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    Does Technology Help or Hurt Collaboration?

    in Technology

    Engineering The Collaborative Human
    This exchange between guest Sally Applin and Host Fred McClimans is being offered as additional content to The COIL episode, "Engineering The Collaborative Human"

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    Balancing Heaven and Earth and Sacred Hoop

    in Spirituality

    April 6, 2016

    Balancing Heaven and Earth with Denise Iwaniw @ 8 PM EST

    "Raising Empathic Children - Part I" - Please join Denise Iwaniw for an hour of discussion about how to help highly intuitive and empathic children learn how to walk in balance with their spiritual gifts while living an earthly life, during this three-part series on Balancing Heaven and Earth.

    Sacred Hoop with Neshi Lokotz @ 9 PM EST

    Sacred Geometry & the Rodin Coil - Sacred Geometry is beautiful. The building blocks of all life is found within Metatron’s Cube, the platonic solids.  Now there is a deeper understanding available with the use of the Rodin Coil.  Join Neshi with her guest Ed Glimme of the Ethereal Gateless Barrier – Traditional Warrior Hall for this interesting discussion of sacred geometry.

    Please view our Disclaimer for our radio programming.


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    Trevor Ferraresso of Coiltek: Optimizing discovery for metal detecting

    in Podcasting

    Wed, March 2nd, 2016...8:00 PM Eastern Time... BEYOND SIGHT AND SOUND....with Josh Kimmel and Leighton Harrington


    I'm sure you've heard of COILTEK coils and have even heard them mentioned during the show many times as both Leighton and myself really like that 10x5 Coiltek for the CTX. If you have had the chance to catch Trevor on BEYOND SIGHT AND SOUND or even any of the other shows he's dropped by then you know that not only is he very energetic about the hobby of metal detecting,...he's also serious about COILTEK coils. Coiltek has been manufacturing high performance aftermarket coils and accessories for some time now and continue to optimize discovery with their intense research and development of these great products that continue to produce many nice finds for those of us who continue to use their products in the field where it counts! 

    The last time Trevor was on the show we had a great time speaking with him and even a few laughs with the future / past understanding of time zone difference. Trevor had mentioned that there were some things that Coiltek had been working on the last time he was on the show so maybe we will get to hear more about these things or even some of what's on the horizon for Coiltek. One things is for sure...it will be great to speak with Trevor again and we are looking forward to speaking with him. Join us as BEYOND SIGHT AND SOUND heads across the pond for another fun and informative show about COILTEK! Tune in...we want to hear from you!

    Join us live...Wed, March 2nd, 8 PM Eastern
    Call in number is 1-419-549-5744
    I hope to see you there...call in, interact, or just sit back and listen!
    Click the link below to listen to the show, live through the player...


    Coiltek 10x5 coil promo


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    The dangers of the Essure Birth Control Device

    in Health

    Essure is a permanent, non-surgical transcervical sterilization procedure developed by Conceptus Inc, a subsidiary of Bayer AG. It was approved for use in the United States on November 4, 2002. 

    Small, flexible inserts are placed into the fallopian tubes. The insert contains inner polyethylene terephthalate fibers to induce inflammation causing fibrotic reaction and is held in place by flexible stainless steel inner coil and a dynamic outer nickel titanium alloy coil.

    Since 2013, the product has been the subject of controversy with women complaining of severe side effects leading to surgical extraction, and campaigner Erin Brockovich hosting a website where women can share their stories after having the procedure. 

    Call in and share your story with us. (646) 668-2716 

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    Engineering The Collaborative Human

    in Technology

    The move towards collaboration and collaborative economic models is becoming more economic necessity than noble aspiration. In the context of the collaborative society culture is collective diversity, not collective similarity.Sally Applin, one of the founders of AnthroPunk, a movement concerned with how people promote, manage, resist, endure and create change, joins us for a truly thought provoking episode of The COIL. By embracing change we are giving up control of change. What breaks is a result of our actions, but beyond our control unless we create and invent – adapt change to ourselves rather than adapting to change. We’ll be looking at the world through an AnthroPunk lens as we discuss the business, technological and cultural issues that are being faced by the different generations of humanity.Among the issues we’ll address:What tools can individuals use to manage the unpredictable rate and speed of change due to rapidly adopted technological innovation?What are the major change points taking place today and how are they impacting the different generations and cultures?How do we effectively integrate sustainability into constantly changing business and social models?As we move from a world of limited analog relationships to massive digital relationships, how do we promote elements of trust between people, brands and causes?What are the major change points taking place today and how are they impacting the different generations and cultures?

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    Conversation with Vices Adulation

    in Indie Music

    Vices and Adulation was founded in 2013, West Midlands singer, Lucy-may Upton, is a published poet, highly skilled artist and is entirely self-trained. The musician of the band is Fabian Upton. He has not studied music but plays by ear and by memorizing patterns. He is the current and four year 8 finger tapping guitar champion at  GuitarWar.com and one time sweep picking guitar champion.

    Vices and Adulation started out in Feb 2013, when their first instrumental album released. Their first vocal single “Dragon Princess” was released in March this year and won the Akademia Award for Best Alternative Rock Song. The band’s new vocal single “Sounds of the Hallway” has also recently been released.

    Ok, you have to keep in mind that this kind of music is not going to be for everybody. You’re not likely to hear it on the radio, or on MTV, because it is music as an art form. It is not adulterated by commercialism due to the monetary interests of any record company’s desire to attract a brainless audience so they can cash in and run happily to the bank. This is a complex musical art.

    With that in mind, Vices and Adulation is simply an amazing band, in the mold of Evanescence, Lacuna Coil and Nightwish to cite a few. It took me a while to come across an indie band within this genre again, but here it is.


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    Dangers of Essure Birth Control Device on The Authentic Woman w/ Shannon Fisher

    in Women

    This week, Shannon welcomes three women spearheading an effort to raise awareness of the dangers of the permanent birth control device Essure. Her guests are Angie Firmalino, founder the Essure Problems group; Amanda Dykeman, an administrator of the group; and Amanda Rusmisell, the group’s legislative liaison. The Essure Problems group has connected nearly 25,000 women who have had adverse reactions to the device.

    This show will highlight the potentially fatal complications of the Essure device so women can make an informed decision about having the device implanted in their fallopian tubes. The device has garnered thousands of reports of autoimmune issues, adhesions and punctures of abdominal organs, excessive bleeding, severe pelvic pain, and even death. Erin Brockovich helped the Essure Problems group gain traction. There is now bipartisan legislation before Congress calling for the removal of Essure from the market introduced by Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick.

    The Authentic Woman is hosted by women's rights leader, Shannon Fisher.  Facebook Twitter Links to Previous Episodes of The Authentic Woman. This podcast is copyrighted and solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.

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    Does advertising actually have a future?

    in Technology

    Our guest for this episode is Jeff Koyen, CEO and founder of Assignmint, the premier online exchange for editors and freelance journalists.   Jeff was the former Editor-in-Chief of the legendary New York Press.  He has written and/or edited for such publications as the New York Times, Travel & Leisure, Wired, Radar, New York, and The Prague Pill.
    Among the questions we’ll address:
    Is Native Advertising the salvation of journalism, advertising, both, or neither?
    Can the marriage between content and advertising be saved?
    Is advertising about to experience a significant jolt of unplanned obsolescence?
    The COIL is a weekly radio show/podcast exploring the nexus of technology and culture. Each episode focuses on a single topic - 1 guest + 2 analysts = 30 minutes of concentrated, actionable goodness hosted by Howard Hecht and Fred McClimans

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    Solstice Coil Music

    in Lifestyle

    Solstice Coil the Progressive Rock Band from Melodic Revolution Records goes Onlinewithandrea Live from Israel to share their music and their journey.  Hosted by Andrea R. Garrison.

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    Mitchell Interviews Scalar Wave Researcher Tom Paladino: How Scalar Waves Heal

    in Lifestyle

    Mitchell Rabin's guest this eening is Tom Paladino.  Tom has developed a treatment process using a scalar instrument to cause the agent of infection to disassemble or fall apart. He calls this a pathogenic cleanse. Scalar energy operates at the quantum level and is capable of disassembling all types of pathogens; for instance, virus, fungi, amoeba, parasites and protozoal infestations thus eliminating the causative agent of disease. Once the causative agent of a pathogen disease has been eliminated the symptoms associated with that infection decrease or disappear altogether.

    Based on the work of Nikola Tesla and the well-known Tesla coil with his apprenticing with a little-known inventor-mystic, Tom has taken his work to a next quantum level and is now helping thousands of people with otherwise crippling conditions, physically, emotionally and spiritually through this “medicine of the future”.  Futuristic as this may appear, forms of this kind of healing has been with us for nearly a century.

    If you have a pathogenic infection such as herpes, viruses, hepatitis C, lyme disease or a yeast, fungal or mold problem or want to prevent one, go to http://scalarenergyhealing.com/mr-91615/ or to www.abetterworld.tv Home Page and click on the Scalar Healing box for more info. or to experience this form of healing yourself.  You will qualify for A Better World discount for this amazing system.

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    Does Technology Challenge Us As Spiritual Beings?

    in Spirituality

    That’s the big question and it was asked by one of our favorite and most popular guests on The COIL, Dr. Katina Michael, Associate Dean of International, University of Wollongong, NSW Australia.  In a bit of a format departure from our typical episode structure, the hosts valiantly attempt to answer the aforementioned “big question” and it quickly evolves into a spirited discussion on techno-spirituality.  Perhaps the discussion didn’t evolve at all – the entire episode was intelligently designed.  The only way to be certain is to listen and judge for your self.