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    The Collateral Damage of PTSD & Suicide

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    Join Family of a Vet Life After Combat Blog Talk Radio Show, on Tuesday June 17, 2014 for the on-going series for PTSD Awareness Month with show host Debbie Sprague.  Debbie will be discussing the difficult topic of Veterans PTSD, the alarming number of suicides, and the hidden collateral damage to loved one's.  We will also be talking about how you can help to bring greater awareness within your own community, and share specific action steps.

    Showtime: 6:30 - 7:30 pm CST

    Listeners are invited to call in with questions and comments to: (323) 657-1470

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Ebola's Collateral Effects

    in Politics Conservative

    Apocalyptic themes in films reflect tumultuous times; As Obama pretends to tackle ebola, what about Enterovirus D68?; American ebola meets the Jesse Jackson race brigade; Ebola chaos adds to Obama's perceived woes; Can a brave people withstanding SARS and killer bees survive ebola?  Sure; but Americans are no longer a brave people, are they?; Under a New Left POTUS, all politics is national - hence all his fundraising to control the federal judiciary via the Senate; and is what this country needs a war of attrition against the welfare state and entrenched incompetency?  Because I don't think we have thirty months, much less thirty years.

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    Collateral Consequences for Court Involved Youth

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    Children involved in juvenile court face collateral consequences from their delinquency adjudications which can prevent barriers to their future success and can cause harm to their well-being. Some of these stem from system exposure and others extend beyond the time spent under court supervision but are related to their prior court involvement and adjudication. For example, after successfully completing their dispositions, many youth face significant hardships enrolling back in school, finding employment, or accessing ongoing treatment or health care. This episode of Spotlight on Youth focuses on the intersection of collateral consequences for youth who are court involved. Guests join this episode to discuss what is being done on both policy and practice levels to reduce and eliminate the problem. Guests
    Elissa Johnson, Staff Attorney, Southern Poverty Law Center
    Dr. Ashley Nellis, Senior Research Analyst, The Sentencing Project
    Lisa H. Thurau, Founder and Executive Director, Strategies for Youth

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    THE BENEFITS IN THE BODY OF CHRIST series reveals from Scripture how God has set up a FELLOWSHIP Plan among the Body of Christ and how "the wicked one" has crept in killing, stealing and destroying among the brethren; perpetuating Collateral Damage...

    MORNING DEVOTION on the EVERYDAY CHRISTIAN worship hour at 7AM… followed by THE VOICE OF REASONS PROPHETIC MINISTRY with The prophet Mary Washington bringing you a burden removing yoke destroying Word from the Lord. Prayer, Praise and Prophecy!  The VOICE is what God has said, the REASONS are what He meant when He said it.

    Submit Prayer request to our Prayer Closet

    Partner with us in this ministry; together we can do a greater work for the Lord. 

    We are trusting in the Lord's provision through your generous donations and partnership in this ministry. To support us in carrying the Gospel to the utmost parts of the world go to Voice of Reasons; Equally important, please pray for our ministry-call to spread the Word of God through sound Bible Teaching worldwide! May God bless you in your giving. Questions or comments can be made by writing us at voiceofreasons@live.com


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    Ragnarok Rising Author: D.A. Roberts warps in for a chat!

    in Entertainment

    Join Roger Noriega as he brings you the internet's variety program on the radio! Joke Night, Collateral Damamge, Current Events - pick a night, chances are you'll like what you hear!


    Author D.A. Roberts joins us to discuss his latest novel: Ragnarok Rising: Redemption, the fourth book in the Ragnarok Rising Saga!


    In the aftermath of the destruction of the dam, new dangers await the survivors. Not only the constant danger posed by the undead, now they must face the arrival of a new evil. Just as the Einherjar are the chosen ones for the side of the living, the dead have their own champions as well. Champions who will stop at nothing to watch the world plunged into darkness.

     Who will stand against them?

    To make matters worse, there is something going wrong in the night sky. Whatever is taking place in the heavens above them will forever change the world of the living. Ragnarok is upon the land and nothing will ever be the same. Will the survivors reach safety in time before the next phase of Ragnarok plunges the world into a new ice age?

    The Doom of the Gods is upon us.

    Ragnarok is Rising.

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    "Suicide" Is it a selfish act

    in Current Events

    Tonight we will discuss SUICIDE. 
    We don't know if everyone has experience this within their lives but we do know that everyone is aware that it happens. 
    Why does it happen?
    What can we do to prevent it?
    Is it a selfish act?
    We will discuss these topics and much more. Tune in and give your insight or just listen. Your stories and comments are welcome and appreciated both on the Collateral Damage Radio facebook fan page and chat box during the show.

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    Collateral Damages- Clarence Aaron - Call to Action -

    in Lifestyle

    Tonight After Hours is – Collateral Damages- Clarence Aaron - Call to Action - Update and Agenda>>>>Our special guest is Erica Perkins, President of Forgive Clarence Aaron Organization.

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    [ENCORE] Redefining Success and Innovation | Jaycen Thorgeirson & Steve Rizzo

    in Business

    When we think of this definition of success, we tend to leave out an essential component: Happiness. If we do not truly enjoy the process toward our goals, we fall into habits that only breed negativity and deplete our energy. As C-Suite leaders, it’s common to become reserved and put your happiness on hold while waiting for results. Taking control of your own happiness, and viewing the future as a place full of possibility and innovation, give executives the power to lead better and become prolific in their impact on others. On this encore episode of Business Matters, we welcome Jaycen Thorgeirson and Steve Rizzo to the program.

    Jaycen Thorgeirson is the Founder and Chief Stand Out Expert at UviaUs, where he helps the biggest and brightest brands cut through the “clutter” to ensure their brand message is delivered and remembered with their proprietary offering, Uvideo. Jaycen started UviaUs in 2006 with the vision to deliver online and offline solutions that would stand out and get noticed. He’s led efforts for many Fortune 500 companies interested in making an impact with their marketing collateral, such as, Nationwide Insurance, Century 21, Yale University, Mercedes, HP and more. Find him on Twitter @JaycenThor.

    Steve Rizzo is more than a Funny Motivational Speaker. Don’t let the laughter fool you! What Steve brings to the table is his captivating ability to engage the attendees with laughter as he challenges them to SHIFT their focus and way of thinking to discover greater enthusiasm, increased productivity and new levels of success. Steve has been Adjusting Attitudes in organizations throughout the world such as AT&T, Prudential, State Farm, LaQuinta and even the CIA (yes, he even had them laughing!) since 1994. Find him on Twitter @SteveRizzoPHB.

  • BigDave & the UCC.You and Banking.

    in Education

    [11/22/14, 5:49:59 PM] jilrocks1: This weeks show will discuss the ASCII format and how to use this code to transform your documents and place them into the collateral box. I have a program which will compress all of your documents so you can include them in the collateral box all at once, just send me your documents if you'd like me to conform your document .There will be a $25,00 charge for the service We'll also discuss further how to use the UCC-3 amendments process and how you can get the most out of it.

    [11/22/14, 5:52:17 PM] jilrocks1: 203 230 833

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    La Literati welcomes Economist Mark Griffith back to the show

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    Englishman, Mark Griffith studied economics and philosophy at Cambridge (the other one), worked as a floor trader in a financial market, and traveled Europe. For several years he has been living in Budapest, Hungary, where he started Green Pencil Books, a publisher aiming to publish a different kind of book. "Collateral Damage" is their first collection of articles (by 27 authors from Niall Ferguson to Joseph Stiglitz) all about the economic crash that started in 2008 and isn't ending any time soon. Green Pencil Books aim to get behind the froth and confusion of TV-driven news, and collect together all kinds of opinions on the real issues. One future title being prepared now will look at the way television has changed us all, and another collection of articles will ask if books have a future at all.

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