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    Welcome to NATO...

    Notable Authors Together Optimize!

    Our guest today, Rica Cuff, contributing author in "CHOICES' awe inspiring CHOICES revealed by successful entrepreners, introduced by Cathi Watson.

    Divine Intervention, "By the grace of God, I will do...'I am only one but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something.  What I can do, I will do, what I ought to do, by the grace of God, I will do."

    Little did Rica realize that "what I ought to do, by the grace of God, I will do" would change her life forever.

    Will, Rica's oldest son decided to move to the south side of Chicago in 2005.  Hmm, the south side of Chicago, parts of which have a notorious reputation for rampant street crime.


    Adventurous son...etc.

    Why the south side of Chicago...etc.

    Chosen home looked like a...etc.

    Basement space left me...etc.

    How will he survive...etc

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    Skacel Collection, Chuck Wilmesher

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    Chuck Wilmesher is the Director of New Product Research and Development for Skacel Collection. Skacel makes and distributes yarns under the HiKoo label – currently 18 GREAT yarns and growing.  Skacel also distributes the addi line of needles – which are made in Germany.  They also distribute yarn brands from Europe including Schulana, Schoppel and Zitron.

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  • A New Year and another Relapse; Lets Talk Prevention and Intervention!

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    Drug and alcohol rehab statistics show that the percentage of young and old who will relapse after a period of recovery ranges from 50% to 90%. This is a frightening statistic and it is often used as justification for those who wish to carry on with their addiction. What these figures hide is that there are things that the individual can do to greatly increase their chances of sustained sobriety. Those people who are serious about aftercare greatly increase their chances of success. It is most often those who are not adequately supported in recovery that end up returning to their addiction. Many people claim that relapse is a normal part of recovery, but this is just not true. There is absolutely no advantage in continuously relapsing and each time the individual returns to alcohol and drugs they are taking a risk. Those individuals who are in rehab need to adequately prepare for their transition back home. This is a family disease and hopefully the family is involved and has sought recovery themselves and you have a supportive system to go home to. Although, you still need the willingness to do whatever it takes to stay sober, which is a nesessity and very vital to ones recovery. If people are not fully motivated they will struggle to make it through the early months of recovery. It is vital that newly sober people take their aftercare seriously. This could be a choice between life or death. By joining a 12 step group or using some other type of support they will be greatly increasing their chances of success. Join me and special guest speaker Rickie Lynn Harris on this vital topic Friday nite Jan 2nd at 9pm CT as we discuss prevention/intervention, hope and a healthier way of living!! at www.blogtalkradio.com/ritahodges

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    Elyse Luray from TV's Collection Intervention, UltraPro Holiday Promotion

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    The official Cardboard Connection radio show with your hosts Doug Cataldo, the Voice of the Collector - Rob Bertrand and David Wright! Tune in for hobby discussion with industry pros, athletes & fellow collectors.

    Tonight's Guest - Elyse Luray, host of SciFy/Reelz TV show Collection Intervention

    Visit www.cardboardconnection.com for all of your trading card news, checklists, forums and more.

    Also be sure to visit the hosts blogs:

    Doug Cataldo - http://dougcataldo.blogspot.com  
    Rob Bertrand - http://voiceofthecollector.com
    Russ Cohen - http://sportsology.net 
    David Wright - longflyball.blogspot.com


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    Interview with Carolyn Wolfe for The Moonsparrow Collection

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    The Moonsparrow Collection is comprised of a tapestry of Tall Tales, Myth and Magic. This compilation of tales is the best of Ms. Wolfe's original published and unpublished Short Stories, and includes the stories that she has introduced at local public writing events and festivals.The subject matter ranges from: A woman who turns a small town on its ear, to: a Magical midnight concert in the woods. It is a light journey into a magical world when anything can happen, and usually does!

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    Prophetic Intervention from " Dr. Debra Common " on RHL Ministry Radio

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    RHL Ministry Radio and Apostle Natalie Young  welcomes " Prophetic Intervention from  Dr. Debra Common " Minister Debra A. Common was bestowed the Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree (DD) from Elbon Solutions - College of Ministry, Apple Valley, CA, and has studied at the Institute for Christian Works Bible College. She says that we must continue to study the word of God so that we may rightly divide the word of truth to God’s people everywhere. Dr. Debra A. Common is an associate member of Gil Gal Ministries in Evergreen Park, Illinois. Dr. Common has a Prayer Ministry that embarks upon touching the very heart of God by prayer and intercession for the nation and those who have been abused, loss souls and spiritually misguided.   Dr. Common speaks the Word of God and uses her singing ministry with God's anointing to minister to children, youth, women, men, churches, Leaders, shelters, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, hospitals, prisons and the homeless encouraging and urging individuals to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior;  And to return to their First Love, JESUS CHRIST.  In addition, Dr. Debra Prayer Conference Line is available for Intercessory Prayer.

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    Capture Style and Elegance with Zara Home Furnishings Winter 2015 Collection

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    Happy Wednesday and welcome back this week!

       Join us for a great discovery in Zara Home Winter Wonderland Collection! Capture some great styles and stunning new colour trends offered by Zara Home. Create the luxurious look in metallics, retro furnishings, silks and leathers. Give your home a total mood boost with the Flexa-Colour for 2015. (red copper and orange). Gather, and incorporate fabulous details for the Zara Home New Vintage and Urban Uzbek Collections.

    See Ya There!

    10:30 pm pst

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    A Christmas Carol… the Therapeutic Intervention

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    A Christmas Carol… the Therapeutic Intervention

    Today on Health Mind & Body radio I’m going to be talking about my personal favorite Christmas story, The Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Christmas_Carol)

    It’s my favorite for several reasons, but I thought I’d put an interesting spin on the story from the standpoint of HYPNOTIC TRANCE. I, personally, believe it is a example of therapeutic HYPNOTIC intervention of EPIC PROPORTION and if you create a similar model of this in your life you could easily be a happy, healthier person from now on. 

    Want to know more?


    As always if you’d like to call in to ask a question – 818-668-5406 
    To leave a message or question for the show – 213-702-3774 
    Or email me @ - drm@drmichaelharris.com... Put radio in the subject line

    I’ll talk to you then, 

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    Young Adults Get Real about Relationships on Intervention 911 with Ken Seeley

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    Join Ken Seeley, Chelsea Edwards, Steven Richitt and Eric McLaughlin, as they discuss Relationships in Recovery.  Kirkham Avent and Mike Cohan join us to share their exsperinece as we dive into the subject of relationships in recovery.

    Ken Seeley is an internationally acclaimed interventionist known to millions of people from the A&E reality TV show, Intervention. He is a regular contributor to CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and ABC on the topics of addiction and intervention, and is also the author of Face It and Fix It, about overcoming the denial that leads to common addictions while bringing guidance to those struggling with addiction.


    Produced in association with Nicholas Snow Productions LLC.

  • Intuitive Intervention

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    Psychic Medium Intuitive world-renowned intuitive, Mary O., will take your live phone calls and give you a short reading on any questions you may have regarding a loved one who has passed over, or reading on a past life as well as information for the here and now. Mary will also enlighten you and teach you how to read the signs and symbols of synchronicity that we receive every day from the universe.









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    Intervention 911 with Ken Seeley (As seen on A&E's Reality Show, Intervention)

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    Welcome to the riveting new worldwide podcast, Intervention 911 with Ken Seeley, where Ken and his team (Chelsea Edwards, Steven Richitt and Eric McLaughlin) talk about addiction & recovery with a focus on dissecting the issues & creating solutions.

    Ken Seeley is an internationally acclaimed interventionist known to millions of people worldwide from the A&E reality TV show, Intervention. Certified as a Board Registered Interventionist - Level 2, Seeley has worked full-time in the business of recovery and intervention since 1989. He is a regular contributor to CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and ABC on the topics of addiction and intervention, and is also the author of Face It and Fix It, a popular book about overcoming the denial that leads to common addictions while bringing guidance to those struggling with addiction.

    Intervention911.com | KenSeeley.com | Facebook | Twitter | Google+

    Produced in association with Nicholas Snow Productions LLC.

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