the Western world have any special treatment or the right to vote themselves to someone else’s assets simply because they share the same nationality. National feelings, nonetheless, provide fictitious solidarity—an essential superficial loyalty—misused by the collectivist to obtain projection (the weapon of guilt) and collectivism’s favorable treatment.


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