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    Halloween Cold Case Murders "Hundley Murders On Halloween In Illinois 1928"

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    Today's topic is an encore show of the original live air date of this show on October 27th. 2012.  I am airing this show again for Halloween.  The Topic of this show is "Hundley Murders In Illinois" these murders occurred on Halloween in 1928 and are still unsolved and many people claim that the house is now haunted.  Joe Giacalone is my special guest for this show.  Joe is a retired NYPD Detective Sergeant and former Commanding Officer of the Bronx Cold Case Squad.  Joe and I will also discuss other cold cases as well. For more information about Joe please visit his website  http://www.ColdCaseSquad.com  For more information about the Hundley Murders please visit this website.  http://www.ghosthaunters.com/index.php?pr=Hundley_House_UPDATE

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    Shattered Lives: Sheryl McCollum and Cold Case Investigative Research Institute

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    Combining the forces of law enforcement, well-known forensic experts, and college students the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI) has investigated several high-profile crimes including Natalee Holloway, Chanda Levy, The Boston Strangler, and Tupac Shakur.

    Founded by Sheryl McCollum 10 years ago, the CCIRI is a partnership that brings together researchers, practitioners, and the criminal justice community to develop new capabilities and work collectively to advance research, training and techniques in solving cold cases. The objectives of CCIRI are to provide the means, resources and guidance for Criminal Justice students to determine the solvability of actual unsolved crimes.

    Host website: DonnaGore.Comhttp://donnagore.com

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    Halloween Cold Case Murders

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    Hi Everyone today's Topic is "Hundley Murders In Illinois" these murders occurred on Halloween in 1928 and are still unsolved and many people claim that the house is now haunted .   I am welcoming back my special guest Joe Giacalone.  Joe is a retired NYPD Detective Sergeant and former Commanding Officer of the Bronx Cold Case Squad.  Joe and I will also discuss other cold cases as well.  Please call in your questions to 646-200-4088.  You can also email me your questions to varietytopics@yahoo.com  My chat room will be open for your questions and chat.  My phone lines and chat room open 10 minutes before the show begins.  One lucky caller will receive a autographed copy of Joe's book.  For more information about Joe please visit his website  http://www.ColdCaseSquad.com  For more information about the Hundley Murders please visit this website.  408844646-200-4088 66646-200-4088   http://www.ghosthaunters.com/index.php?pr=Hundley_House_UPDATE

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    Cold Case Investigation

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    Hi Everyone today's topic is "Cold Case" investigation of a homicide of a newborn infant found on May 11th. 1986 in Needham, Massachusetts.  The infant was found inside a trash barrel for recyclable bottles on a local playground.  I will discuss this case in depth with my special guest  journalist Mr. Joe Mcginty.  Mr Mcginty is a journalist for Needham Channel News based out of Needham Massachusetts.  We will be discussing many aspects of this story.  If you would like more information about Joe you can visit his website at Needhamchannel.org You can also find Joe on Facebook and Twitter.  Twitter@JoeMcginty  Also joining me will be Mr.  Joseph Giacalone (pronounced Jack a loni) is a retired NYPD Detective Sergeant and former Commanding Officer of the Bronx Cold Case Squad.  His website is ColdCaseSquad.com  My phone lines and chat room open 10 minutes before the show begins.  Call in your questions and also email them to me to varietytopics@yahoo.com  

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    Deeper Waters-Cold Case Christianity

    in Religion

    J Warner Wallace joins us to talk about Cold-Case Christianity.
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    Recovered Atheist : Cold Case Christianity J.Warner Wallace

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    Choosing a life in law enforcement came naturally to J. Warner Wallace. Following the footsteps of his father was something he dreamed about, but he also followed in his fathers footsteps when it came to faith. Well the lack there of, you see Jim was raised an Atheist.  He spent most of his life convinced there was no God and that those evangelists were merely luring you in to ask for money.
    Until one day his curiosity settled in leading him to purchase his first basic bible. As he dove into it something began to change, he started to see the truth which led him to question everything he had believed in for so long.  He went at it as a detective and soon discovered Christ was real, Christianity was real and life changed forever.
    In his many years as a cold case detective he has seen the presence of God intertwined in many cases. The undeniable fact that God was ever present helping to bring comfort, love and above all else HOPE to those family members left behind.
    Join us on this amazing journey as Jim shares his journey into faith, the cases that touched his life the most and the HOPE he has found in Christ. 

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    The Murder of Cleopatra: History's Greatest Cold Case

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    Criminal Profiler Pat Brown has been a guest on my show on many occasions offering unparalleled expertise and insight into some of history's most notorious crimes.
    In today's segment Pat goes way back in time to solve the mystery surrounding the death of the Cleopatra.  Was it really a suicide or was it murder?
    We will find the answer to this question when talk about her new book "The Murder of Cleopatra: History's Greatest Cold Case."

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    BRONX COLD CASE HOMICIDE-Joseph L. Giacalone

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    In May 2012 suspected serial killer Angel Guridy-Cabral was extradited from the Dominican Republic for the 1993 murder of his girlfriend Altagracia Valdez, 24, after new DNA technology linked him to the crime.
    Valdez was found on the living room floor of her apartment, her baby son unharmed nearby. She was stabbed in the neck and shoulder and appeared to have been sexually assaulted.
    Guridy-Cabral fought his extradition from the Dominican Republic for nearly two years.
    Police also suspect him in a half-dozen other crimes in the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens, including rapes and murders. But he could only be charged with the 1993 murder due to a clause in the extradition deal.
    He was a detective supervisor for 19 years and Commanding Officer of the Bronx Cold Case Homicide Squad, personally working on hundreds of murder and missing person cases in his career. He has written The Criminal Investigative Function: A Guide for New Investigators, a real-world look into criminal investigations-from the crime scene all the way to the courtroom-all the actual legalities that impact investigations the most. BRONX COLD CASE HOMICIDE-Joseph L. Giacalone

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    Rand Flem-Ath: Killing Moses: Solving History's Oldest Cold Case Mystery

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    KILLING MOSES reveals little-known Roman documents that record Jesus’ formative adult years in Egypt where he travelled to become a master magician like his hero, Moses. Armed with a magician’s skills he saw through the acts of illusion and mass hysteria that had led to the murder of Moses. It was this dark secret that he took to Jerusalem and threatened to expose. 

    Why is so little known about the death of Moses – the greatest prophet of the Old Testament? There are no witnesses – no body – no funeral – and “…no one knows to this day where his burial place is.” The clues to this ancient mystery lie in the disturbing circumstances surrounding his disappearance. 

    Sigmund Freud believed that the prophet was killed and replaced by an imposter. He concealed his findings for years; fearing his conclusions too radical for the times. Only after he left Nazi-occupied Austria and was safely in London did he reveal the implications of his forty-year obsession into the dark side of the prophet. He believed that the first Moses was born and raised in Egypt and was indoctrinated into a secret cult of monotheism. The second Moses was an imposter, Freud argued, who, unlike the original mild-mannered, peace-loving man, was possessed of the necessary ruthless streak to lead a nation. But Freud never identified this ‘second’ Moses. 

    Rand Flem-Ath has a Master’s degree in Library Science (UBC) and a B.A. in sociology and anthropology (SFU). He has published on the origins of agriculture in the Anthropological Journal of Canada. She has a B.A. in English Literature (SFU). In the UK she was an assistant editor for the FT’s Media Monitor. Rand and Rose are the authors of the international bestseller WHEN THE SKY FELL (first published in Canada in January 1995). 

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    RC Radio - Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times 05-27-2015

    in Politics

    Stephen Lemons the writer of the Feathered Bastard blog at the Phoenix New Times will return as my guest tonight on RC Radio. Stephen was the reporter who broke the story last June that Sheriff Joe Arpaio was using two top deputies from the MCSO and the Cold Case Posse to work with scam artist Dennis Montgomery to dig up dirt on federal Judge Murray Snow and then AG Eric Holder. Stephens story was confirmed by none other than Sheriff Arpaio himself under oath when Judge Snow handed Apraio a copy of Stephen's article and began questioning him about it. 

    We also learned that Stephen was correct when he revealed that Arpaio was investigating comments allegedly made by Judge Snow's wife to an Apraio supporter at a local Mexican restaurant. Arpaio had hired a PI through his attorney to check out the incident. Join us for what should be a fascinating interview.

    Call 347 324-5546 if you have a question for Mr. Lemons. The show starts at 9 PM EDT.


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    Shattered Lives: Can You Solve This Cold Case?

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    Early in the morning hours of October, 29,1995, several calls came in to the Hartford Police reporting a female being dragged by a car. Investigators eventually found the mangled body of Leah Ulbrich by following a trail of blood and flesh, she had been dragged for over 4 miles, her life ending gruesomely.

    Leah Ulbrich's son, Ryan, was 12 at the time of her death, and is a recent graduate of Eastern Ct State University with a degree in Criminology & Sociology. He would like answers concerning the death of his mother along with other family members. Ryan will remember his mother and how her untimely death has shattered their lives and how justice would help them all put the pieces back together.

    Host website: DonnaGore.Com

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