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    "Spying During the Cold War"

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    Honoring the veterans and civilians who risked their lives serving in clandestine operations and secret intelligence gathering during the Cold War (1945-91)

    March 7, 2014 at 2:00 pm PST

    LPresentation held at:

    Whittier Museum
    6755 Newlin Avenue
    Whittier, CA 90601

    Admission is free 

    Armando F Sanchez presents an entertaining and in depth three-part visual presentation on historical secretive military activity and individuals who actively participated, as veterans and civilians, in highly classified programs of the 45-year Cold War.

    Each presentations presents his worldwide travels, 35-years of scholarly research and actual interviews with persons who held high security clearance and had access to classified information and participated in events that affected the outcome of the Cold War.


    Part I.  (Presentation on March 7, 2014 at Whittier Museum at 2:00 pm)

    * Spying and espionage

    * The birth of the nuclear age

    * Beginning of the Cold War

    * Code breakers and intelligence gathering 

    Part II. Date and time to be determined

    * The spread of weapons of mass destruction

    * Spies in the sky

    * The Cuban Missile Crisis

    Part III.  Date and time to be determined

    * Special naval intelligence gathering operations

    * Women in the clandestine services

    * The world's espionage agencies

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    Armando F. Sanchez Cold War Spy Expert

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    March 7 2015 at 2: pm   

    The Whittier Museum will host Armando F. Sanchez and his Spying during the Cold War part 1 of 3 

    Armando Sanchez was an Economics and US Government teacher for many years until he retired a couple of years. He has and continues to serve has a mentor and friend to S3productions in the Field of Internet Multimedia Broadcasting. I wanted to do this show for a couple of reasons (1) how did you get from one career path to “retired” to being an expert on cold war spying. (2) S3productions will be at the museum covering the “Spy Show” and I am hoping to get a scoop before all the major media players get them.

    Mr. Sanchez has been doing both web Streaming and podcasting for several years now and has covered a variety of subjects and topics  and I always find it fascinating to see where one story sometimes leads to some subject totally unrelated and a whole new directions of shows. 


    Armando F. Sanchez, CEO, broadcaster and author 

    Role Model podcast series at: 


    Leadership, entrepreneurship and nonprofits

    Facebook & LinkedIn/Armando F Sanchez

    "Make Succeeding a Habit"

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    Armando Sanchez Cold war spy show Whittier Museum

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    Armando Sanchez:  Cold war spy show Whittier Museum


    Cold war spying part 1 of a 3 part series hosted by Armando F. Sanchez Productions

    Broadcast live from the Whittier Museum

    Overview of the Cold War

    Birth of the Nuclear Age

    Code Breakers and Intelligence Gathering

    Armando F Sanchez presents an entertaining and in depth three-part visual presentation on historical secretive military events and individuals who actively participated, as veterans and civilians, in highly classified programs of the 45-year Cold War.

    Each presentations presents his worldwide travels, 35-years of scholarly research and actual interviews with persons who held high security clearance and had access to classified information and participated in events that affected the outcome of the Cold War.

    Whittier Museum

    6755 Newlin Ave.

    Whittier CA 90601

    I would like to all that Local to attend should be fun, S3productions has the honor to be selected as one of the two media outlets covering this event. Free event is open to the Public


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    Cold War III W Craig Reed on Voices of Global Freedom Radio

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    Episode #308: Exclusive! "Cold War III", says W. Craig Reed U.S. Navy diver, Submariner who earned commendations for completing secret missions working with SEAL TEAMS during the Cold War.  

    "Reed will lift the lid on current threats from Russia", said Janaroma Editor-In-Chief Magnified View Magazine. 

    W. Craig Reed NYT best selling author of the non-fiction book Red November: Inside the Secret U.S. – Soviet Submarine War (HarperCollins, 2010) and The Eagle and the Snake: A SEAL Team Six Interactive Thriller.  

    Reed is also the author of Cold War III: How the U.S. Navy Can Defeat Putin and Halt Climate Change, due out Spring 2015. He is on the board of directors of Us4Warriors Veterans Support Foundation in San Diego, CA.

    Learn more: http://www.wcraigreed.com





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    Back to the Cold War?

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    Mark Matheny discusses the possibility of a new Cold War brewing between the U.S. and Russia, along with other world events ...

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    GLMX #190: Cold War

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    Over the past few weeks, as the world watched the tense situation in Ukraine, numerous analysts, experts, officials, and politicians likened the divide between Russia and Western nations to the conditions of the Cold War. After World War II, Russia and the USSR maintained a long period of conflict with the United States and European nations. During this time, there was not an all-out war between the two blocs, but both sides built up military capabilities and tried to undermine the other side in numerous ways including through economic sanctions, propaganda, and espionage. For many years, the Iron Curtain divided these two sides ideologically -- on the Eastern side were nations under Communist control, and on the Western side were free countries under democratic governments. 

    In the late 1980s, a wave of change began to sweep across the European continent and culminated with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. 

    The conditions of the Cold War are a compelling metaphor for the division that exists between sinful men and a holy God. God wants to have a good relationship with all people. He wants to be on friendly and peaceful terms with us. However, sin rises between us and God like an iron curtain shutting us off from God's blessings. Foolishly, many people cling to their sin. They know that they should get right with God, but they don't want to give up the way they have been living, so a separation between them and God continues. One day, if things are not made right, the separation will be permanent, and that poor soul will never have another chance to get right with God. 


    + Plus, listen to Newsboys singing "Restart"

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    Cen-Cal Pro Radio - "COLD WAR OF WRESTLING"

    in Wrestling

    Live from the 805... Cen-Cal Pro Radio is LIVE once again this week with arguably the most infamous man in all of Cel-Cal Pro, he is the Super Czar, Sasha Darevko! His debut at Cen-Cal was an absolute explosion! Fans who were in the audience got their first taste of his Cold War on Cen-Cal.. Alliances were forged right away on both sides at the first show, which brought the reunion of Creepshow, as JD Horror came from the Bottom of Camp Crystal Lake to help maintain order! Sledge isn't afraid to call in some old friends to even the odds. The Cold War of Wrestling is coming to Cen-Cal... Wrestlers from all sides will be taking a stand at this next show... which side wil YOU be on? Sasha Darevko makes his declaration to the Fans and Locker Room of Cen-Cal Pro this week! Join host Jimmy Ray live from the trenches as he gets the Manifesto of a Madman! WE are Cen-Cal Pro, and we will NOT be stopped!!

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    Francis Gary Powers, Jr., Founder & Chairman Emeritus of the Cold War Museum

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    Gary is the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Cold War Museum, a 501(c)(3) charity, which he founded in 1996 to honor Cold War veterans and preserve Cold War history.  In this capacity he created mobile exhibit on the Cold War and U-2 Incident which has been exhibited in museums worldwide, coordinated donations activities totaling over $3.0M million in financial, artifacts, and in-kind donations, and negotiated building space at Vint Hill Farms, a former Cold War era Army communication base, located 40 miles from Washington, DC.  

    He is currently, Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee for the Cold War Theme Study and is working with the National Park Service and leading Cold War experts to identify historical Cold War sites for commemorating, interpreting, and preservation.

    Gary lectures internationally and appears regularly on the History, Discovery, and A&E Channels.

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    Today on BACKROOM POLITICS, Is the Ukraine the fuse to a new cold war?  Does the U.S. have international credibility to negotiate? Is Putin defending Russian nationals or demonstrating Thug-Deplomacy? Can the West convince Putin to withdrawl? ALSO, the President faces several challenges here at home, as well as. Can his administration step-up to support him on all fronts?  This and "TELL ME A STORY"!

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    Cold war spies with Werner I Juretzko

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    Werner Juretzko, a former G-2 (Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence) United States Army intelligence operative, apprehended during an authorized military espionage mission behind the Iron Curtain by communist security agents. Sentenced to 13 years - released 1961 after 6 years imprisonment.

    All to often we hear about the daring deeds of spies, The James Bond  types who conquer all,  save the world , and still get the girl. Today we talk with a real spy who was caught , served time in a East German prison and now can tell his story.

    MY mentor Armando Sanchez met Werner I Juretzko while on a South Pacific cruise and suggested that we do a show together  and I jumped at the chance .

    About the Author
    Werner I. Juretzko was born into a well-respected merchant family in 1932. He grew up in a bilingual environment of the German and Polish languages, the youngest of seven children. His family lived in one of Europe’s pre-war political hotbeds—the long-disputed area of Upper Silesia where the first shots of World War II were fired. At the end of World War II, Werner was a combat-hardened 14-year-old fighting for his survival. He was forced by the Third Reich into the last-ditch defense lines.  Atrocities committed by Soviet soldiers on members of his family created a resolve in Werner to revenge his family’s honor. In 1948, while serving his apprenticeship in West Germany as a tool & die maker, Werner was approached by the Organization Gehlen, which was the forerunner of the modern Amt fuer Verfassungsschutz (known in English as the Office for the Protection of the Constitution). Werner was asked to infiltrate the Communist Party in the State of Hessia. His exemplary service led to his recruitment by the G-2 Intelligence Service of the United States Army. During the heights of the Cold War, as a G-2 undercover political operative for the US Army intelligence,

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    American society, threat assessment and personal planning in a cold war

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    Let's have some fun this Friday, let's flashback to the Cold War.

    Old Cold War and Civil Defense films and other media can be  just plain funny. Were we really so naive to think a newsaper could protect from nuclear fallout? 

    On the other hand, programs of the era reinforced traditional American values and practical survival advice, something largely missing from mass media messages today. Of particular note is the contrast between a Cold War American civics lecture contrasted with President Obama's assesment of a citizen's role.

    We'll pull bits and pieces from some old Civil Defense soundtracks, and pepper them within Friday's Don and Doug. We'll also compare and contrast the Cold War of yesteryear with the new emerging cold wars at home and abroad. 

    Yes, at home. 

    Today, the concept of cold war could arguably be applied not only to tensions with forces abroad, but also between competing political forces here in the U.S. Cold war preps can also be applied to natural disasters, and events like pandemics, something much in the news this week.

    Agree or disagree, we invite you to join us starting at 1:00 pm EDT Friday.  

    (The show is now archived for replay)

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